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The Cardinal Classic Feeder will turn your window into a private viewing station. Place the lightweight plastic feeder can on any clean window using the three included suction cups and watch the show begin. Birds eat undisturbed as you study them from indoors.

This feeder is especially great for families with children, elderly residents, and even indoor cats that need a little extra entertainment. The seed tray is large enough to hold a cardinal and other small songbirds. The roof and small perch make it difficult, if not impossible, for a large bird or squirrel to use. Fill it with sunflowers and safflowers to attract more cardinals and fewer finches.

Construction and Durability:

The one-piece molded plastic construction is convenient and makes for a durable set up. The only added parts are the suction cups, which are also plastic. The problem with one-piece construction is that the entire feeder needs to be taken down for a refill if you don’t have a small seed scooper handy.

Temperate weather is ideal for this feeder; I had problems during a very cold winter with the suction cups losing their grip on the window. When the suction cups froze and the feeder dropped, it hit the cement of the patio and cracked along the roof line.


Since the Cardinal Classic Feeder comes in one piece, all of it has to be washed at once. The corners of the bottom tray require a brush to reach into the crevices for a thorough clean. The plastic is safe for soaking in a bleach and water solution.

Setting Up:

The one-piece design requires no set-up – just hang it on a window and you’re in business. To hang it, find a window where the feeder will make the most impact, like the kitchen or family room, and make sure the glass is clean on the outside. Position suction cups and make sure that they are sticking securely to the window before hanging the feeder. Hand rubbing the suction cup face a dozen or so times to add human oils to the cups surface will help with proper long term mounting.

Buy this Feeder

Manufacturer: Duncraft

Type: Window Feeder

Value: Excellent
Durability: Good
Ease of Use: Excellent
Ease of Filling: Good

Birds Attracted: Cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches, sparrows, titmice, and other songbirds.

Summary: Watch the birds up close as they dine from this suction-cup window feeder. This small, sturdy feeder is frequented by songbirds and is difficult for squirrels to raid.

Capacity: One pound of seed

Size: 12” long by 5-1/2” wide and sticks out 4” from the window.

Only small birds can dine.
Allows for up-close bird watching.

Needs refilling often.
Difficult to re-hang when full.
Food remnants fall below the windows.
Suction cups can fail in cold weather, causing the unit to fall.
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