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  1. Black Sholder Kite

    Another Photo in flight
  2. Black Sholder Kite

    This bird was in Thousand Oaks CA, Dec 26. Would hover about 30 ft above a brush filed fro 3-4 seconds, and occasionally dive. Looked bigger than a crow. think it is a Black Sholder Kite or maybe Northern Harrier?
  3. My cardinals seem to have disappeared.

    The golden finches disappeared from my feeders last year... this year the red finches and the cardinals are gone! We're in Northern IL.
  4. kindly comment on this brids

    Beautiful bird I like to know where you found it.
  5. Good Book on evolution??

    It is very good topic which ur daughter select i think try to find on google and also research and find videos on your tube like animal planet channel and national geographic channel,, they already show lot of programs about dragons so it will will really help ur daughter,, personally in my thought this is true
  6. Breaking the Rules

    lonestranger: This next shot shows why you can sometimes get away with breaking the rules, and at the same time shows why you shouldn't really break the rules. This shot was taken in February while we were hand feeding the birds at Hilton Falls conservation area. Two seconds before this shot, I was shooting a chickadee perched on my girlfriend's hand. This red-breasted nuthatch flew in and landed just as the chickadee took off. It's barely visible, but the blur of the chickadee can be seen as it flies away. Had I opened the aperture from F8 to F5.3 and increased my ISO, I might have gotten a nice action shot showing the detail of the bird in flight instead of the blur you see here. I was still happy with the shot I got but really wish I had of followed the fast bird rule and used a much fast shutter speed. ISO 400, F8, 1/30s, 42mm focal length I really like this picture,, how cute this bird if this ur pet?
  7. Insect World

    newfoundlander61: Two-striped Grasshopper i saw same Grasshopper in dark blue color is this rite Grasshopper also in blue color
  8. kindly comment on this brids

    kindly comment on this bird,,,, lovely beautiful
  9. GET DOWN and dirty!

    it is really lovely shots i must say it is good
  10. show your fall colors

    sandylee: October evening on the lake.... Is this real picture? or some work in photoshop ?
  11. Parking lot hawk

    hbvol: Spent 2 hours in the swamp birding and the best photo I got was of this guy back at the parking lot. A handsome red-shouldered. Picture is very nice and i must say it look very good is it like he select his target now he is ready to attack.....
  12. Yellowstone (birds & more)

    yes i must say it is very good informative share
  13. Beautiful cardinal

    yes it is really lovely and beautiful this is my first time i see some new bird on which country they find
  14. A Caged Bird Never Sings

    very cute what is the real name of this bird
  15. personal request

    Hi, it's me, Valleygirl, now Possumbird55. I just rejoined this forum and was re-reading all the wonderfully supportive posts that were sent my way during my husbands battle with pancreatic cancer. My dear husband of almost 34 yrs died of this terrible disease on March 26, 2010. His battle is over. all your posts were such an encouragement to me and I want to thank you all for the love that was shown during our struggle. Can't wait to get involved again and start posting some pics and comments