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  1. Palm warbler and something else?

    Many thanks The Bird Nuts! Appreciate it!
  2. Palm warbler and something else?

    Thanks very much dred!
  3. Hello, I saw this today on Long Island, NY. Thank you! 1) Palm warbler? 2) Not sure if this is identifiable..
  4. Please ID this duck from today

    Thank you once again The Bird Nuts, very much appreciated!
  5. Please confirm Brown Creeper?

    I know, I completely agree gidewey52.. I love them!
  6. Please ID this duck from today

    Great, thank you so much Rocketfodder and JacksonBounds! Thanks MerMaeve too.
  7. Hello, I saw this today in a marsh on Long Island, NY. Can you please ID the duck in the foreground for me? Thanks very much!
  8. Please confirm Brown Creeper?

    Yes it is great camouflage! Thanks again IvoryBillHope!
  9. Hi, I saw this bird the other day climbing up a tree on Long Island, NY. I think this is Brown Creeper? Thank you again!
  10. Young Red-tailed?

    Thank you IvoryBillHope!
  11. Hello, I saw this bird on Feb 14 at a state park on Long Island, NY. Thanks.
  12. Common Goldeneye?

    Thanks so much egosnell2002! I was wondering about the bird in the background of the last photo! Thanks again.
  13. Hello, I saw this today from a distance on Long Island, NY (my camera is zoomed in.) Is this Common Goldeneye? Thank you!
  14. Thanks very much Tony Leukering and The Bird Nuts, I appreciate it!