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  1. This was hilarious before the photos even loaded. Now it's really funny!
  2. That's not a species I have any experience with, but the shape and size of the beak and face in the first photo does look good for a blackbird, (vs. flycatcher, say.) and they certainly look yellowish. I think this certainly could be a female Yellow-headed Blackbird, but I can't confirm.
  3. That is the coolest looking cowbird chick I've ever seen! And the yellowest.
  4. There's a baby skunk the size of a squirrel walking around my yard right now!
  5. I agree.
  6. Hi! Welcome!
  7. I agree with The Bird Nuts.
  8. Yup! It's a Chipping Sparrow. Super super common NY bird!
  9. In the last two weeks of nightly mothing I have seen over 60 species in my yard. Most of them are lifers. This is fun! And I get to hear my Barred Owls calling the whole time. It should be noted that this Yellow Slant-line wasn't in my yard but it was a recent lifer and I just haven't uploaded photos lately.
  10. Any time!
  11. Welcome to whatbird! Yup, juv starling. Wait, can this be real...You have never seen a starling?
  12. Well...thank you that revenge sounded pretty good actually! Sean C. fails to ever see a Eurasian Hoopoe in his backyard. Never. But he does see two of them--the first hoopoes ever to nest in North America!
  13. I like the "Woodpecker/Wren Nest Building" code for Black Tern too.
  14. No problem, just an unusual list. (I didn't think of the redpoll or Purple Finch as they are fairly easy here.)