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  1. Something about those red eyes gets me. Spotted Towhee.
  2. Here's a semi-frequent visitor to our yard. A very cool Stellar's Jay.
  3. I'm pretty new to this fun hobby, and I wanted to gain some insight from those who've been at it a while. When I go out, I usually do a lot of walking but occasionally stop when I see a bird. Sometimes I just stand still for a bit but that doesn't seem to change the results, I don't see many birds. So, what are your typical methods of spotting and photographing the birdies? Thanks, and happy birding.
  4. I had a few opportunities to get a picture of one of those (or a close relative) while recently in Idaho, but there was either too much shrubbery in the way or they wouldn't sit still long enough. Nice shot.
  5. Was gonna try Flickr but can't get it figured out, so back to my default. At any rate, I hope you'll see a Western Grebe.
  6. Is it possible folks could post what bird is in their pictures? Some of us are new to this and have no idea. Thanks.
  7. That is a great shot. May be a little luck involved, but I've heard it's sometimes better to be lucky than good. Very good at any rate.
  8. I've used tinypic for the ones so far. I've opened a Flickr account but haven't poked around yet and am unfamiliar with it. I'll make an effort to try it later today.
  9. American Kestrel. This is quite zoomed, hence the fuzziness. I gotta get a longer lens.
  10. Last summer this little guy (not sure what it is) was sitting on our hummingbird feeder and pecking at the window. I'm guessing it saw it's reflection. I was able to grab my phone and get a couple of pictures.
  11. A Spotted Towhee that was near Vancouver Lake which is pretty close to the river. The eye may look a little odd because I was experimenting with Photoshop Elements.
  12. I see a lot of people use Flickr so I'm curious if that's the best site to use or just quite popular? Anyway, here's a Great Horned Owl that I couldn't get very close to today at a place called Frenchman's Bar in Vancouver, WA.. It is a popular spot for fishing, walking through the woods, dog training, and just hanging out by the Columbia River. This is the first owl I've photographed so I was pretty excited about it but the lens just could quite bring it as close as I'd like.
  13. I've been doing a lot of reading recently about this very subject and based on that, I would recommend a Sigma or Tamron 150-600mm. There are also a few very good sites where you can buy used lenses at a significant savings. I had a smaller Sigma that worked very well and I'd guess their longer lenses would be just as good.
  14. Was that near the Snake River? I ask because last year I was there and there were a few of those in trees that looked very similar to those. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera with me.