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Bathing Beauties: Lesser goldfinch and ?

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Location: Glen Cove Waterfront Park, Vallejo, CA. There's a small brook that runs through the park that drains to the Carquinez Strait. A small tree fell over the brook, and under the shelter of its branches is running water that's a favorite birdbath. I've photographed american robin, red winged blackbird, yellow rumped warbler, and sparrows. I feel like a peeping tom, sometimes. Lighting is hard, as its dark under the shrub.

Earlier today I took the following shots. I thought I had lesser goldfinches, but when I cropped the pictures the last one threw me off. The beak, for one ... Your help will be greatly appreciated.

#1 lesser goldfinches?


#2 male lesser goldfinch?


#3 - ???? yellow-rumped warbler ?????


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