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  1. Which Subspecies

    I don't think you're being ignored. I just don't think anyone who has seen this yet is confident enough to be sure about the subspecies. I, for one, know very few people who have delved into trying to the confusion that is Cackling Goose subspecies, so I doubt there's many 'experts' on this forum when it comes to that. I hope someone comes along who can help you, though!
  2. Blackbird: Rusty or Brewer's?

    Looks good for Rusty to me as well
  3. I agree. I have never seen or heard the species, but listened to it's song/call, and it sounds just alike. They are in a family of birds called Nightjars (hence them making noise at night).
  4. Red-winged Blackbird song (audio)?

    Sounds a little off, but I think it's a Song Sparrow song (which I believe is pretty variable). I'll wait on other opinions, though.
  5. Mystery Warbler

    True, but the description he gave didn't quite fit any species that I can think of, as I stated above, so I fit it to the closest thing that I could think of. Interesting theory! I have seen pictures of that, and have read about it, so it certainly seems like a plausible explanation for the confusing description.
  6. Mystery Warbler

    ...he said it had a black throat, and a yellow breast with black spots. Doesn't sound like GTTO to me, but closer to a Black-throated Green Warbler. 1) Thin, black, warbler-like bill 2) Olive back, although not tail 3) Black streaking, "spots" on the breast, although it's not yellow 4) Black chin I can't be sure without a photo though. I definitely could be way off. The description doesn't really fit any bird perfectly
  7. what pass?

    Based on the mostly gray upperparts, white in the rectrices (tail feathers), and the apparent orbital ring, I'd go with Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.
  8. Is this just a weird mallard? (NYC)

    Glad we could help!
  9. Is this just a weird mallard? (NYC)

    Pretty sure that's a domestic mallard. They are pretty variable. Check out this one that looks similar to the one you've photographed:
  10. Juvenile Piping Plover?

    Agree with HamRHead! Good job on the ID.
  11. What bird is this?

    I did suspect that, but didn't want to call it and be wrong . Thank you for the confirmation!
  12. What bird is this?

    Hey there, and welcome to Whatbird! Do you have any more photos? Someone more experience than I might be able to tell from this photo alone, but I'm not comfortable calling it. If not, do you remember any details about the bird that might not be clear from the photo? It does appear to be a warbler, but that's all I feel comfortable saying.
  13. vireo?

    I don't really see yellow on the sides, but seeing as you're from out west, I'll assume you have more experience with the species than I. I suppose Cassin's could have more white in the tertials also? In the field guide, there didn't appear to be much white in the tertials.
  14. For a friend- Dublin, GA

    If you're interested, here is more information about the different subspecies: http://ebird.org/content/ebird/occurrence/palm-warbler/ http://www.birdingisfun.com/2015/01/palm-warbler-subspecies.html
  15. For a friend- Dublin, GA

    Looks like a Palm Warbler with the yellow under the vent and the orangish cap. Some subspecies are more yellow than others.