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  1. Red Shafted Northern Flicker.
  2. A squirrel of some variety. No moose visible.
  3. Pretty sure this is a Hooded Merganser.
  4. You've been mooned!

    Yellow-rumped Warbler.
  5. Not today, but my favorite shot from a Florida trip last week. A Snail Kite with snail.
  6. Neither. Sigma 150-600
  7. Finally got a chance to try out the new lens. This Mallard was reflecting on his day.
  8. Great picture. Sharp like a tack.
  9. Even if it's sunny, it's dark by the time many of us get home from work. May be nice this coming weekend, at least where I am.
  10. I hear a Fleetwood Mac song and sense a theme. Nice pictures.
  11. First time seeing one of these and had never heard of them until I got home to look it up. Pacific Loon (sorry about the overcast, it's Oregon).
  12. A red shafted Northern Flicker, I believe. He'd been at the suet.
  13. I enjoy walking through the woods or a field about as much as I do seeing the birds, but when they come to my back yard, it's nice too. Almost positive this is a Cooper's Hawk.
  14. Very cool shot and quite odd that it has a flounder or similar bottom fish.