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  1. Yep! I didn't get it. Thanks, that is an interesting name.
  2. Casually mentions Jerry Liguori. What, do you know him?
  3. Thanks guys! Is there any hope of a Northern Harrier? I know it looks like an accipiter but it was big, bigger than a crow, (SO IT'S A GOSHAWK) and flight pattern was more harrierish than accipiterish....a lot more so....
  4. I think it's a weird red-tail.
  5. From the last two days flying over my yard. Both near dusk and high up. Any, any ideas welcome. Thanks in advance! #1. Very falcon like. Maybe a Merlin, maybe a black dot. #2 Two birds this time, gliding together.
  6. Cape May? I'll go check. I agree.
  7. Sure is!
  8. I agree
  9. I agree.
  10. Well, it probably is. looks a little off to me, maybe an Orange-crowned Warbler? That would be a little less rare.
  11. Me too! But really I think warblers are out. I wish I could get it to work for me....
  12. In Ontario, today?! It's winter up here, man! EDIT: I can't get it to play for me.....
  13. Didn't see that. Oops!
  14. Very good bird, especially in the SW part of the state. Look at this. Nice find! I know S.C. beat me to it, but That's a really good photo too!