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  2. Heron in Orlando FL

    I agree with Tricolored Heron.
  3. Finally a Rufous Hummingbird? :o

    Thanks guys... I'm ecstatic

    Hello, Jetman, I’m not really sure if the name of this gull is an immature Glaucous gull. The gull family can be quite exhausting. Thanks for the exercise.
  5. NE Florida - little birds are my bane

    Hello,skall0way, I agree with Ivory on a female Eastern Bluebird.
  6. Blackbirds

    Hello, zdgesb84, I agree with rusty blackbird. I looked at your snapshots and looking at their tails they just aren’t long enough for a grackle. They have rediculessly long tails. It’s great to know where they are filmed.
  7. IDs for today

    Hello, johnd, agreed with a male Gadwall most likely a female Gadwall. Gadwalls are a dabbling duck. The dip in the front to find vegetation instead of being a diving duck. The Downy woodpecker is the smallest of the woodpeckers. They are approx. 5-7”.
  8. Blackbirds

    Most of those tails look too short and square for grackles, and a few of them look to have brown undersides. I would lean towards Rusties.
  9. Heron in Orlando FL

    Hello, LennyRock, I agree that in your picture you have a Tri-Colored Heron. Nice picture of a beautiful and very tall wading birds.
  10. Brown bird in Orlando

    Hello,LennyRock, This is only my third time seeing this Boat-Tailed Grackle. They have a funny look about them that makes it easier to ID. They have a very long tail which is up when it walks. The brown BTG is a female whereas the males are an iridescent blue black. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Lucy’s warbler.....migration started for us
  12. And behaviorally, Sanderlings run around like Least Sandpipers on crack, whereas Plovers are slower and more deliberate in their movements.
  13. Anna's or Costa's

    I've been studying the hummers at my neighbors feeder. It gets mobbed by Anna's, Allen's, and Costa's. I've noticed that curved bill of the Costa's, among other things. I agree with Anna's for your bird.
  14. Red Bellied Woodpecker Lake Waco TX Red Bellied Woodpecker Lake Waco tx 3-18 by johnd1964, on Flickr
  15. Anna's or Costa's

    Thanks very much! I have lots more pictures to look through so information to help me differentiate the two on my own is always good.
  16. Brown bird in Orlando

    Boat-tailed Grackle.
  17. Dr. Peregrine

    Thank you. She was the largest one I have ever seen. The male was closer to what I am used to seeing, and even he looked bigger than the ones I have seen in the distance, or in flight. Gives more credence to the fact that it is difficult to judge size at a distance.
  18. Brown bird in Orlando

    just can't get the right idea with this guy. Thought it was thrasher-like, but that's not right. Thanks in advance.
  19. IDs for today

  20. Heron in Orlando FL

  21. Heron in Orlando FL

    Tricolored Heron is correct.
  22. Anna's or Costa's

    Hello, JoeLeen, no doubt Anna’s. Costas’ bill is slightly curved. Anna’s bill is straight. Anna’s upper parts is a metallic green. Costas’ has a green upper part. I know I’m late but still hope this info. will help. Great picture. I’m sure you had fun hanging out with hummingbirds.
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