Peep and a Dowitcher

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Here's two shots from last week near San Jose, CA with fellow Whatbirder Snick. These are his photos.

We were wondering what the peep in the center of this shot was with the Greater Yellowlegs and the Dunlins? I thought maybe Western because the back leg looks black.


IMG_2325 by JJB1998, on Flickr

Any thoughts on this Dowitcher? The bill length is right in the overlap between the two species. Either short Long-billed or a long Short-billed. There are several more pictures if needed.


IMG_1990 by JJB1998, on Flickr


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If you have a side profile of the dowitcher feeding it may help. In the absence of that, I'd favor a Short-billed, because it looks a bit slimmer. Hard to get a great read on the bill when it is superimposed on the dirt which can cause some optical illusions.

eripma used to post on WhatBird, and this is a link he had provided to his webpage to help with Dowitcher ID: http://blog.nuttybirder.com/2012/07/dowitcher-identification-by-shape.html#.USYw71ee7jK

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