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  1. where was this feather found? city, state? Thanks
  2. Peregrine Falcon?

    http://imgur.com/a/kZeDS This is a duplicate post
  3. Peregrine Falcon?

    I agree coopers. also has long rounded off tail.
  4. mystery bird

    Looks alot like a baby yellow bellied flycatcher
  5. Duck Species?

    Going with Hooded, I am not convinced they are all females. With paler eyes and dark bills on two of these birds, maybe there are 2 females and 2 eclipse males here? I have changed up the lighting for a closer look at each.
  6. Bird ID

  7. Grosbeak, or something else?

    Something Else.. .I agree with WCS. Nice photo !
  8. Duck Species?

    I think these are two pairs of red breasted mergansers. I can see a white ring around the drakes necks. The breasts are not white as they would be on the drakes of both the common and hooded.
  9. I agree with Immature Bald Eagle. Head shape, bill and short tail also point to BE.
  10. Northern Flicker (Male) He crashed into your window and is hanging on.. He may have seen a reflection through the screen.
  11. Cackling Goose?

    The heads and necks of the Canada Goose while on the water can be recessed significantly giving the impression of a short neck, especially when resting. While the photos are a ways off, proportionally I see longer bills on the ones that can be seen. I would not be comfortable with Cackling. Looks like you have a flock of Canadian Geese here.
  12. Silhouette in New Orleans

    The very slight hook at the end of the beak, the longer beak, and wingspan, round head and belly....it looks like a Robin to me.
  13. crow or raven?

    Using the bolts in the sign as a reference (NB 12_2" x 5/16" standard) and the sign post width (2 1/4" standard), I would guess the sign itself is at most 16"x16". Based on this, I'd say this is a Crow and agree with the others who say the bird is too small for a Raven.
  14. Female Black-headed Grosbeak

    Agree. 1. Red Winged Black Bird 2. White Winged Dove