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Here are links from around the world for anyone interested in birding. = recommended.  More Bird Links


Bird Watcher's General Store - Answers from Readers
Interview with Kenn Kaufman


American Birding Association (ABA)
Interview with Kenn Kaufman

Anatomy and Topology

Bill Characteristics
Tail Characteristics

Animal Rescue

Animals Voice


Buteo Books

Bird Links and Useful Bird Sites

Avibase - world bird database
Birds of the World
Birds of Europe
Bird Guides (UK)
Birds of Central America
10,000 Birds
Plosin Bird Links of the World
Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory
The Bird-Watcher's Community
The Owl Pages
Pileated Woodpecker Central
Birds of Westwood (Los Angeles CA)

Disabled Birders

Dean Birders

Field Guide Bird Identification Sites

Birds of North America Online (Cornell paid site)
Cornell All About Birds
Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter

The BDI Internet Field Guide to Birds (search engine)
NatureServe Explorer (search engine)
A - Z of UK Birds


Bird Forum


Children's Nature Web Sites

Google, Yahoo and Directories

Open Directory

Photo and Art Sites

VIREO: Visual Resource for Ornithology
World Bird Guide
Andy Smith Photography
Nature in Art
Theme Birds on Stamps

Plants and Birds

Attracting Birds with plants


ESPN Outdoors James Swan


The Dive Safari Company
Link up Alaska - Alaska Web Directory


Song Sleuth - Identify Birds by there Sounds


Duncraft Best in Bird Feeding
WildBird Centers of America
Shaw Creek Bird Supply
The Wild-Bird Shop
Bird Bath and Beyond

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