Restart Bird Identification Expert

What was the CROWN COLOR of the bird with the All-purpose bill and the Brown iris colored eyes you saw in Baja California?

Dark Gray
Iridescent dark green
Bright red
Gray-brown heavily streaked with white.
Dark Brown
White, pale brown and dark brown.
Red and green.
Dark brown to gray.
Pale brown and gray-brown streaked.
Dark brown with fine buff streaking.
Geen outlined in black.
White with brown streaking.
Brown and buff with black streaking.
Gray-brown with red combs of bare skin above eyes.
Black with bronze-green sheen.
Blue-gray with white eyebrow.
Black with blue stripes.
Brown with buff streaking.
Black with white mottling.
Red-brown streaked.
Golden Brown
Glossy brown
Glossy dark green
Gray with rufous crown patch.
Dark gray with black markings.
Rust-brown to gray-brown with fine white spotting.
Red-brown streaked with brown.
Pale Gray
White and gray.
Red-brown with fine white streaking.
Pale Gray-brown
Red Brown
Brown with white spotting.
Brown and white striped.
Dark Red
Orange-pink bare skin.
Olive-green with fine streaking.
Dark brown with buff streaking.
Brown with dark brown streaking.
Yellow to Rufous or rust.
Black with white border.
Black with metallic green sheen.
Rose red iridescent
Dark Blue
Gray and brown.
Red-brown with brown streaks.
Rufous or rust.
Olive Green
Gray with brown streaking.
Glossy dark purple-blue
Metallic Violet
Brown, gray and buff mottling with black markings.
Pale brown with black streaks.
Iridescent purple.
Gray, black and brown streaked.
Red and gray.
Yellow to yellow-green.
Bare red skin.
Black and brown.
Dark brown-gray
Pale Brown
Glossy black with iridescent purple sheen.
Brown with dark striping.
White with a gray to black patch.
Glossy black
Mottled black, brown and buff.
Purple-gray with a brown patch.
White and brown with streaks.
Black with red-brown streaking.
Tan and brown.
Rufous or Rust
Pale blue-gray
Grey with white flecking.
White and black with green and purple gloss.
Dull Purple
Glossy blue-black
Gray-brown to red-brown.
Pale orange-brown.
Glossy black with green sheen.
Gray and red-brown striped.
Dark gray-brown with tiny white spotting.
Black with faint iridescent green.
Gray to gray-white.
Gray with black streaks.
Gray-brown with dark brown streaking.
Brown with black streaks.
Mixed mottled gray-brown with black markings.
Brown with white tipped crest.
Rufous or rust with cream.
Brown with darker brown streaking.
Gray brown with black mask.
Gray, brown, and white.
Brown, black and gray.
Brown, buff and black with yellow-orange eye combs.
Gray-brown to black.
Dark brown
Pale brown and brown longitudinal stripes.
White, brown, and buff mottling.
Dark gray with a purple-blue gloss.
Olive-yellow with blue-gray stripe between crown and nape.
Black with iridescent bronze overtones.
Dark brown with rust-brown streaks.
Dark blue-black
Buff to gray-brown
Pale gray-brown
Buff-yellow with black streaking.
White and may include narrow gray or brown barring.
White with a brown patch.
Black and red.
White with heavy black streaking.
Black with yellow spots.
Dark green
Dark brown with red-brown stripes.
Olive-brown or olive-gray.
Brown and rufous streaked.
Black with scalloped pattern.
Brown and gray streaks.
White and brown streaked.
Black and white.
Black and yellow.
Dark iridescent blue-green.
Streaked tan and brown.
Dark brown.
Red or gray with dark streaking.
Dark gray tuft.
Brown and rufous streaked.
Dark brown to black.
Gray-brown with red-brown spotting.
Red bare skin.
Brown and red-brown streaked.
Very dark brown.
Pale gray-buff
Brown and buff streaked.
Brown to black.
Black with small yellow spots.
Metallic dark green
Dark brown and white striped.
Chestnut brown.
Red-brown with copper-green sheen.
Brown and buff striped.
Bare blue and white.
Light brown.
Dark gray with yellow patch.
Gray with dark brown striping.
Red to brown-orange.
Gray-brown with white streaking.
Mottled gray, brown and black.
Dark blue.
Mottled gray in gray morph and red-brown in red morph.
Gray or red-brown with dark streaking.
Bright blue.
Gray with red-brown stripes.
Brown with spotting.
Solid gray-brown.
Yellow-orange with red wash.
Red-brown with green and purple gloss.
Red-brown with bronze and green gloss.
White with variable fine gray streaks.
Dark olive-green
Black and white stripes.
White with black sides.
