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    Rails seem to be that way -- it's like they know you can't see them, regardless of where they are. (I've got a friend who spotted an American Bittern in a city park in Chicago --when it was disturbed, it threw it's head up and started swaying, just as if it were surrounded by cattails instead of several acres of manicured lawn.)
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    Northern Birdwatcher (migrant species) in non-breeding plumage: The Estación de las Guacamayas:
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    Some pictures: Mangrove Swallow Northern Jacana: Yellow-Throated Warbler: Pied-Billed Grebe:
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    I agree with Liam because I trust he knows these things.
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    Then there were the Spoonbills! Whole flock of them hanging out with a Reddish Egret
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    Hi all... well, two new ducks for me in two days! Taken in Traverse City, MI today.... Boardman River "lake" connected to Lake MI. Went out to test my new camera... all I saw were thousands of CaGo's.... then this one "popped up" then dove. Pretty sure I know what it is (LT/OS).... some of my Guides say it MIGHT be around here.... others say "not"! Confirmations and any info appreciated! (My "lifer" list is in my head...argh...scary... I hope I can add it to my list!) Thanks for your help!
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    Normally they fly away before you can do that.
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    For sure, Cactus Wren. If I leave my patio door open here in Baja Sur, they'll just walk on in.
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    And here I was ready to explain that penguins don't eat seeds
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    Forster's Tern - Bombay Hook NWR near Smyrna, Delaware. August 7, 2012
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    ...And saw an OWL! My first Owl!! Lately on late afternoon walks with my dog we have been literally running into Moose. It's pretty cool to see them so close but I hate disturbing them. So today I decided to bring my binoculars to survey the area first. No moose. We continue our walk when we flush something up from a marshy area. It was large and flew to a tree on the edge of the woods. Barred Owl!! So amazing!! Thank god I brought my binoculars!!! No photo though... My lens has been sent out to get fixed. I can't even believe it! Barred Owls are already on my Life and Yard Lists because I hear them all the time. Such a treat to finally see one.
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    Here's a report of my trip to participate in the CBC in La Estación de las Guacamayas, a wildlife preserve and research facility in Petén, northern Guatemala. The area is lowland jungles and wetlands, very different from the area where I live. It was an amazing experience! Since I live in the Western Highlands, at about 8500 ft ASL, and am a relative newcomer to birding (three years' experience), many of the birds we saw were lifers for me. In addition to the low-altitude species I don't see in Xela, there were whole areas of birding I hadn't explored, including raptors and aquatic birds, so virtually all of the ones in those categories were new to me. Also, I almost always bird alone, so sharing an experience like this with experts is a real treat for me. Because of the remote location (a two-hour drive followed by a half-hour boat ride from the nearest small city) all of the counters stayed at the preserve the night before and after the count, so it was an unprecedented opportunity for me to hang out with other birders! I can't name a favorite species - there were so many amazing ones - but definitely the best thing about the trip was feeling like I have moved up a notch in my birding abilities. I found and saw the birds fairly easily, was able with very few exceptions to recognize the general type of bird even if I'd never seen it before, and after seeing a bird once and being told its ID I recognized it when I saw it again. I also found and identified several on my own, both before the count and at moments when no one else was around, and almost all of those IDs were confirmed. In short - I felt like a "real" birder! So; the vital statistics. In counting birds for the entire trip, I an including all birds I saw in Petén; not including travel to Flores, but including birds seen in Flores and on the way to and from the preserve. Also, I only count birds I see, but a good number of the species counted by my team were identified by ear only, so I saw most of the birds that the other memers of the group saw. My lifers for the entire trip : 68 My species seen for the entire trip: 101 My lifers seen during the count day: 32 My total species seen during the count day: 40 My team species count for the day: 129 Grand total species count for the day: 232 (record high) I have a spreadsheet of all my counts for the trip; I'm going to see if I can post it here for you to see. I'll do that in another post to keep things more organized! Later I'll add some photos (I want to put some in my gallery).
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    Just wanted to share these pics of Northern Saw-whet and Great Horned. http://www.flickr.com/photos/89606652@N07/8262072891/
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    This past Sunday, I got a reminder as to why I love Merritt Island NWR so much. Thought I'd share a few shots... Laughing Gull (thought it was a Bonaparte's at first, but that bill is too big) The Skimmers are back for winter! Snowy Egret
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    [quote name=Melissa ' timestamp='1355524993' post='380937] I know it makes me sound like a mean person, but when my mom told me the story, I cracked up laughing. That's my girl XD
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    Yeah don't trust owls alone with small dogs at dawn/dusk! A woman my mom works with had her little yorkie snatched when she left him alone in the yard to go to the bathroom before bed. She turned her back for a second, and when she looked back she saw a Great Horned Owl carrying away a whimpering yorkie. I have no doubt that a hawk or eagle could do this, so just don't leave your dog alone when near a bird of prey.
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    [quote name=Melissa ' timestamp='1355520347' post='380866] I was taking a French quiz this morning at school, and all of a sudden a Red-tailed Hawk screeched as loud as possible. It was dead silent in the room at the time, so everyone heard it, and we even got to see it out the window. I love it when the birds visit me in school! I wonder how many kids said "whoa, an eagle!"
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    For comparison; Here's a Northern Shoveler female I shot at Malheur WLR.
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    Cinammon Teal here... they also have quite the schnozz, don't they?
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    Long semester? Psh'aw! I had to write like a whole paper in the past week!
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    Can't seem to find the Gadwall in that last shot, but otherwise I think you've got it.
