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    Black-tailed Hare ("Jackrabbit")
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    Some Photos from my trip: American Dipper by jansonep, on Flickr Evening Grosbeak (stupid wires ) by jansonep, on Flickr Chipmunk by jansonep, on Flickr Female Broad-tailed Hummingbird by jansonep, on Flickr Lincoln's Sparrow by jansonep, on Flickr Mule Deer by jansonep, on Flickr Steller's Jays by jansonep, on Flickr
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    From Saturday, Blackpoll Warbler: Blackpoll Warbler by Sheinrich601613, on Flickr
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    Back from my New Mexico trip! I got 18 lifers and 26 yearbirds! I still have a few photos to look at. Mostly empids (and these ones are really empids, Owen ). That pretty much concludes my summer traveling. Maybe I will be able to go to Missouri in August.
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    Today I saw over 200 Bank Swallows at once!!!!! There are over 100 in this shot... 104 Bank Swallows (?) by Owen Strickland, on Flickr Bank Swallows by Owen Strickland, on Flickr Blue Dasher dragonfly: Blue Dasher by Owen Strickland, on Flickr OR Common Tern by Owen Strickland, on Flickr
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    I was lucky to get this sequence of photos this morning of a Chestnut-sided Warbler fledgling waiting to be fed and then getting a meal: Fledgling Looking for Mom (1 of 5) by DaveT Photos, on Flickr Parent Brings Meal (2 of 5) by DaveT Photos, on Flickr Fledgling Eating (3 of 5) by DaveT Photos, on Flickr Waiting for More Food (4 of 5) by DaveT Photos, on Flickr Fledgling Grooming (5 of 5) by DaveT Photos, on Flickr
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    A few from the pond this afternoon IMG_6768 by Joeyfishing, on Flickr IMG_6696 by Joeyfishing, on Flickr IMG_6682 by Joeyfishing, on Flickr I'm assuming this is a pigeon of some sort? IMG_6737 by Joeyfishing, on Flickr
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    Okay, so I didn't get any great photos of birds (other than a cell phone shot of a Whip-poor-will at 1 AM- which isn't great really, except that I was standing right next to it)... but, I wanted to share some photos of the snakes that my herper friends and I road cruised at Bankhead National Forest this weekend. Copperhead by Redhead Photog, on Flickr This shot made Flickr Explore today! - Timber Rattlesnake by Redhead Photog, on Flickr Agkistrodon Contortrix by Redhead Photog, on Flickr Crotalus Horridus by Redhead Photog, on Flickr Crotalus Horridus by Redhead Photog, on Flickr Crotalus Horridus by Redhead Photog, on Flickr This Gray Rat Snake tagged me pretty good on my inner arm- first tag and not the last, I'm sure. Gray Rat Snake (Pantherophis spiloides) by Redhead Photog, on Flickr Red Milksnake (Lampropeltis triangulum syspila) by Redhead Photog, on Flickr
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    Yumm! Some rats. Hopefully you get bubonic plague.
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    well actually I moved to the subway tunnel with the rats and I always get a little bit of wi-fi when a tr4in goes by.
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    Got this Blue Damselfly today, held pretty still for me! I'm always surprised what my camera can do, even without being a DSLR!
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    Welcome to Whatbird fopp55! If you read up on these birds you will see they have an interesting life cycle. Your wife is not the first adoptive parent of this bird.
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    Off the top of my head: American Dipper, Western Meadowlark, Swainson's Hawk, Western Scrub Jay, Golden Eagle, Western Tanager, Broad-tailed Hummer, Rufous Hummer, Steller's Jay, Dusky Flycatcher, Evening Grosbeak, Pine siskin, Warbling Vireo, Mountain Chickadee
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    Scrub Jay at the Garden of the Gods Colorado!
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    White-headed Woodpecker drinking the bath water
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    "Hi there!" RWBB waving at me! by Owen Strickland, on Flickr
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    A few good ones from today! Yearbird Black-billed Cuckoo! In my local ravine! I was VERY surprised to find this one today amongst the sirens, screams of children, and city noises of semi-urban Toronto. I only saw five species of birds in the ravine today... and one was a cuckoo!!!! Black-billed Cuckoo! by Owen Strickland, on Flickr ABA #202 - Orchard Oriole! Was not expecting this one either! I thought that my next lifer would come in FL in August... I was wrong! Orchard Oriole - ABA #202! by Owen Strickland, on Flickr And... the ever-awesome Trumpeter Swans... they were super close!!! Trumpeter Swan! by Owen Strickland, on Flickr Trumpeter Swans! by Owen Strickland, on Flickr
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    Love this kid! ahahahahahahhh. I think that some YB on this site made this account. It's just my guess.
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    Cool pic. I like how it is stretching out. Almost like it is trying to get in view for a photo.
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    2 lifers this morning! I had very distant looks at a continuing American White Pelican, and as a bonus, I caught a 2- or 3-second glimpse of a Least Bittern!!
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    Hey! I'm finally on, and I got the Painted Bunting!! And now that I've seen it, I'm seeing about 6 everyday. Also got lifers Blue Grosbeak and Summer Tanager!!!!!
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    They're both Mallards. Male Mallards are going into eclipse plumage right now. Black Ducks are actually rather pale on the face, rather than dark like this guy.
