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  2. Purple finch?

    Thanks Nicolas!
  3. Loggerhead Shrike by Amber Hart, on Flickr
  4. ?? Gray & Brown Bird

    As much as I would like it to be a Brewer's, I think Cowbird is correct. There are several in the area and a Brewer's would be uncommon. I wish I could have gotten a better shot.
  5. ?? Gray & Brown Bird

    The second shot shows an awfully stocky bill -- this is a Cowbird.
  6. Today
  7. ?? Gray & Brown Bird

    How are we ruling out female Brown-headed Cowbird?
  8. I agree with akiley -- I don't think a positive identification is possible. I'm not sure it's even possible to say for sure which feathers you're looking at half the time. And ruling out Song Sparrow (probably the next most likely, given the location and behavior) simply by size doesn't work. Without a good direct comparison, where you can actually see the ends of the bird, nailing down size in either a photo or in the field isn't possible to that degree.
  9. Warbler and Falcon South Florida

    I agree with Creeker
  10. ?? Gray & Brown Bird

    Agree with BRBL
  11. ?? Gray & Brown Bird

    Female Brewer's Blackbird....tough photo for recognition
  12. Unk bird, Charlotte Co, FL 18Apr18

    Red-eyed Vireo seconded
  13. Confirm Slate colored Thrush

    Clay-colored seconded. By the way I didn’t know what your hummingbird was @johnd but it was a great photo of him!
  14. Purple finch?

    I’ll third House Finch
  15. ID A Sparrow

    I also agree with Song
  16. Is this a Pine Warbler?

    Eastern Phoebe thirded
  17. Ruby-throated Hummingbird Tracker

    I'm having a lot of activity now, but I'm not sure if it's the same ones over and over again, they all look the same. How often do the same ones come to drink?
  18. Baby Cardinals Blown Out Of Nest

    So far so good, fingers crossed. I found some bungy cords and wrapped around the limbs at the bottom of the bush to give it some stability and stop the limbs from flopping around wildly in the wind. Seems to of worked really well. I found the dead baby on the ground this morning. I guess they just pushed it out of the nest to make room for the other two that lived. Theres lots of activity now in and out of the bush all day long. Oh and the two that are left do look like cardinals from what I can tell and the pictures I've seen on the internet.
  19. ?? Gray & Brown Bird

    City park, North Central Arkansas, taken April 19, 2018. https://flic.kr/p/JbSJRJ https://flic.kr/p/26fRcqm
  20. Bird Art by Bird Nut #1

    Agreed, I also really think your a really great artist @The Bird Nuts#1!
  21. Three word game

    including your own
  22. Word Association Game!

    Actually, the original instructions say, "no more than two words." Rookery
  23. House Finch House Finch by Johnny, on Flickr
  24. Is this a Pine Warbler?

    Agree with Eastern Phoebe.
  25. Is this a Pine Warbler?

    getting an Eastern Phoebe feeling
  26. ID A Sparrow

    Thank you. Got to rename the folder. LOL.
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