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    I'm not sure what source you are using for those statuses, but I'm pretty certain that Kirtland's are listed as endangered by USFWS. That's the listing that really matters, since its the one that invokes the legal power of the Endangered Species Act. Any population that small is going to be listed, given its susceptibility, regardless of its population trend. I'll look it up and get back to you to be sure. EDIT: Yep, listed as federally endangered. http://ecos.fws.gov/speciesProfile/profile/speciesProfile.action?spcode=B03I. You have to be careful about where you look up listings, as many other organizations will give out their own statuses that don't mean anything legally, not to mention many web sources are just plain wrong. I'm assuming that must be a typo, though, as I can't see why anyone would downgrade them that far.
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    Excellent! You will see more as time goes on. Could you by any chance send me the coordinates? I'm looking for a snack, the rodents have been running slim lately.
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    Agreed, looks good for a Hermit.
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    I'd imagine it's pretty unlikely. As Benjamin said, the biggest things Red-tails usually seem to prey on are squirrels or the occasional rabbit. I'd imagine your dogs are a least a little bigger than that I suppose if you have a miniature chihuahua (which just sounds redundant) than I might worry a bit or invest in some small body armor.
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    I'm out at dusk all the time, and I'm around barns all the time! I checked ebird, and there are only 2 reports in my county. Yeah, they like it here better! I've seen a ton of Barn Owls over the years. Never seen one in a Barn.
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    How fun it all sounds! Look at all that "green"! Leafs everywhere, short sleeves, no heavy winter coats! What a LIST! WOW! (I was able to view it with no problems, and without signing into a google account.) Love the pictures. Are you going to post more? Thanks for sharing.
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    I know this may seem like a trivial sight to some who are more advanced birders out there but....I got to see a Brown Creeper!! This bird made my day!!!! I have only seen one once before at Magee Marsh in Ohio and that was way back in about 2000. Just amazing!
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    White-rumped Shama
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    My wife is a big penguin fan - So, I bought her this seed penguin from Wild Birds Unlimited. Oddly she doesn't care about the birds, but I do... so I'll use it for her :-) In the first 10 minutes I've had chickadees (shown), titmouse, downy woodpecker, and a cardinal all checking it out. http://www.flickr.co...hio/8270615182/
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    Yellow-Crowned Night Heron (immature): Black-Headed Trogon: Ocellated Turkeys: Vermillion Flycatcher: Olive-Throated Parakeets:
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    Agree on all counts. There's also a bunch of harriers in the park at this time of the year, so I'm sure thats what you had.
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    I'm heading up to Chico CA to visit my Nana and Papa. I leave tomorrow at 6:00am. Target birds of the trip are lifer Falcated Duck (at colusa NWR) and photo lifers Golden-crowned Sparrow and Yellow-billed Magpie.
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    Unmistakeable - congrats!!!
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    Congrats on the lifer!
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    No doubt about it. Good photos. Congratulations on the lifer.
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    Nice shot and nice bird!
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    Good going Dancingbear! Northern Harrier
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    Late afternoon sun is best for photos.... I just took a couple today at about 2:00pm.... look just like yours.... even tho our sun up here is "low", even during mid-day.... it creates shadows and "weird stuff"... will also tend to somewhat wash out colors of the bird and reflect some of the trees above and water below..... Nonetheless.... GREAT SHOT!
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    Oh yes, I am sure she will love you even more when she watches in horror as a jay pecks its beady little eyes out of its smartly-dressed head.
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    Shot this yesterday morning in my backyard in northern NJ. I thought it was a cooper's hawk, but someone said sharp-shinned. How can I tell? More images at: http://gallery.photo...15473&k=Gmcm6NH
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    Harlequin Hen Harlequin Hen by Greg's Always Catchin' Up, on Flickr White-winged Crossbill Female White-winged Crossbill by Greg's Always Catchin' Up, on Flickr
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    Thanks y'all! All your kind words and threats mean a ton to me! I would say the only reason I have reached 15,000 posts is due to you guys! The community here on Whatbird is unlike any other and definitely encouraging! When I first joined, I was 13 and inexperienced. Before joining the forums I had considered myself an "expert" birder, but after a while I realized I was dead wrong! The folks on this forum have taught me almost all I know about birding (well...minus the domestic birds, of course) and have really inspired me to become more active in birding. If there's anyone to thank, it's y'all! I am honored to represent Whatbird and Georgia with my 15,000th post.
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    Thank you all guys, you're really amazing !!! Thanks psweet & teen birder, my opinion is irrirevant but I think you're right. I'm really a beginner, I love nature since I was born but I ever inclined on landscapes. One month ago I was in Pantanal, Brazil (I'm travelling around all american continent with my 4x4 Mitsubishi Montero) and I get crazy seeing so many birds of different kind , colors and shapes. I found myself dipped into sharp bushes trying to take a good picture of an animal (often a bird). Than my passion for birds is starting. Now I try to learn as much as I can (I'm 51 years old) but you guys are incredibles. By the way, I'm italian and I live in Mexico (when I'm not travelling hehehe). Now I'm thinking to redo my trip with another focus (or just part of it, it should a little expensive drive again in all americas. Thanks again. (sorry for my bad english)
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    So, I'm pulling off the ramp to SeaWorld today with my three year old daughter, and she yells "Look Daddy, a Red-tailed Hawk!" So I turn to look and sure enough, flying alongside our truck, is a nice adult Red-tailed Hawk. That's my girl!
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    Dancing Marbled Godwits Dancing Godwits by notrufus, on Flickr
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    The next pond over had a completely different mix. Mostly Lesser Scaup But the surprise of the day came when I noticed a Canvasback, a new MINWR bird for me Anyone planning a trip to Florida, particularly during Fall migration or in the winter, should be sure to stop by Merritt Island for a day or so. It's usually well worth the trip!
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    Common Yellowthroat (I think I see more males looking like this than the ones that are "done") Pied-billed Grebe Little Blue Heron Glossy Ibis