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    You gotta love juvies! Hunting blissfully unaware of the humanoid standing there with a camera. Juvenile Northern Harrier Juvenile Northern Harrier and Snowy Background If only I were a little bit taller.... Stretch for that last seed - Lapland Longspur
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    My best photo today was of a Least Bittern. This is only the second one I've seen that posed in the open.
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    Just a Peregrine on the beach. The second it opened its wings, the nearby group of Brant freaked out (but surprisingly didn't fly off)..... Peregrine Falcon by birder123456, on Flickr
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    How to photograph a Peregrine Falcon: 1. Watch out for signs of stress and get ridiculously close... IMG_2377 by birder1234567, on Flickr[/url]IMG_2375 by birder1234567, on Flickr 2. Have crazy awesome photog skills And you get something like this.... Peregrine falc2 by birder1234567, on Flickr I'm going to post that one on my actual Flickr in a few days (this is my secondary Flickr for ID or record photos mostly) Wow, was it windy out there on the water.....
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    Yay! Finally got Mountain Plover in Northern California.
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    i have been wanting to go to oregon for a while now, to look for the snowy owl. so when the common scoter came to northern california i threw a plan together. my first stop was going to be for the rustic bunting in san francisco, cause it would be right on the way. i left in the evening and took some naps along the way, to get there by morning. but i didn't time it right and ended up passing through there at 5:30am and it was pitch dark. i decided i didn't want to sit there over an hour waiting for sunrise, so i left. hopefully another rustic bunting will come along someday. on the way to crescent city there were some varied thrushes at a rest stop. varied thrush by ginspin16, on Flickr then i got to crescent city and found the scoter. (lifer of course!) i had a good spot down on the docks, and it floated near me a couple times. common scoter by ginspin16, on Flickr then i got a bonus lifer. there was a harlequin duck amongst all the surf scoters. harlequin duck and surf scoters by ginspin16, on Flickr
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    i got to see an adult glaucous-winged gull. before this i had only seen a mottled brown youngster. glaucous-winged gull by ginspin16, on Flickr then i headed off to oregon, and stopped for the night. the next day i went to fern ridge WMA near eugene to see the snowy owl. some nice people that were leaving told me where to find it. lifer! snowy owl by ginspin16, on Flickr i was lucky that all the predicted rain held off so far. but it started to rain on the way to my next stop, to see the tundra bean-goose on the coast. so i was hoping the refuge wasn't one of those places with dirt roads that you can't drive on when it rains. it wasn't. it had a nice paved parking lot and a covered viewing platform, although the wind was blowing the rain under the platform so i was trying to hold an umbrella over my camera and the wind wasn't helping. and the goose was kind of far off. the platform was on a hill and the geese (the tundra and a bunch of canadas) were down in a field below. so my pictures are bad, even for me! but at least i saw it. another lifer and a rarity. tundra bean-goose by ginspin16, on Flickr my last stop was going to be to look for the great gray owls in the siskiyou cascade mountains near ashland oregon. but then the storm really came on and cancelled any further birding. i spent the night in ashland and the next morning it was still storming. i was lucky to get out there alive! so someday i will have to go back and try for the great gray owls. but i am still so happy for all the birds i saw.
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    I just realized I have gotten 135 lifers in the past 5 months. Wow.
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    I like this little Eastern Towhee! Eastern Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) by patbirddude, on Flickr
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    I call this picture "Oops." oops by ejpeterson59, on Flickr I really didn't mean to scare them
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    A warm day brought out this Mourning Cloak in my yard. Mourning Cloak by Parula's Nature, on Flickr
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    This silly little nuthatch would not let me catch him, try as I might, but he eventually was able to rid himself of the nut he 'picked' up. 9_8 nuthatch DSC_0943 by lveefin, on Flickr 9_8 nuthatch DSC_0980 by lveefin, on Flickr
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    Horned Lark by BirdFancier01, on Flickr Weathering the Storm by BirdFancier01, on Flickr American Goldfinch by BirdFancier01, on Flickr
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    Puddle and I just got yardbird and yearbird Pileated Woodpecker at our feeder - Puddle just put out the new suet this morning, and then there she was!
