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HELP! - Tough squirrels from Glacier Park, Big Pine CA

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These squirrels have me stumped. All these were photographed in the same place on the same day. Glacier Park, Big Pine, CA August 11, 2012

By range these should be Douglas's Squirrels. They are a pretty good match until I get to their bellies and eye-ring. Douglas's Squirrels should have a golden/orange/buff belly, and a buff colored eye-ring.

These squirrels have a white belly and white eye-ring which makes them a better match to the Red Squirrel but they are out of range for a Red Squirrel.

According to Kaufman's field guide there is some overlap in range and they are best seperated by the color of their underparts and eye-ring. This is all well and good except the area I saw them in does not fall into the overlap area. Red Squirrel's range does not come into California at all.

Too confuse matters more, the dark squirrel is a very good match for the Mount Graham sub-species of Red Squirrel.

First picture.


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