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    That may be true, but is it at it's sharpest at 300mm? I think if you did some testing you'd likely notice that as sharp as it may be at 300mm, it's probably sharper around 200mm. BTW, nice photos.
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    Solitary Sandpiper Solitary Sandpiper by BirdFancier01, on Flickr
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    Wow, look at those ears! Terrific shot!
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    "Hey guys, look! I can fly" Osprey (DSC_8108) by JDA-Wildlife, on Flickr Osprey (DSC_8109) by JDA-Wildlife, on Flickr Osprey (DSC_8110) by JDA-Wildlife, on Flickr
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    Sheinrich - "Oh my god it's right here."
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    Went on a herping trip this weekend to Bankhead National Forest, and this is probably (though I haven't processed them all- too tired!) my best photo of the weekend! Timber Rattlesnakes are my favorite snake, and how lucky for us to have road cruised five! Timber Rattlesnake by Redhead Photog, on Flickr
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    Thanks! I couldn't figure it out because I was looking for "woodpecker" and not "sapsucker." Great website here! I can see me coming back often.
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    I have a busy Mama Blue. Fledged babies on the 4th, started a new nest on the 9th, and laid her first egg today the 13th! I would have never thought we would have a third nest, but what do I know? Even though this is my least favorite box, it's my favorite location. It's only 15-20 feet from the house.
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    A few from the last few weeks: European Goldfinch: European Goldfinch by notrufus, on Flickr Duck Bath: Duck Bath by notrufus, on Flickr Woodpecker (Nuttalls I think...) Woodpecker by notrufus, on Flickr
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    Ravens today...not an overly easy bird in my area... Common Raven by birder123456, on Flickr Common Raven by birder123456, on Flickr Screwed up a shot of an adult Peregrine (I blew parts of it out) below me off the cliffs. Bummer. Can't shoot in two different places at the same time
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    Spotted Sandpiper by tcameron19, on Flickr
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    I didn't know you could get wifi at a hobo home. You most live in a brand new cardboard box. Congrats on being top of the hobos
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    I think I misunderstood...is the picture you attached not the bird? It's bill seems to be clearly red, although this group isn't capable of perching in trees even if they wanted to.
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    Howdy Bluebird lovers. I've been under the weather and have been MIA for a while. But I wanted to report that my four babies fledged on June 26th. I missed it because I was at work. I was hoping they'd have a second brood but I haven't seen any Bluebirds since.
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    Three things to consider in this particular instance: 1) Veery's 'veer' or 'veer-u' call is always descending. 2) Veery's are not typical high elevation breeders. 3) OP says this was 4,400 feet up on a mountain. You can obviously eliminate Swainson's, Hermit, and Wood Thrushes from the call note alone. So you're left with three that sound most similar--Bicknell's, Gray-cheeked, and Veery. Gray-cheeked call note is a 'phreu' and the odds of seeing a Gray-cheeked in July in NH are astronomically low. Pretty safe to remove this from the list of options. So again, we're down to Veery and Bicknell's. For me, the call note is more steady two-syllable 'vee-ah'/'veer' than it is a descending 'veer-u'--and elevation is a serious knock against a Veery. I'd call this a Bicknell's without much hesitation.
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    Saw this bird today in Virginia. Pretty certain of the ID, but I always like at least one backup. And why do I never see these birds? Thanks.
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    Yep, that looks good for a young Red-headed.
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    Duck Island gravel pit, Canton ,IL. Saw this bird land in a tree and prayed it would wait for me to photograph it. I say it must be a yellow billed cuckoo. Such a Great Day. Do you all agree? 7/13/14
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    I saw a Merlin carrying a Barn Swallow in its talons today. It was being chased by a group of Violet-green and Barn Swallows. I hope it wasn't a mother swallow with chicks to feed. The most I've ever seen was 0. They're only in Vancouver for literally like, two weeks, and then they're gone. I haven't had time to chase one.
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    Nice shot, Amber!! That one has a nice set of rattlers on it!
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    I believe it is an American Redstart. http://macaulaylibrary.org/audio/10695?__hstc=75100365.54fedaaa81ee1eff3ea1e0e4aeab7735.1378753345916.1405268233496.1405283309294.78&__hssc=75100365.2.1405283309294&__hsfp=1913984298 Cool video!
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    You might want to stop by Gilsland Farm Audubon Center in Falmouth, just north of portland. The site has a nice combination of open grass fields, woods, and a tidal estuary that provide a good mix of habitat.
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    Northern Cardinal by BirdFancier01, on Flickr Female Northern Cardinal by BirdFancier01, on Flickr
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    Got lifer #386 today, with jblakelock. Least Bittern
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    I managed to get really close to some Western Kingbirds today. IMG_0133 by *B4Birds*, on Flickr IMG_0130 by *B4Birds*, on Flickr Western Kingbird by *B4Birds*, on Flickr Western Kingbird by *B4Birds*, on Flickr IMG_0105 by *B4Birds*, on Flickr IMG_0098 by *B4Birds*, on Flickr Western Kingbird by *B4Birds*, on Flickr None are edited except for the last one cropped.
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    Oh boy! So far my front yard BB's are not interested (although I did clean their house out just in case). My back yard (third brood) doing well so far. Good luck!