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    IMG_3188 by john_gondek, on Flickr IMG_3197 by john_gondek, on Flickr I purchased my camera/lens just a few days before so I was still learning the ropes (and still am). And I was shooting only in jpeg. D'oh!
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    From yesterday: Hutton's Vireo by Painted bunting123, on Flickr From a couple days ago: Double-crested Cormorant by Painted bunting123, on Flickr Hooded Merganser by Painted bunting123, on Flickr
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    Just home from an owl prowl. Decent day - Wild Turkey, Ring-Necked Pheasant, Snow Bunting, 2 Northern Harrier, many Red-Tailed Hawks, 5 Short-Eared Owls, 4 Eastern-Screech Owls (heard), 2 Merlin among the highlights. Best of the day, sadly yet again no sunlight,and nothing but another 20 cm of snow projected tomorrow
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    Almost dark, so this was the best I could do.... sunset eagle by ejpeterson59, on Flickr
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    Double-crested Cormorant by Painted bunting123, on Flickr
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    Pretty happy to finally get some classic "Cardinal in the snow" pictures. Northern Cardinal in the snow by Thomas Cantwell, on Flickr
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    Today ! Painted Bunting by Gregs eBirds, on Flickr Painted Bunting by Gregs eBirds, on Flickr
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    This is the Hippiebird. Known for its "peace out!" call. That or the Metalhead, known for its "rock on!" call. It can be hard to tell. Best way to differentiate them is by how many toes they hold up. I would lean towards Metelhead, due to the extended "thumb" toe.
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    Did anyone else see rfurnish and Marie mentioned in the ABA Birding Magazine??
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    I beat Pody and SK again in our 10 minute birding challenge. 2-0
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    1.American Crow coming in for a landing next to American Black Duck DSC_0068 by Colonial Lee, on Flickr 2.Cooper Hawk was chasing a Northern Flicker and stopped to take a rest. DSC_0079 by Colonial Lee, on Flickr 3.Kind of see the horns on this Horned Lark DSC_0170 by Colonial Lee, on Flickr 4.Canada Geese and Horned Lark's sharing a field of corn. DSC_0175 by Colonial Lee, on Flickr 5.How is something so yummy be so ugly. DSC_0208 by Colonial Lee, on Flickr DSC_0224 by Colonial Lee, on Flickr
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    I'm pretty good at typing different languages... got 62 in Italian, and 67 on Malaysian.
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    Ha! You guys should come to Albuquerque, where they sit in the sun, wait for you to set up a tripod, and ask if you got the picture you were hoping for.
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    I notice the eBird reviewer has confirmed it (and not mine--guess I need to record one that's farther from a parking lot). The law about getting the same species on the same day applies only to Winter Wrens, hence the complete lack of birds from Nepal on my life list. Cvdbird, when Mouser and I were helped to our life Winter Wren on the EspaƱola CBC, we were standing about six feet from it but barely glimpsed it, if anything. The other one that day was much more cooperative. So I don't think I'd count on that behavior. However, the response to the "wrong" vocalization is very interesting, so thanks!
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    Not a perfect photo, but I can't resist the (slightly altered) reference. As God as my witness, I KNEW turkeys could fly: Those on the boards not old enough to understand, do a youtube search for 'WKRP in Cincinnati turkey drop'
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    Sigh. It was 4 feet away and low down! Those almost good shots.. by Painted bunting123, on Flickr
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    What's that sonny boy? Speak up, I can't hear you! What's that sonny boy? by Painted bunting123, on Flickr HEY! Get out of my portrait! HEY! Get out of my portrait! by Painted bunting123, on Flickr
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    Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (Polioptila caerulea) by Sam Ewing, on Flickr American Goldfinch American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis) by Sam Ewing, on Flickr
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    You can, although I've never committed such a horrible crime.
