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  1. what is love baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more
  2. You're right. Similar flycatchers (i.e. flycatchers in genus Empidonax) would show a more prominent eyering and/or wingbars.
  3. White chin and long wings are good ways to tell this is a Swainson's Hawk.
  4. You wouldn't complain with all the SE AZ birds everywhere.
  5. 5 more days until I'm birding with Caleb, Fyn, and Walker <3
  6. This is what I see: Photo 1: American Wigeon drake on log, American Wigeon hen in foreground, hen Mallard in center of photo (patterning and head coloration dissimilar to wigeon in foreground) Photo 2: Wigeons still in same spot, Mallard hen joined by Mallard drake
  7. Given it was honking, I would highly suspect Canada Goose. This is usually the silhouette I see when they fly by.
  8. why cant i like my own post what the h*ck
  9. Like this post if you are a cool birder.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I work at Phinizy and led hikes for the Phinizy festival last year. It's a great way to see southern specialties and migrants, guided by birders who know how and where to find them. The presentations last year were excellent. Mark Vukovich spoke on Golden Eagles wintering in the south and he actually inspired me to start an undergraduate research project searching for Golden Eagles in the South Carolina coastal plain. If you are still interested, I would highly recommend attending!
  11. welcome to whatbird. This is a Purple Finch. Nice bird in Macon.