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    Two because they are a matched set. Red-Breasted Nuthatch @ Home. by BNV Photos, on Flickr Red-Breasted Nuthatch @ Home. by BNV Photos, on Flickr
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    Way way way behind. DSCN0429 white-winged dove by Brian Marra, on Flickr DSCN0258 white-tailed deer (m) by Brian Marra, on Flickr
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    European Starling by Robert Visconti, on Flickr
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    I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
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    This could turn into quite a thread with all the different varieties of Red-tails there are! Mine is a dark morph Red-tailed, taken just north of Sacramento a couple of years ago.... 1-Kites..Hawk....and 1 Sparrow 01-08-2013 026 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
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    This guy/gal visited our yard a few times this past fall. We don't see this coloration (with the white face) often. Borealis subspecies... I think. Immature Red-tailed Hawk by The Bird Nuts, on Flickr
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    I didn't see any males but this female long tail duck came up close
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    The White-throated Sparrows are sticking around even during this cold snap. White-throated Sparrow by The Bird Nuts, on Flickr
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    I think we've have more varieties of red-tails than any other hawks. How about we start a list of the different red-tails that we see. We have eastern, western, kirder, Harlan, light morph, dark morph, rufus morph, adult, juvi the list goes on and on.
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    Best butt photo I have ever taken.
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    I saw this guy today near the Boise River in Idaho. I think it's a peregrine falcon but I wanted to double check.
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    I don't know how much a falcon can eat but this one looks like that much and more!
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    Snowy Owl - Jones Beach, L.I., NY Snowy Owl by Johnny, on Flickr
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    And it is to figure out a bird the OP saw 25 years ago... no need to bring this to the top of the thread for more guessing games.
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    photos taken 12-31-17 at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico
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    Red-tailed Hawk - by Robert Visconti, on Flickr
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    Happy New Year, y'all!! May this year bring everyone many lifers!!!
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    Northern Mockingbird. The brown color is caused by the lighting.
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    When a mommy bird and a daddy bird love each other very much, within the freedom of natural heterosexual bird marriage as intended ...
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    Coolest for the New Year's weekend were a bobcat, adult merlin (not an easy bird to find here), Iceland gulls, and 3 scissor-tailed flycatchers together.
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    Actually, those 4 are subspecies groups -- Pyle lists 12 subspecies (perhaps more in Baja -- I think those might have been elevated to species status this year...), of which three are in the Slate-colored group.
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    Happy New Year all! I challenge y'all to 15 life birds this year. Here is to another fantastic year of birding! Untitled by MerMaeve, on Flickr
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    American Kestrel by Mike, on Flickr American Kestrel by Mike, on Flickr
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    Was that the one that was In formation with three Passenger Pigeons and Great Auk? Yeah, I saw those...
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    Yeah I got 55 lifers last year. (Thanks to FLA)
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    House Sparrow.....................................................................................................................................I live in a very depressing place!
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    Because i only use JPG for sorting files -and for rest i use RAW -i set camera to smallest JPG -my two 32Gb card plenty .
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    Do you have any more photos? For now I'm leaning towards a small Canada.
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    I don't think there's enough info from these photos.
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    I don't say this very often, but OMG!
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    Iceland gull with white shrimp head
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    Piping Plover Galveston TX 4-17 Snowy Plover by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Chestnut-Backed Chickadee @ Home. by BNV Photos, on Flickr
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    Hello all, Just a brief post to show everyone a nice winter scene at my new place. As I work to get the renovation completed, here were some of my visitors that kept me company on a cold and snowy Midwestern day...
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