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  1. Short-eared Owl

    Fall Issue of The Wrong-eared Owl is out!

    This is really spectacular. It's very sharp and professional, I think this is going to be famous in a few years. Liron's photos are beautiful as well. EDIT: This is rather late, I know. I wish I had more time to be on here...
  2. Short-eared Owl

    Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Asking two New Yorkers to ID western butterflies, eh? I did the best I could...
  3. Short-eared Owl

    Lots and lots of butterflies #6

    2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Crescent sp.
  4. Short-eared Owl

    Lots and lots of butterflies #5

    2. Yes, definitely. No idea what kind, however.
  5. Short-eared Owl

    Lots and lots of butterflies #4

    2. Sure looks like it! 3. Leaning Weidemeyer's........
  6. Short-eared Owl

    Lots and lots of butterflies #2

    2. Is definitely a blue, but not a Silvery Blue with that white on the hindwing. I really don't know western butterflies well enough to tell you what it is though.
  7. In Nowary...is it IDable? Thanks!!
  8. In Nowary...is it IDable? DSCN9975 by Short-eared Owl, on Flickr
  9. Short-eared Owl

    Birds of Norway #2

    Okay, thanks! That was my thought too, but it comes up as rare on eBird so I thought I'd check just incase I was going crazy.
  10. Yep! Some conformation would be great for these two: And...it's in a tree so it must be a Tree Pipet right?
  11. Short-eared Owl

    Birds of Norway

    Awesome, thank you! Tree Pipet flags as rare...? Anyway, I've not had time to be on here, but I'm in the Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim sort of area. I know there are a long way away from each other, but hopefully you get the idea. Thanks!
  12. Short-eared Owl

    Bobolink? - Western Mass

    I agree.
  13. Short-eared Owl


    Ah wanna see tha photo.
  14. Hey, so guess were I am! Really embarrassing number one: Which black back gull? Leg color bothers me for both... And embarrassing number two: N. Goshawk vs E. Sparrowhawk. No hints about size. Now for the hard stuff: Pipets! (Not all the same bird)(I think two birds total) #1: #2: #3 and #4 Same bird, different from 1+2 which may or may not be the same bird. Now I'm hoping this is not too many photos...... Flyover thing. Pretty big. Not calling. Possibly a nutcracker?? Heeelp. Thank you all very much for your help and here is a troll in return!
  15. Short-eared Owl

    I don't know my shorebirds...Please help! #3

    Yeah, I didn't see one either.