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  2. Hawk and Boreal

    That deserves to be the photo of the day.
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  4. Gambel's Quail, male. by jeffroscoe, on Flickr
  5. Agree with juvenile Rough-legged Hawk.
  6. Interesting family group! Looks similar to some GWFG x CACG photos I found online. Back to the original bird, after some further research I'm pretty confident that the non-Canada parent is a domestic. No photo I have found of GWFG x CANG shows that bizarre bill color. I could see that trait in this bird being a result of the extensive variability in domestics, and the fact that it doesn't match up with GWFG.
  7. Rough-legged was my first impression as well.
  8. Ibis ID Confirmation Please :)

    I would go with Glossy based on how dark the eye is. Nice photo!
  9. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    Perhaps this is a mixed flock? The discussion has helped me to see a Gadwall with the white wing patch, but some of the others seem a bit strange. This topic is quite interesting!
  10. Yes. Either that or some kind of partially leucisitic Canada Goose.
  11. I’iwi?

    I would lean towards Apapane, as the long curved bill would be visible behind the shrubs. They certainly are beautiful!
  12. Least or Western Sandpipers?

    I do remember thinking that there were sandpiper-like birds of two different sizes on the beach, Indeed, in the first photo, it looks like the bird in the foreground is smaller than the one in the mid-ground. And, as noted by others, the bird in the foreground has yellow legs. So that would fit with the foregrounder being a Least and the midgrounder being a Sanderling. But what do I know! EDIT: The bird in the center would be the smaller one on the beach today. It has a much more mottled appearance in the upper breast region, and seems to have greenish-yellow legs, and therefore may be a Least Sandpiper...? Least Sandpiper by Mark Featherstone, on Flickr
  13. I’iwi?

    The face looks more like an Apapane than an Iiwi to me, but with that colouring I suppose Hawaii Akepa could be considered too… I believe they're a lot more difficult to get and according to eBird found at other locations on the island though.
  14. Least or Western Sandpipers?

    This looks good for a sanderling. A least sandpiper would have yellow legs and be more of a brown color.
  15. I have 4 Greater White-fronted x Cackling that eBird accepted, but that is because 5 "adolescents" are flying behind a GWFG mom/dad. They look nothing like this though. They have white heads, no white on the chest and dark bills. See here: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S42689791
  16. Thanks https://imgur.com/a/gsYfa
  17. I really appreciate all the feedback y'all!
  18. Least or Western Sandpipers?

    Interesting discussion. Thanks to everyone for weighing in. Here's another shot of a similar bird taken within a few minutes of the first. I hope this helps rather than hurts. EDIT: I had already labeled it as "Possible Least Sandpiper". I'm definitely not insisting that it is such. Possible Least Sandpiper by Mark Featherstone, on Flickr
  19. ID bird by call

    Hmm, its similar, but its slower and less repeated? If that makes sense. But thats closer than anything else I've listened too, so maybe.
  20. Warbler Confirmation

    I want to say yes, but the dark looking legs bother me. Oof, time to brush up on warblers that arent2pine, yellow-rumped, or palm!
  21. ID bird by call

    Sounds like a titmouse to me.
  22. ID bird by call

    Ok, my mom has been trying to ID this bird call for a while. Tried it on here a while back with a horrid video of the call but none of the suggestions quite matched. She got a better video/audio yesterday. This is in eastern Massachusetts. About 20 minutes drive out of Boston, but they live right next to a protected forest/wetlands area. (you have to click through to watch the video, sorry) 28324800_528282444224154_7670048834529001472_n by ruthcatrin, on Flickr This one's annoying me. I KNOW I've heard that call, and I know I OUGHT to know it. ANd I'm drawing a complete blank.
  23. Thanks again. Yeah, I just put it in on eBird as hummingbird sp. with a few photos.
  24. I saw this Warbler today in Winter garden, FL. I'm almost sure it's a Blackpoll, but I need confirmation. Thanks.
  25. Lunch

    Limpkin,lunch time by Mike, on Flickr Limpkin,lunch time by Mike, on Flickr
  26. Carolina Wren Ft Worth NC 2-18 Carolina Wren Ft worth NC 2-18 by johnd1964, on Flickr
  27. American Wigeons??

    Thank you all. Gadwalls they are.
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