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Additional links for advanced birders.

General Birding Links

A Última Arca de Noé (The Last Noah's Ark)
American Birding Association Online
Association of Field Ornithologists
Audubon's Multimedia Birds of America
Backyard Bird Watching: How to Attract Birds
Bird Links to the World
Bird Net: The Ornithological Council
Bird Perch
Bird Watching: Articles to help the beginning bird watcher
Birding Binoculars Guide
Birding on the Net: Birding for the 21st Century
Birds of North America Online
Buteo Books -- Specializing in Ornithology
Colley's Fins to Feathers Photo Safaris (South Padre Island, TX)
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Droll Yankees Feeders
eBird from Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
EELink: Environmental Education on the Net
Electronic Resources on Ornithology Birding
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
Journey North
JungleWalk - Bird Sound, Bird Audio
Maine Wild Bird Food Company
National Audubon Society
National Estuary Program
National Wetlands Inventory
Neil Losin Nature Photography
NetVet: Birds
Oriental Bird Club
ParkNet: National Park Service
Peter LaTourrette's
SORA: Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
Surfbirds.Com: World Birding News
Thayer Birding Software
The Electronic Zoo: Birds
The Ornithological Web Library (OWL)
The Tree of Life Project
The Wild Bird Emporium
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
WBU's FeederCam
Where do you want to go birding today? (Tina MacDonald)
Wild Birds Unlimited
World Wildlife Fund

Museums and Research Centers

Chipperwoods Bird Observatory
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Bird Division, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan
Georgia Museum of Natural History (Southeastern Bird Photos)
International Crane Foundation
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Vertebrate Paleontology Databases (FL Museum of Natural History)

Songs, Calls, Sounds

eNature Birding Audio
Florida Bird Sounds
Lang Elliott's Nature Sound Studio
Mango Verde World Bird Guide
Macaulay Library at Cornell University North American Bird Sounds Digitally Recorded Bird and Animal sounds
Patuxent Bird Songs
Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas Species Audio Library

North American Links

Birds of New England
Arizona: Arizona Bird Field Data Resources
California: Joe Morlan's California Birding Pages
Connecticut: The Connecticut Birding Website
Florida: Sunbird Seacoast Sanctuary
Florida: South Florida Birding Connection
Georgia: Atlanta Audubon Society
Hawai'i: Birds of Kauai
Illinois: Chicago Area Birding
Illinois: The Birds of Fermilab
Indiana: Indiana Audubon Society
Indiana: Online Guide to Indiana Birding
Iowa: Iowa Birds and Birding
Louisiana: Louisiana Ornithological Society
Maine: MaineBirding.Net
Maryland: Audubon Naturalist Society
Maryland: Maryland Ornithological Society
Michigan: Michigan Birding
Michigan: Rouge River Bird Observatory
New Jersey: New Jersey Audubon Society
New Jersey: New Jersey Bird Records Committee
New Mexico: New Mexico Birding Resources
New York: Kirkland Bird Club
New York: Eaton Birding Society
North Carolina: Piedmont Bird Club
Oklahoma: George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center
Oregon: Oregon Field Ornithologists
Oregon: Birds
Texas: Texas Ornithological Society
Texas: Rio Grande Valley Bird Observatory
Virginia Bluebird Society
Virginia Society of Ornithology
Audubon Society of Northern Virginia
Washington: Washington Ornithological Society
Birding Stories from the Pacific Northwest (Mya Bell)
Washington: Washington Gap Analysis Project
Wisconsin: Wisconsin Society for Ornithology
Canada: Birding in Canada
Canada: Ontario Birding
Canada: Les oiseaux du Québec
Canada: Toronto and Southern Ontario Birding

European and Other Links

Birdwatching in Extramadura (Jesús S.Porras)
Birdwatching in Noia, Galicia, Spain
Birdwatching in Bulgaria


American Eagle Foundation
Barn Owls
Carolina Raptor Center
Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
Peregrine Falcons (University of Calgary)
Raptor Research Foundation
Raptor Resource Project
The Birds of Prey Foundation
The Peregrine Fund
The Raptor Center (University of Minnesota)
The Turkey Vulture Society

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