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  1. Bird calls today in Augusta, GA

    The first sounds like a rodent of some sort, probably Marsh Rice Rat since they are breeding right now. I believe Milton had one baby on the trail last week. The second is a variant of Least Bittern song, one I've been hearing a lot throughout the wetlands. Here's a link to a similar sounding bird (not my recording) from Ontario: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/90929321#_ga=2.228306974.243189347.1524076170-945392133.1520458905
  2. I agree. A Pine Warbler would be white on the belly and vent. Great bird!
  3. Not my video but look at this handsome bugger.
  4. Welcome to Whatbird! This is a Say's Phoebe, a type of flycatcher.
  5. Lesser or greater scaup?

    I agree. The little peak at the nape gives them a more square-headed look than Greater.
  6. Stilt Sandpiper in GA?

    There is a Stilt Sandpiper there, but it's not easy to find among the Dunlin and yellowlegs. Here's a pic of it to compare: https://tinyurl.com/ya5rqttp Notice how much more drab the back is and how the bill is longer and heavier. I do believe it was hanging out on the left side of the impoundment relative to where we were standing, but I didn't bother going to look for it. It was nice to meet you, by the way! Good to see you're getting some more great GA birding in!
  7. Ruby Crowned Kinglet in GA?

    Where at did you see the woodpeckers? Was this at the Cane Pole Trail entrance?
  8. Met John Deitsch (jdeitsch) last month on a rainy Sunday and got Georgia's first Trumpeter Swans (if confirmed). John is on the right
  9. Another Scaup Question

    Greater Scaup are uncommon inland in Georgia. They are annual and I can usually find them at Phinizy every other winter or so. This looks like one of the drakes I saw on Saturday. I'm glad you got pics of it. They dive more frequently than the surrounding lesser and everytime I'd get one in the scope with my phone it would dive and I'd lose it.
  10. Yes, same bird. There were many in a mixed flock with Dunlin, Wilson's, Piping, and Semipalmated Plover, Sanderling, Red Knot, and Forster's Tern. Will upload more pics of the other dowitchers when I download the pics tonight.
  11. For what it's worth, this was on a beach but near one of the island's only freshwater mudflats.
  12. Rails

    Yes at dusk they go crazy lol best time of day to hear rails.
  13. Is the tail pattern indicative at all? Or is that only when they're spread out (i.e. in flight)?
  14. Taken this afternoon. Thanks friends