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  1. Ohhhh.... So that's what is, either that or they work for the FBI and are hiding out. Psst, say I had one like somehow. Maybe if I can figure out how to hack the system we could get more? Worth a shot eh? Just pass me the m4ghblue328**$@#@7 code and I'll set us up.
  2. I usually see it more than once per day. And have a strange feeling that if you click the like anyway (In defiance you might say) it takes longer for them to come back. Maybe the mods could tell us if that's really true....if they even read this. Thanks!! Yes, it's fantastic!
  3. I'm with Least.
  4. I agree.
  5. That's okay, it's only been 21 hours or so. LOL Wish I had some likes....
  6. Okay, just checking. I was hoping you could ID at least 99% of them.
  7. Nice photos! And I wouldn’t mind one or two of those sent my way. But what are the ones for ID?
  8. Both confirmed!
  9. , Awesome! (Now I can delete the screenshots I just took. ) Yes, I saw the Karner Blue! Two of them! (And that's where the Prairie Warbler and 3 other butterfly lifers came from.) It is a little early in the year according to the staff people I talked to, but they are out for sure! Any sunny day from now through early to mid July should be good. I found them very easily. I think despite being endangered that they are pretty common--at the Pine Bush. Just go to the Discovery Center--where the parking lot is--and take the blue&yellow trail up the hill. There's a little overlook, then go down the (tiny) hill, passed the do not enter on pain of death signs (they don't apply to the area further up the trail) and you come out in a big open area. Walk off the trail to the right and wonder around in the wonderful lupines till you see one. You can also risk talking to the inquisitive staff in the building. They do know a thing or two and will be glad to give you tips on where to see it. And did you not see this? Go get 'em! Good luck! Let me know if you think of anything I didn't say.
  10. Also I would like to share this cool little thing. UGG. I hate how the links don't save anything. Put in 2017 and NY.
  11. , if you saw the habitat--one lone almost dead spruce in my yard. Still, I have seen 3 lifer warblers out of that tree over the years--my first Blackpoll, Cape May, and Blackburnian.
  12. Yep!
  13. Nope. Not a nuthatch.
  14. Nope.
  15. Nope!