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  1. Is the chat feature no more?
  2. Sheesh, almost to page 2000
  3. Anyone miss this kid yet?
  4. Spotted Owl, Miller Canyon, AZ Burrowing Owl near Buckeye, AZ Barn Owl near Phoenix, AZ Western Screech-Owl, Phon D Sutton Recreation Area, Phoenix, AZ Spotted Owl, Carr Canyon, AZ Whiskered Screech-Owl, Miller Canyon, AZ Western Screech-Owl, San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area, AZ Elf Owl, California Gulch, AZ Whiskered Screech-Owl, Madera Canyon, AZ Northern Pygmy-Owl, Miller Canyon, AZ
  5. Pretty darn good, actually. My lifelist this year is rockin' and just yesterday I finally got Reddish Egret for Georgia (GA bird #283). I've had a fantastic summer, including a trip to Arizona with Fyn, Walker, Caleb, and Bryan and then to Texas to visit my girlfriend (who is also a birder).
  6. Greetings birders, how's life?
  7. what is love baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more
  8. Flycatcher in Bend, Oregon?

    You're right. Similar flycatchers (i.e. flycatchers in genus Empidonax) would show a more prominent eyering and/or wingbars.
  9. colorado hawk ID

    White chin and long wings are good ways to tell this is a Swainson's Hawk.
  10. You wouldn't complain with all the SE AZ birds everywhere.
  11. 5 more days until I'm birding with Caleb, Fyn, and Walker <3
  12. Duck on a Log

    This is what I see: Photo 1: American Wigeon drake on log, American Wigeon hen in foreground, hen Mallard in center of photo (patterning and head coloration dissimilar to wigeon in foreground) Photo 2: Wigeons still in same spot, Mallard hen joined by Mallard drake