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  2. Someone reported Cinerous Vulture in Ontario.
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  4. Peregrine Falcon and Savannah Sparrow.
  5. Seen in South Florida today. I have my suspicions on what this is but I also have some doubts. I was watching it with binos and my girlfriend snapped these shots. They are all of the same bird. Any impressions? DSC_4217 by Joseph Montes de Oca, on Flickr DSC_4218 by Joseph Montes de Oca, on Flickr DSC_4220 by Joseph Montes de Oca, on Flickr DSC_4225 by Joseph Montes de Oca, on Flickr Also wanted to confirm this is a savannah sparrow.... DSC_4230 by Joseph Montes de Oca, on Flickr DSC_4215 by Joseph Montes de Oca, on Flickr DSC_4214 by Joseph Montes de Oca, on Flickr Thanks!
  6. I'll admit the ID is a little hard from this angle, but the size, what I can see of the head shape, and those bright raspberry legs make me agree with your ID as Thayers. As for the streaking, it is my opinion that birders should spend their time doing better things than disputing the amount of streaking on any gull's head. That is an extremely variable field mark. My vote is for Thayer's.
  7. snailkite2017

    It certainly is possible to see Snail Kites along 41, but not sure how easy it is. There are quite a few eBird reports from near the Miccosukee Indian Village. I tried in that area a few years ago as I was passing through and had no luck. Another time I saw one while driving along 41, but there was no where to pull off. Depending on where you are staying or how far you are willing to drive, there are certainly other spots to check. If you on the Fort Myers side, the Harns Marsh area tends to be one of the better spots.
  8. I've seen a displaying Hawaii
  9. 1. Warbler 2. Hermit 3. Hermit 4. Parrots
  10. I was making it out to be something more exotic... Thanks anyway for the quick responses!
  11. Northern Mockingbird.
  12. Looks like a Mockingbird.
  13. It was taken at Parker River NWR, which is coastal Massachusetts. This was a few hundred yards inland, the tree was at the edge of a field near the Parker River estuary. This was the best that I could get at that distance. I would guess that the bird was robin-sized. Thanks for any help. Dave
  14. Plus, a Sharp-shinned would have a blue nape running down the neck.
  15. Cooper's, note the contrasting dark cap.
  16. I thought this might be a good shot to learn how to look at the back of the neck for the coopers vs sharp shinned as the hawk turned his head. Please ID this for me. Would this shot indicate what I read about the coopers having a dark cap? If this were a sharp-shinned, then the nape as well would be dark -- In this shot if it were a sharp-shinned, then I'm thinking the dark would almost go to where the chest has the red/orange barring. I can't tell from this shot if the feathers are round or square. Am I on the right track to ID this bird? Is there anything else conclusive in this shot? Thanks
  17. I'd say either Mew or Herring Gull
  18. Thanks. Saw the feeder on my walk this morning. (In front yard of a house) There was a pair of cardinals and a Yellow-throated Warbler too!
  19. Agree with Cooper's and Red-shouldered Hawks. nice shots!!
  20. House Finches in both photos. nice shots!!
  21. Thanks. I now understand more clearly the difference in shape of the birds. Thanks again.
  22. I'm not that good with Gulls, but here are my guesses: 1: center one looks good for Glaucous Gull 2: Looks like a Herring Gull
  23. Taken a few days ago in CO. Aside from the numerous RBGU, I think there is a first cycle Glaucous Gull in the back with a few Herrings and possibly something else? Thanks! Not sure on this one.RSCN9833 by Phalarope73, on Flickr
  24. Thanks, psweet. I see it now. So, are we in agreement that it is an intermediate Red-tailed?
  25. Sorry I don't have any observations to add, but I enjoyed reading yours. Thanks for posting!
  26. I am almost positive this is a Thayer's Gull, however the adults that I have seen have had noticeably less streaking. Is this amount of streaking usual? Thanks! RSCN9739 by Phalarope73, on Flickr
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