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  1. I enjoy walking through the woods or a field about as much as I do seeing the birds, but when they come to my back yard, it's nice too. Almost positive this is a Cooper's Hawk.
  2. That's a great shot.
  3. Very cool shot and quite odd that it has a flounder or similar bottom fish.
  4. A Cedar Waxwing that flew right into place for me.
  5. Great Horned Owl that sat and preened for as long as I watched/took pictures which was easily 10 minutes.
  6. Who is banding them, and why so young? Great shot.
  7. I think I saw my first one of those about a week ago but it wasn't still for long and deep in a tree. I have lots of holly in my backyard and have never seen one there.
  8. A Lazuli Bunting hanging out in the leaves.
  9. Song Sparrow (pretty sure) in mid song.
  10. Common Yellowthroat.
  11. Nothing too colorful but a female Anna's checking out some flowers.
  12. May very well be, I'm pretty new at this and from what I've read, even seasoned birders sometimes have difficulty with proper identification. I went with Sharp Shinned because of it's head shape and size and the overall size of the bird.
  13. A little fuzzy because I cropped it a bit too much, but a Sharp Shinned (pretty sure) that was on the bird bath looking for an easy meal.
  14. This is a little grainy but I liked the Goldfinch pair on the feeder.