Olive-gray with yellow central stripe edged in black.
Mottled brown and gray.
White with faint streaks.
Gray and white striped.
Brown with barring.
Blue-gray with red-brown spot.
White to gray.
Bare gray skin.
Orange to buff.
Dark gray-brown
Pale yellow with two black stripes.
Purple-black iridescent.
White with gray-brown streaking.
Bright green
Buff to tan.
White with pale yellow crest.
White with bold black lines on sides.
Olive to brown.
Gray-brown with paler mottling.
Light brown
Purple crown edged in white, gray farther back.
Black and brown bars.
White with gray wash. with pale brown mottling.
White flecked black with iridescent sheen.
Gray-brown mottled with off-white.
Pale red-brown
Brown streaked with gold and red-brown.
Dark gray to blue-gray with a red-orange comb of bare skin above eyes.
Rust with brown mottling.
Black with green gloss and silver-white streaking.
Mottled brown, buff and black with orange eye combs.
Golden yellow.
Black with green gloss.
Brown, white and buff streaked.
Brown with light streaking.
Black with yellow combs over eyes.
Black feathers with gray tips.
Rufous or Rust.
Buff to pale red-brown with heavy black barring.
Black with iridescent purple sheen.
Gray to gray-brown
White with yellow crest.
Blue-gray to black.
Tan with brown stripes and dark mottling.
White with gray wash.
Red comb
Dark gray-black.
White and gray-brown streaked.
Dark gray to black.
Brown with white streaks.
Black with iridescent blue and green overtones.
Brown speckled with rust-brown and gray.
Black and reddish brown.
Gray with dark streaking.
Mottled gray-brown with yellow eye comb.
White with some faint tan streaking.
Iridescent green
White to gray-brown.
Green to pale blue.
Sooty black-brown.
Black and red-brown.
Black with red patch.
Pink-gray to red-brown.
Brown with black scales.
Dark iridescent green
Black, white and red-brown.
Brown streaked with rufous.
Brown streaked.
Olive brown with black stripes.
Heavily streaked buff and brown.
Dark brown with pale central stripe.
Shimmering blue
Dark brown to black
Glossy black-green.
Red crest
Brown to gray-brown streaked.
Black crest beginning at forehead.
Pale rust-brown with black spots and gray feather tips.
Black skin
Orange-yellow bordered with black stripes.
Covered by a casque.
Black with purple sheen.
Brown and black.
Rufous or rust
Dark Gray or Grayish Brown.
Dark olive-brown
Black with yellow speckles.
Gray to grayish brown.
Red-brown with iridescent green and purple gloss.
Black to dark brown
Gray-brown with black-brown streaks, buff spotting, and brown vermiculations.
Brown bordered in black on the front.
Powder blue
Cinnamon with white spots.
Gray wrinkled skin.
Dark blue-gray
Gray and brown streaked.
Chestnut with white spots.
Black and white striped.
Brown with white, buff and dark brown mottling.
Chestnut with black border.
Dark chocolate brown.
Black with orange patch.
Gray, black and red-brown striped.
Olive-brown with central buff-orange stripe edged in black.
Dark brown with yellowish buff or tan scallops and spots.
Brown with black streaking.
Black with white central stripe.
Dark brown to black with tan spots.
Dull dark brown to rufous brown with very fine buff spotting or scalloping.
Black crested.
Mottled pale gray, black, buff and red-brown.
Pale gray brown.
Gray-buff with dark brown vermiculations.
Black with long white plumes.
Brown with yellow eye combs.
Yellow with fine black barring.
Buff-orange or bright rufous with dark brown streaks.
Black with purple gloss.
Buff-brown with dark and light spotting.
Brown morph has dark brown and chestnut streaking or mottling; red morph has dark brown and rufous streaking or mottling.
Dark gray to blue-gray with orange to yellow comb of bare skin above eyes.
Black with glossy green sheen.
Dark chocolate brown with buff streaks.
White with dark brown streaking.
Brown with white streaking.
Tawny Cinnamon.
Rufous brown with cream spots.
Iridescent blue-black.
Brown with gray central stripe.
Buff-gray with red spot.
Cinnamon to brown.
Flat black crown with white spotting.
Brown-black with buff center stripe.
Yellow with black border.
Rufous morph has a rusty orange crown with dark spotting. Brown morph has a light grayish brown crown with dark spotting.
Red-brown and gray striped.
Dark brown and rust-brown streaks.
Black with red rear crown patch.
Brown to rufous.
Gray-brown with fine black streaking.
Dark brown with darker brown barring.
Sand-buff with black forecrown.
Red to orange.
Black bordered gray crest.
Pale gray with red-brown patch.
Chestnut brown