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    From yesterday Snow Bunting #1 winter target bird! Snow Bunting by Parula's Nature, on Flickr Western Tanager (evidence) Evidence Western Tanager by Parula's Nature, on Flickr Evidence Western Tanager by Parula's Nature, on Flickr Harlequin Duck Harlequin Ducks by Parula's Nature, on Flickr
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    I had myself a good old morning. Only disappointments are that we are on the verge of getting 30+ cm of snow, so conditions and light were not optimal, and I had to cut the day short. Also meant not being able to chase a really nice rarity which is about 70 minutes drive away. But nonetheless: #204 - Black Scoter: #205 - Snow Bunting : #206 - Horned Lark: Also this means -. I have accomplished successfully all my stated winter goals !! :D
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    Got this long shot of two Great-crested Flycatchers in a territorial dispute. Wish I'd been closer.... 1-Fla Trip June 1st-June 10th 2014 006 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr
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    Between this and Guy's recent rarity report.... my jealousy is over 9000!! Awesome birds!
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    Just got back from some excellent birding! Got 5 yearbirds: Yellow-breasted Chat (**Rare this time of year!**), Gw Teal, Bw teal, Rusty Blackbird, and Brown-headed Cowbird! Also saw my first leucistic bird, a Yellow-rumped Warbler with lots of white on the tops of his wings! http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S21726457 Lifers/yearbirds? I'm at 142 for the year!
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    Hello- What type of Shrike is this? Jan. 2014 Glen Canyon AZ Thanks!
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    Had a great day birding today. I started off the day well, finding a Greater White-fronted Goose hanging out with a flock of Canada Geese and a lone Egyptian Goose. They're rare, but pretty regular birds in this area. There's normally a few around, it's just a matter of finding them. A little later in the day I heard the call of a Myrtle Warbler. It's amazing how after hearing thousands of Audubon's Warblers call notes how distinct Myrtles sound. Much to my delight, it was an adult male. I thought we saw another one later in the day, mostly based on call. Looking at pictures, it looks like an integrade. Everything except a few yellow feathers and the shape of the throat patch were fine for a Myrtle. (on the other bird) Black-necked Stilts were very cooperative, allowing for very close approach. One even took a bath for us! After having a good time at the first location, we moved on to look for a pair of Lesser Yellowlegs cany saw. It only took us about 10 minutes to locate one, but we never did see a second one. At one point there were six Greaters around it, but for some stupid reason, I didn't take a picture at that time. Lesser Yellowlegs was a bird that I managed to avoid seeing in 2014, despite at least four attempts. Huge thank you to cany for the specific directions! I follow cany's directions to a drake Eurasian Wigeon, and as she said, it was "easy peasy." I ended the day with 85 species without really trying. I also got lots of other great pictures but I don't have time to edit them right now.
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    The bug eyed look and thin legs say Sharp-shinned to me.
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    DSCN1943 by ejpeterson59, on Flickr I have never had a swan fly so close over my head, where I could hear the THUP...THUP...THUP of its wings. Exciting!
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    Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs! (and a Willet and maybe a Dowitcher in back too) Willet and Yellowlegs 1 by Painted bunting123, on Flickr Royal, Least, Common and Sandwich Terns Terns 5 by Painted bunting123, on Flickr
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    Podyceps, you've got a birding partner here if you ever make it down! I always love an excuse to spend the whole day birding
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    Through the window, through the snowstorm...it was the best I got! cardinal boy by ejpeterson59, on Flickr
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    I saw something interesting while walking through Tennessee Vally, Marin County on Tuesday. A Western Scrub Jay with a mouse [didn't know they ate mice]: Also noteworthy is a picture of a rather rare Florida Scrub Jay, taken earlier this month in Oscar Scherer State Park, near Osprey, Florida: And finally, a Reddish Egret chasing fish on Siesta Beach, Siesta Key, Florida:
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    Two Belted Kingfishers in some sort of dispute! Sorry for the awful photos. The sun had just gone down and the lighting was bad. I had to lighten the photos a whole lot, and that took away the quality of them. (Anyhow, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!) 1-Kingfishers..Jackson 07-16-2013 048 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr 1-Kingfishers..Jackson 07-16-2013 049 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr 1-Kingfishers..Jackson 07-16-2013 050 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr 1-Kingfishers..Jackson 07-16-2013 052 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr 1-Kingfishers..Jackson 07-16-2013 059 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr 1-Kingfishers..Jackson 07-16-2013 060 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr 1-Kingfishers..Jackson 07-16-2013 061 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr