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    Got this today, in Ontario! Ontario bird 304 Fork-tailed Flycatcher by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr Fork-tailed Flycatcher 2 by Isabel Apkarian, on Flickr
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    Lifer Fork-tailed Flycatcher today in Toronto: Tyrannus savana_2017-09-24_00632_small on Flickr
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    I haven't posted in awhile due to various reasons but when I saw this pic it made me think of this forum Catbird by STEFAN TOWNSEND, on Flickr
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    Had a nice day of migrants today, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Palm Warbler by Patrick Felker, on Flickr Blue-headed Vireo by Patrick Felker, on Flickr
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    Fork-tailed Flycatcher. Toronto, ON (2017-09-24) Any day you can see a bird whose range is described as "rarely seen anywhere in North America" is a good day. Tyrannus savana_2017-09-24_00643_small on Flickr
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    Hilarious, set to music: https://www.wimp.com/the-mating-dance-of-the-hooded-grebe-was-filmed-for-the-first-time-and-it-is-hilarious/
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    Another day, another pic. V-e-r-y early this morning, well, for me...
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    More butterflies, than birds, these days I got lots of pics today, but these are the most interesting. This one is from last night. Wolf Spider, carrying lots of babies on her back. WolfSpider09222017 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr Gulf Fritillary caterpillar that has just molted. They are almost entirely translucent just after molt. GulfFritillary09232017-2 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr Cloudless Sulphur in-flight CloudlessSulphur09232017 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr A lifer butterfly, for me, Marine Blue. MarineBlue09232017 by Michelle Summers, on Flickr
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    haven't seen too may warblers this fall.. wish I was better at IDing Warbker.jpg by Jim, on Flickr
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    We, ( My family and I) have had Long-Eared Owls (2) roosting in our pines 2 or 3 winters in a row...... We put it out online an had ~150 people from MI come to see the LEOWs.
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    I think I see yellow undertail coverts, a dark eyeline, and streaking on the breast, so perhaps Palm Warbler? The undertail pattern is wrong for a Magnolia and fits Palm better. EDIT: Tail pattern is wrong for any vireo as well.
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    That is correct, although it is actually a young/nonbreeding plumaged male. You can a hint of the black face mask. Hope the poor little guy is okay!
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    And following up from above - Fork-tailed Flycatcher today in Toronto.
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    Saw these two large accipiters at Paradise, Mt Rainier, Washington last week. Heavily streaked. I got a few photos, but I'm still questioning them. Thoughts? A few more photos if needed here.
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    No good reason actually! (except that a grosbeak had been reported only this week at the same location. indigo's not for much longer) After early summer, they're just off my radar down here and I don't think about them until next spring--at my peril, apparently By now I really should have realized that the birds that fly through here in the spring usually also fly through here on their way back, too. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Townsend' warbler visiting my garden...for a microsecond
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    Eurasian Collared-Dove by Mike, on Flickr Blue Jay by Mike, on Flickr
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    White-eyed Vireo by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Got Kentucky, Blackpoll, and Black-throated Green yesterday, plus an interesting Least/Dusky Flycatcher that's being passed around but no one wants to make a call on. And Hammond's Flycatcher and Pine Siskin (irruption incoming?). So yeah, pretty good day yesterday.
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    Had to crop heavily but he's still pretty clear. Greater Yellowlegs.
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    Green heron by Mike, on Flickr Flycatcher by Mike, on Flickr
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    My guess is Bay-Brested. It is too olive-y green to be a Pine.
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    Red-eyed Vireo by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    "They are everywhere. (OK, I am exaggerating. They are not on the beach.) " Maybe you just haven't looked hard enough! Northern Parula 5-11-16 IL (1) by psweet1, on Flickr
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    Sadly, upon further "investigation", they were really American Wigeons. Still a new lifer, though.