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    Had a good day with birding Just a couple of good pics I took. Are videos ok to show here? Savannah Sparrow by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr Rose-breasted Grosbeak by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr
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    White ibis by Mike, on Flickr Green egret by Mike, on Flickr
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    Cedar Waxwing-3.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr
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    Atlantic Puffin by Seth Davis, on Flickr Took about 200 Puffin shots, but only a handful came out. This one was my favorite!
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    I, too often, see guesses on here, stated as fact. I think if we are going to guess, there should, at the very least, be a question mark at the end of the "guess" . If not, it leads us non experts on an incorrect path. Of course, after awhile, you learn who to trust and who not to. Not aiming this at anyone specifically.
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    A couple from the local marsh this morning. Red-headed Woodpecker. Green Heron
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    A few Minutes ago at my feeder Feeder Hummingbird 7-17 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Snowy Egret - Low light and a little blur due to the ruffling of feathers, but I still liked this shot.
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    Then why did you agree? You probably should have said that you weren't sure.
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    Cedar Waxwing by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Photo 29 July 2017, Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin.
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    Yeah, see my wimpy lifelist? We haven't even been "birding" for as long as you say you have. BCNH's aren't too easy to find in our area. We actually drove to northern New York to see these. Oh, and there were Song Sparrows everywhere as usual. :-)
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    Few pics from just before sunset last night., along the Grand River in Spring Lake, MI. Common Tern Ring-billed gull looking for a morsel of food:
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    Favorites from today. (Actually from yesterday now...I started to post them yesterday, hit preview and forgot that they weren't actually posted) Yellow-billed Cuckoo Eastern Kingbird Spotted Sandpiper
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    Yeeehaaaw!! Just what we were looking for.
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    Update on me part 2- After returning from Cornell, I left for Colorado after thee days at home. I stayed with family for a few days then drove up to Estes Park for Camp Colorado Week 1. During my week+ in Colorado, I picked up 14 bird lifers, 13+ butterfly lifers, and 3 ode lifers. Truly a great time and some great birds (even if we had terrible views at rosy finches, longspurs, and ptarmigans) and landscapes and people! After camp wrapped up, I flew to Maryland for the National Envirothon Competition. There were 54 teams from the US and Canada (and two from China!) competing in written tests and an oral presentation.. my team placed 8th out of the 54 present! Pretty cool seeing a crap-ton of hard work pay off! While in Maryland this week, I pumped up my Maryland state list to a truly impressive 39... Now it's off to Indiana for a few days to visit family then back to Georgia for a few days of resting before school starts!! Please forgive any typos..typing on a phone and super tired
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    On July 11 I flew out of Toronto to go to Arizona for Camp Chiricahua, and arrived back to Toronto on July 22. I had an awesome time, and this is my last possible year to do any young birder camps. Most of the other young birders were much younger than me, many being 14 (at least 5); of the rest I know 2 were 17, 1 was 16 and one was 18 (not much younger than me, being born in October 1998). Oh yeah, I was also the only girl! That was interesting, but to me it didn't matter/I didn't really care, still lotsa fun haha. I got to meet another whatbirder there, Jonah, as well as an older whatbirder that I can't remember their username now. I'm gonna miss being able to do these camps. I won't be doing a trip report, but I've posted photos to flickr. Here's a spoiler Tufted Flycatcher by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Oh, and Sunday I head to the Beaverhill, Alberta Young Ornithologist Workshop (THAT will be officially my last young birder camp ).
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    This is tricky, but I'm leaning more canvasback on these...
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    This is a Northern Flicker! The tail feathers, the spotted breast, and the call all match that of a NOFL.
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    Wow, thanks for pointing that out....oversite on my part. I will correct it this evening. I guess I need the app for my phone. We do have a number of these ducks and they are often in groups of two or more. Welcome back. Take care of yourself!
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    Well... The squirrels are winning the battle so far. I purchased a very well made squirrel proof feeder a couple of weeks ago online and it was working great. However, the squirrels figured out how to bite the parachute cord that was holding the feeder in place and the feeder fell to the ground an broke. So now I have a new squirrel proof feeder with cracked glass and a feeding port that is bent up on one side and doesn't work.. I email the company to see if they would help me out on a new one and I'm figuring out how to mount the feeder so that there is nothing the squirrels can do to cut the feeder free. I also have two small raccoons that are wrestling around with the feeder trying to get it open. The battle is not over yet. I will keep you posted on whether the varmints win or i win.
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    Looks like Eastern Phoebe to me.
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    This one looks like a Warbling Vireo.
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    1. Sounds like a Blue Jay to me 2. I want to say Osprey, but seems a little off to me.
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    #4 is a Cliff Swallow
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    I tried to enlarge it but it wouldn't for some reason. I see what y'all are pointing out about the bill, but I agree with The Pumaman.....I wouldn't call it either way from this photo.
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    The bill does look relatively thick and short which would be a point in favor of Little Blue, but I wouldn't call it - too distant and the lighting and angles might be playing tricks.
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    WOW. Your flight shots are just stunning...always!
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    Looks like a Greater Yellowlegs
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    Greater Yellowlegs
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    I agree. I don't see anything that would point conclusively to anything else.
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    #2 is a Black-headed Grosbeak.
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    A bird I see all the time but I thought the pic came out pretty good. Grey Catbird by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr This bird did not mind me at all. He/she just kept flying on the branch and did the whuit sound they make. Willows Flycatcher by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr
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    It's been the debate topic for several days now. We don't know what happened, but a few of us are irritated with the "reaction" setting But we do get more likes
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    This is an Acorn Woodpecker.
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    These are from earlier this week, just getting around to posting them now! Common Poorwill, taken at night with the car headlights as the only source of light… And a young Great Grey Owl watching its nearby sibling:
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    It was a toss up between this and a nice pic of a song sparrow. This pic wins because I don't see the thrasher too often. Brown Thrasher by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr
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    Red-eyed Vireo Red-eyed Vireo by Johnny, on Flickr Eastern Kingbird Eastern Kingbird by Johnny, on Flickr