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    A couple Common Ravens stopped nearby when I sat at a picnic table today. This one had a couple white feathers above one eye. After picking up some of the larger rocks and putting them back down, one Raven started to break off little pieces of limestone to eat. I've never seen this before. It helps with digestion, I hear.
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    Life bird King Eider in the Detroit River:
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    Not a very good picture, but probably my best from El Salvador -- a Great Kiskadee. This particular individual woke me up every morning by calling loudly right outside my room.
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    With such shorter days, I am only getting to photograph in bursts a few times per week. Here is my best from today's adventures: Egret in the fog Male common yellowthroat Our state bird the mocking......bird.
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    From yesterday...Red-shouldered Hawk IMG_0337-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr Savannah Sparrow IMG_0361-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr or American Pipit IMG_0296-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
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    Chestnut sided warbler...uncommon in AZ....Lifer
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    Hopefully I havnt posted this one yet...LOL..
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    Last month, I noticed two Mockingbirds flying through the trees at my home. They kept flying for about an hour, round and round through the trees, even up to about two feet in front of me. They didn't seem scared and they kept doing this all day. I figured they were taking up residence and marking their territory. One bird was a regular Northern Mockingbird one of which was resident here last winter, the other was new and was completely white. I am attaching a couple of pictures which I hope you will use and tell me if I identified correctly. Regards Ed Stines
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    Juvenile Glaucous Gull: Larus hyperboreus_2017-11-15_00151_Small, on Flickr
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    This isn't a photo, but it's a bird behavior I haven't seen before. As I mentioned above, one of the Ravens was breaking off pieces of rock to swallow:
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    Brown Pelican in flight Anhauc NWR 10-17 Brown Pelican Anahauc NWR 10-17 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Anna's Hummingbird. by jeffroscoe, on Flickr
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    It was a 10-new-to-me birds day today, but I will limit myself: smooth-billed ani marsh wren savannah sparrow
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    American golden plover( rare in AZ) came to eat our AZ earthworms...Lifer
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    Couldn't get any bird shots today, but I did get a nice Bigeye searobin.
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    Sorry, a little behind, but I like these ones from this past Wednesday: White-breasted Nuthatch Dark-eyed Junco Carolina Wren Canada Goose
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    Success! Smooth-billed Ani j
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    This its the best for today Laughing Gull by Mike, on Flickr and this i take not in zoo they walk in my neighborhood (only too share) Peacock by Mike, on Flickr White Peacock by Mike, on Flickr
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    American White Pelican by Amber Hart, on Flickr
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    You're never going to get caught up if you keep posting the same pics twice.
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    You would be surprised how hard it is to coax a angry mockingbird out a crab trap.
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    First Mississippi record Smooth billed ani!
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    A pair of White-crowned Sparrows
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    Fish Crow by Mike, on Flickr Anhinga by Mike, on Flickr
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    Here's tomorrow's photo. Mr. Cooper's Hawk
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    Great Egret IMG_0317-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr and another Great Egret IMG_0252-002 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
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    This is actually a Northern Shockingbird!
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    Least Sandpiper High Island TX 10-17 Least Sandpiper Reflection High Island TX 10-17 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Right you are! Thanks for catching that. I'm labeling these pics too fast without paying close enough attention. Here's an actual Golden-crowned Sparrow taken in the same bushes in the same time frame: