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  2. African Hobby

    Keep posting these photos! We don't get too many from Ghana.
  3. California Sparrow

  4. Share your best photo of the day!

    Looks like the lens is in very good hands.
  5. Is this a juvenile Cooper Hawk?

    That's another disadvantage to pasting the photo into a .DOC file. The resulting file is usually a larger file size than the original photo.
  6. Is this a juvenile Cooper Hawk?

    The upload limit here is very small and that's why a lot of us store our photos on Flickr or another photo sharing site and link to them from here or embed the photos.
  7. Is this a juvenile Cooper Hawk?

    Any chance you could post the photos themselves, without pasting them into Word documents first? As an IT professional, I recommend against using that type of file in a public forum. There's too much of a chance it can be used for virus / malware delivery, even unknowingly. Plus, not everyone has the software required to view Word files.
  8. Great Blue Heron - or?

    That's the second shot of a Great Blue Heron from that angle this month.
  9. Reflection pictures

    American dipper
  10. Two birds

    Thank you, lovely people! Terry D.
  11. Longspurs?

    I agree with Lapland Longspurs, which may show a chestnut nape.
  12. California Sparrow

  13. California Sparrow

    Lincoln's Sparrow?
  14. Longspurs?

    Agree on the Horned Lark. Think the longspurs are both Laplands - though I can see why you may have thought the one on the right with a chestnut collar (nape) was a Chestnut-collared.
  15. Ducks & Sandpipers - help

    You are correct. Yellow legs, Least Sandpipers. Looks like they all are.
  16. Ducks & Sandpipers - help

    No one else wants to take a crack at the Least Sandpiper? https://photos.app.goo.gl/LuvDboB6ooj8Abfy1 https://photos.app.goo.gl/xkeyH6U3rJAMEX2I3
  17. Longspurs?

    bird in the middle is a horned lark. Can't help with longspurs
  18. Longspurs?

    Sorry, forgot to put Northwest Texas!
  19. Three word game

    (Did you want him to finish his vegetables or his homework ) where fruitcake is
  20. Sharp Shinned or Coopers

    I agree with Sharpie. Congrats! on the lifer. Cool avatar.
  21. Longspurs?

    Hi All, Can Anyone help me ID these little guys please? I think I have a Chestnut collared and a Smith's, but not sure of the one in the middle? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  22. Clarification-Song Sparrow?

  23. ABDU x MALL hybrid?

    too much make-up maybe?
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