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  1. I'm pretty sure they were all the same bird when seeing them in person, there were actually three more before I took the photo. Thanks everyone for the help, after your suggestions and some google searching, I'm thinking Immature White Crowned as well. Does anyone have a good recommendation for resources/book/app of immature/juvenile birds?
  2. Agree, female Scarlet Tanager
  3. But would an immature Golden-crowned Sparrow have such a dark noticeable eyeline?
  4. I saw this bird in October last year, in Monterey County CA. I thought it was a sparrow at the time, but it's belly is dark and I can't find a bird that fits this description. Any help or advice?
  5. I can't wait to see them like that, BigOly! And yeah yeah, I'm a real newbie, everyone's got to start at 1!! I only started counting birds really in August of last year, so not even 12 months of birding yet! :-) Thanks all for your guidance
  6. That's awesome, thank you Bird Brain and HamRHead, this is a Lifer for me :-)
  7. I can't find this bird in my books or app?! It looks solid black in person, though these pictures show slight greenish tint. But the yellow/orange beak is really noticeable. It's smaller than a Boat Tailed Grackle (which flew next to him for a moment) and also smaller than a Common Grackle (I think). Taken today in Palm Beach County, FL.
  8. So being that I own one identical to your find (see my Profile Pic), it's an Albino Ringed Neck Dove. It's healthy too, with such bright colored feet and beak (and it's totally normal how warm their feet are). The short coo's you hear every 5 seconds are alert type coo's, don't be alarmed, just that they are unsure of what they see and are giving a cautious warning. They laugh and pitter patter with their feet when they are happy/excited/intrigued. My Lady loves egg shells and red cabbage! She also lays her eggs (infertile) around the clock, every 4 weeks, she sits on them for 3 weeks and then takes a break for a week. I could go on and on... Feel free to message me and I can send you my phone number to discuss more details or any questions you have. Also, due to their albinism, they have difficulty seeing at night and can get stressed with movements. So I leave a night light in the room, to help them see shapes a little better.
  9. Agree, Inca Dove. Good shot, she was trying to hide... Hehe
  10. Wow thanks Alta! The bill differences are excellent, thank you! I'm absolutely terrible with telling how big something is... LOL... Astrobirder, you had me looking up another acronym! Thanks :-)
  11. AHH any help or tips on seeing the difference between Blackbellied Plover and Sanderling? I had these birds on an old app, and someone told me they thought the first one was a Blackbellied Plover and someone else said Sanderling... These two photos are of the same bird, I followed him. Seen in November in Costa Maya Mexico. The photo was taken in Octoboer in San Simeon CA. I'm not sure about this one either, having trouble with these plover/sandpipers/sanderlings...
  12. Wonderful, that's a lifer for me! I was able to hear their sounds and agree it sounds like the Northern Rough-winged Swallows. Thanks S.C. and Astrobirder!
  13. Saw several of these guys flying erratically above the canal in my backyard today (Palm Beach County FL). They fly so quick, I tried getting a good photo for about 20 mins and these are the best shots I could get. Any ideas?
  14. Agree with Downy. Note the length of the beak, a short beak is Downy, and a beak about twice that length would be a Hairy. Nice shots!
  15. Really cool shot!