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  1. Song Sparrow (pretty sure) in mid song.
  2. Common Yellowthroat.
  3. Nothing too colorful but a female Anna's checking out some flowers.
  4. May very well be, I'm pretty new at this and from what I've read, even seasoned birders sometimes have difficulty with proper identification. I went with Sharp Shinned because of it's head shape and size and the overall size of the bird.
  5. A little fuzzy because I cropped it a bit too much, but a Sharp Shinned (pretty sure) that was on the bird bath looking for an easy meal.
  6. This is a little grainy but I liked the Goldfinch pair on the feeder.
  7. I was in my back yard today and heard a couple of hawks, looked up and there were actually 3 of them that were WAY up there. I ran inside to get my binoculars but when I got back outdoors, they were nowhere to be seen, dang. As I walked back toward the house something bright caught my eye in a big fir tree in the front of the house and I looked at saw it was a Western Tanager. I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera and went out front and took a few pictures. I haven't seen any of these for a few years and today there were 3 or 4 in the fir tree and in some trees on either side. Here's one of them.
  8. Wilson's Warbler.
  9. A couple I took this week First up, an Audubon's Warbler.
  10. Something about those red eyes gets me. Spotted Towhee.
  11. Here's a semi-frequent visitor to our yard. A very cool Stellar's Jay.
  12. I'm pretty new to this fun hobby, and I wanted to gain some insight from those who've been at it a while. When I go out, I usually do a lot of walking but occasionally stop when I see a bird. Sometimes I just stand still for a bit but that doesn't seem to change the results, I don't see many birds. So, what are your typical methods of spotting and photographing the birdies? Thanks, and happy birding.
  13. I had a few opportunities to get a picture of one of those (or a close relative) while recently in Idaho, but there was either too much shrubbery in the way or they wouldn't sit still long enough. Nice shot.
  14. Was gonna try Flickr but can't get it figured out, so back to my default. At any rate, I hope you'll see a Western Grebe.
  15. Is it possible folks could post what bird is in their pictures? Some of us are new to this and have no idea. Thanks.