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  1. What sparrow is this?

    Thank you both!
  2. Hello, I saw this bird in April, 2017 on Long Island, NY. Thanks once again.
  3. Hello, I saw this bird on Long Island, NY on May 11, 2017. Is this a Common or Boat-tailed Grackle or something else? Thank you! Here is a crop of the above...
  4. Are these Greater Scaup?

    Awesome, thank you psweet, douginBC and Sean C.!
  5. Hello, I saw lots of these birds today on Long Island, NY. Are these Greater Scaup? Thank you very much!
  6. Hello, I saw this bird near the water on Long Island's north shore in July 2017. Is this female House Sparrow? Thank you!
  7. Perhaps Snow Geese? They might have seemed smaller when viewed from a distance. Welcome to Whatbird.
  8. Hawk? please help identify

    Welcome! I am a relatively new birder myself and I agree with you that you will learn along the way. This forum has been invaluable! I fully agree with what Charlie Spencer wrote, especially the part about having fun. By the way, I love your photo of the Merlin... one of my favorite birds. All the best!
  9. Thanks akiley! You are probably right as there were Osprey (and Osprey nests) in the area.
  10. Hello, I saw this on Sept 8, 2017 near a beach on Long Island, NY. The photos are very poor so probably not ID'able but figured I would try anyway.. Thank you and Happy New Year!
  11. What ducks are these?

    Thank you The Bird Nuts! Appreciate your kind assistance!
  12. Oh, okay thanks again The Bird Nuts for your help. Appreciated as always!
  13. Hello, I saw these ducks today on Long Island, NY. Are they American Black Ducks? Thanks once again!