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  2. I agree with immature Red-shouldered Hawk. The barring on the secondaries rules out Broad-winged. I can give you more info if you need it.
  3. You just got a Turkey Vulture? I've seen dozens so far this year.
  4. I was considering using my reel-to-reel but I don't have a good enough mic to hook up to it But in all seriousness, cheap mics suck. Even the microphone in my camera is awful. Try to get a nicer one.
  5. Really? March here is the start of summer where all the Western Kingbirds, Bullock's Orioles, Great Blue Herons, and Great Horned Owls start showing up in full force! Same here! I love watching them soar around over my house in massive numbers. You can't get quieter than my house out here in the country
  6. I agree with Astrobirder.
  7. Welcome to whatbird!! I agree, EUST.
  8. Broad-winged Hawks? They migrate in massive kettles in the midwest.
  9. Looks like a Red-shouldered Hawk.
  10. I would like help with this bird. I realized recently that I have labeled it in different ways. What are the determining marks? Thank you! North Augusta, SC, 2/2/17
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  12. Thank you.
  13. nice picture by the way
  14. immature coopers hawk - lacks rust red breast of a more mature coopers
  15. http:// http:// I took these photos in Johns Creek GA on March 18, 2017. Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Thank you.
  16. They looked to have a light brown belly and brown/white mottled wings . It took about an hour hour for them to pass . They appeared to be about the size of a red wing hawk .
  17. Its woodland. It kind of does sound mechanical but its almost dead on with a call of a Townsend Solitaire which is known to be in the West. So im confused
  18. Welcome to Whatbird! That is not a lot of info to go on, but they could have been Turkey Vultures or any of several kinds of hawks. Do you have any more info like shape or coloration to go on? Some of our members can nail down a species with very little info.
  19. Last fall we were just settling into our new home along the Menomonee River in northeast Wisconsin when i noticed a large disorganized flock of what appeared to be hawks . Can anybody tell what type of bird this could be ? Also , can i expect to see them this spring on their return flight ?
  20. Yes it is a Pine Warbler.
  21. May I request your assistance identifying this species? 3-23-17 Barnegat, NJ.
  22. Unfortunately, those are both Bullfrogs, which are not native to the west coast. They are known carriers of chytrid fungus which is wiping out amphibians in North America, and across the globe. They also eat native amphibian species like popcorn.
  23. Even where birds are year-round residents, their habits and habitat use can change seasonally. It's quite possible that they're using a different area during the winter.
  24. Thank you! Has anyone else here found squirrels or other kill in trees like this? I've actually come across kills like this twice.
  25. Recorded at dawn on 22 Mar 2017 in the woods adjacent to a tallgrass prairie in northeastern Illinois. Does this sound real or did I record someone using a turkey call? I have seen and heard WITU in this area a number of times. However, there was something about this call that made me question if it was real or a person using a device or recording to call in birds. Each of the 6+ calls I heard sounded almost identical - that's the main reason behind my suspicion. Turkey hunting season doesn't begin for another 19 days and there were no vehicles in the parking area, so I had no reason to suspect a hunter was in the area. Also, the area where the call was originating had a pond full of waterfowl, which I think would have alerted if a hunter was in the bushes. The recording is two of the calls combined. There was a gap of about 2 minutes between calls. I was about 300' closer to the bird for the second of the two calls. 12 seconds on Clyp.It. In the past, I have encountered hunters in this area - some of whom actually had the nerve to ask if I'd seen or heard any turkeys! I would mislead them, of course, and send them on a "wild turkey" chase.
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