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  1. No photos or pics

    See the answer in this thread.
  2. iBird Pro Not Working - Urgent

    This message can be for many reasons; its hard to tell from the information. Its not an issue of the SD Card, even though the message indicates it, its more a problem with compatibility with the Droid X. We are about to do an update to all the versions of iBird for Android which will allow them to work with tablets and devices with any size screen. It will also be compatible with later versions of the Android OS. drwildlife: Hello everyone, I'm recently a new addition to the Smithsonian research site and was planning on using iBird Pro for help identifying those tricky birds. I bought it and it installed, even allowing me to register. But, after that the warning message pops up saying it can't function without an SD card. The option to move to SD to dimmed but, I know I have plenty of space for the application. I filled out the technical support form but have still not heard back from anyone. My Specs Droid X Android 2.2 Total Space - 14.71 GB Available Space - 8.88 GB Internal Available Space - 5.85 GB Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. The new upgrades will do a better job of installing on SD Cards.
  4. Banding codes location

    dcl2q: Hi, been using iBird Pro for about half a year and love it. I too would like to see the banding code on the Bird page. As far how to easily enter a band code, how about adjusting the Home, First, Last, Reset button and add a Band button.? That to me would be ideal. Actually I don't find the home button anything but an annoyance for the Pro version, as I don't need to switch between versions. Maybe put a preference setting to remove home and add band. On a different note, I originally tried iBird Lite and have since removed it as I bought Pro. But Lite still shows up in Home. Any way to remove that? Thanks and keep up the great work! David Band Code is on all the pages for the new universal iBird apps that should be out in a week. BTO5 code is on the UK apps. We have removed the home page.
  5. please us the contactus form at whatbird.com for this question
  6. Please go to http://www.whatbird.com/contactus and submit this question there. A ticket will be created to solve this.
  7. tablet screen update?

    Really soon. Im writing this on a Xoom in iBird and itdS full screen and gorgeous.
  8. Honeycomb ( Android 3.0 ) support

    bob@hogbytes.com: I just upgraded my android tablet from Froyo ( android2.2) to a new Honeycomb ( android 3.0) tablet. On the previous tablet, I had full screed graphics, however on the new 3.0 tablet the image is not scaled up and is smart phone sized. When do you expect to support Android 3.0. Ibird is one of the key reasons for the tablet upgrade. Hi Bob - we are beta testing the new version of iBird that runs full screen on Android Tablets up to 2.3.4. We have not tested for 3.0 yet but there should not be any problems. I can't give you an exact date for launch. I can say that assuming we dont run into any glitches the launch is not too far away. Its been quite an undertaking to modify our app to work with the many sizes and resolutions that Android devices can use. Reminds me of the days of working on Windows Mobile except that developmental system was a nightmare and Android SDK is much nicer. But no matter how nice the SDK is there is a lot of testing as it seems every phone manufacturer has there own ideas about how to implement the OS. It sure makes the iPhone and iPad a much easier system to work with the testing is about 10 times easier. The new version of iBird has all new artwork in HD resolution and some new features we think you will like. Stay tuned to this forum for the announcement.
  9. No photos or pics

    Sorry we have not answered your question. I am not sure why one bird would not download the pics and photos. It could have been a glitch in the process of downloading. Try going to the More page, Synchronization, then find the birds that start with W, tap the tile and it will try to download them all. If any are missing data it should redownload it.
  10. question about feature

    There is a setting in Apple Settings for this (not in iBird). Scroll down to find your iBird app, tap it and you will see a switch to turn off shake.
  11. Louisiana waterthrush

    I assume this is in iBird Pro for the Android. Thank you Chris we will take care of it.
  12. We received this wonderful story today from Phil Cayton:Just wanted to share this story with you. Last Sunday, during the morning church service, a bird flew into our sanctuary. Of course, it got everyone's attention including the pastor as it flitted about looking for an exit. It spent the entire hour doing this. ... I recognized it immediately as a Starling due to your wonderful app (I have iBird Backyard +). Everyone was wondering how to get the bird out before everyone left (no one wanted to clean up the overnight mess). I turned out the lights and opened the double doors to the outside, but for almost 30 minutes the bird seemed to avoid the exit. I started your iPhone app, picked the Starling from my saved favorites, played the looped bird call and stood near the door. The bird cautiously approached, cocking its head and looking for the sound source. The bird got within 3 feet of me, saw the exit and flew out. Bird in the sanctuary? There's an app for that! [Poll]
  13. forums.ibird.com/ has the info you need.
  14. Serious question

    I pop in now and then to check the forum and I am really impressed with the quaity of the poeple here and how generous you all are in helping people ID species. It makes me sad when any of you leave, especially because of deadbeats who like to stir up trouble. In a way by leaving it feeds in to the power they so desperately crave. Usually this is due to some childhood trauma and so I try to see them as wounded children. We are trying to remove these offenders as fast as we can so if you see anything that is inappropriate please do let us know. Again thank you for being such a good sport and generous with your time. Thanks Mitch
  15. Forum Missing Its Skin Issue

    This has been fixed, turned out to me a mimetype definition in IIS settings.