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    Cerulean Warbler is still hanging around.
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    From the backyard today--Summer Tanager, immature male, and a new life bird--Wood Thrush!
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    Okay, pictures from last night and today! Last night when we came in we got to lounge in the hotel and enjoy the glorious view offered by our balcony: The ocean: Yearbird Pelagic Cormorant: Today we spent most of the day walking Main Street and having fun there, so not many birds. Yearbird Common Yellowthroat: A Song Sparrow: A Barn Swallow: The day finally cleared up and we got some sun: Something I've been soooo looking forward to, the BOWPICKER The killer Fish and Chips (as an inlander who loves fish I've been really deprived) :
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    My last day at Pelee (the 18th) was a Butterfly kind of day: Pearl Crescent (I believe) Pearl Crescent (confirm) by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Pearl Crescent (confirm) 2 by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Azure or Blue or something along those lines Butterfly-2 by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Canadian Tiger Swallowtail by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Eastern Tailed Blue (I believe) Eastern Tailed Blue (confirm) by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Giant Swallowtail Giant Swallowtail by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr The only real bird highlight that day was a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. It was also cool to get 2 Eastern Pine Elf today. Eastern Pine Elf by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Eastern Pine Elf by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Eastern Pine Elf by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr It was nice to get a Broad-winged Hawk for my cottage area today too.
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    Just got lifer Red-necked Phalarope that Matt Hofeditz found yesterday!
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    Went birding today - got Nashville Warbler (state bird and patch bird), and WEGR (patch bird)! http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S37017085
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    two from yesterday... muskrat momma moose with twins
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    Tree Swallows Pileated Woodpecker
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    When your power is out for 30 hours and you have 76 notifications. I see S.C. has IDed a lot of birds, is anything other than that happening? And I saw 17 West Virginia Whites today!
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    ummmmm.......... the cropped photo shows the beak of the left bird to be A LOT LARGER than the right birds bill, or is that just me???
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    Nothing too colorful but a female Anna's checking out some flowers.
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    Carolina Wren by Johnny, on Flickr
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    Blue Grosbeak by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Mmmmmm. A plump little Mole appetizer...
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    Agreed. And we've gotten questions like this before, so we don't think it's weird.
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    Agreed. The two are tough to differentiate.
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    Thank you! I can understand that, but Jack has been finding things in my posts that he can post the most smart alecky response to, and I have no idea why.
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    Am I the only one who noticed that we're all arguing about people posting non-bird-related things here, but most posts in the past two pages have nothing to do with birds?