Type of Sky Lark? Red spot on back of neck.

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The back of this bird looks similar to a Sky Lark but with a much tighter woven pattern. Brown with thin white u shapes.

The tail was similar in length with a Sky Lark as well.

It had a red square/rectangle on the back of its neck and a black shield/heart shape on the chest.

There were very thin yellow stripes on the tips of the wings that were visible from the sides when the wings were closed.

In flight the underside of the feathers were a light beige that almost appeared yellowish in tint.

The beak was thin, narrow and somewhat long - similar to a Pinyon Jay.

I live in Croton-on-Hudson, NY very close to the Hudson river. My home is typically greeted by the American Goldfinch, Cardinals, Bluejays, Robins and Grackles. We have a few Red-tailed Hawks in the area as well.

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Sounds like you've got a Northern Flicker, a type of woodpecker.

Yes, you are correct. I had just found it in this 1966 Birds of North America, the Yellow Shafted Flicker.

Thanks for the response, impressive that you're able to identify it just by those traits.

Hoping to see one again, it was fascinating to watch.

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The Red- and Yellow-shafted Flickers are now known as Northern Flickers, with the two color variations as subspecies.

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