Click a link below to browse birds by what they eat. Note the list is NOT restricted to birds that appear at feeders but includes all birds that eat seeds and fruits. Putting these food items in feeders does not gurantee the bird will appear. Click here to see only the feeder birds. The foods include: apple slices, berries, bread crumbs, canary seed, cracked corn and much more. After you chose a food you will see a list of birds which eat that food item. You can then click the bird icon to see its species account. Cannot find Config file

Browse Birds by Eating Habits
Cracked CornCurrants
PeanutsNut Meal
Bread ProductsWater
Nut MeatsCanned Peas
Apple SlicesNut Pieces
SuetPeanut Butter
MilletSunflower Seeds (hulled)
Peanut KernelsSugar
Sunflower SeedSeeds
Meal WormsCommercial Mixed Bird Seed
Sugar WaterBlossoms
Commercial instant nectarsBuds
Orange HalvesNyjer
SunflowerShelled Sunflower