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  2. Broad-winged Hawk? (From Eastern MA)

    Looks perfect for a Broad-winged
  3. Gray Jay by jeffroscoe, on Flickr
  4. Sandpipers, Kenai AK

    With the two smaller sandpipers in the first photo (and visible in a couple of the other shots), I think they look better for least sandpipers than my first thought of pectoral sandpipers. The markings on the chest are light and soft in transition as they fade towards the belly which seems better for least and not as defined as on pectoral sandpipers. Least sandpipers are common in southcoastal Alaska from spring through fall whereas pectoral pass through during migration but spend the summer further north (we could be seeing some fall migration at this point). So in summary, I think I've got greater yellowlegs, least sandpipers, and long-billed dowitchers.
  5. Shorebirds2

    Thanq both for your help.
  6. Peeps in VT

    Least Sandpipers
  7. Cassin's Finch?

  8. Brewer's/Clay-colored

    Looks good for Brewer's
  9. Broad billed hummingbird

    Why can't everyone see that this is obviously a Little Tern?!
  11. a few shorebirds

    Was this taken recently?
  12. Share your Lepidoptera lifers

    So many moths, so little time to ID them all. Master's Dart by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  13. HandyAndy's Photos

    Just different pix of birds I have taken around the Maritimes, mostly Cumberland County, as well as some from Florida. I started birding in April of 2014.
  14. Brewer's/Clay-colored

  15. Bobolink? - Western Mass

  16. sandpiper help

    1. Semipalmated 2. Least and Bairds? 3-4. Semipalmated
  17. Warblers in VT

    Thanks to you both for the help
  18. shorebirds

    It almost looks like a phalarope.
  19. Do I have pollen on my head?
  20. 2017 Birding

  21. This Acorn Weevil was going to give me nightmares, until I was able to ID it as something other than "Nightmare Bug that looks like a cross between an Ewok, a mutant cricket, and Xenomorph". _91A6555.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr
  22. Share your best photo of the day!

    My favorite from yesterday... Ruby-throated Hummingbird, in my bird blind area. RUHU08182017-2 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr
  23. Alcid

    Thanks! Yes, I did some research after posting and found out about the Tufted Puffins dark belly. Oh well. Still cool!
  24. shorebirds

    Bump. I don't really care about most of them, but I really want to hear some opinions about the first bird on the right that shows up in other photos. It looks interesting.
  25. Warblers in VT

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