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  1. Yellow Billed Magpie: Roseate Spoonbill: Anna's Hummingbird: Brown Booby:
  2. Agreed, Common Gallinule, really cool close up shot!
  3. Agreed, TriColored Heron
  4. Saw this goose (I believe) in Miami FL yesterday. But I can't find him in my BirdID app. Any ideas?
  5. Saw this guy on the telephone poll and he took off just as I snapped the photo. In Tampa FL last month. I'm guessing Red Shouldered Hawk since I saw about 10 of them while in Tampa, but not positive because the tail bands don't appear as prominent to me. Any tips for id'ing?
  6. Finally got him!! Thanks S.C.
  7. Did I finally get a Broad-winged Hawk? Seen last week in Tampa FL
  8. Yeah I've seen this bird a few times soaring in the sky, but always while driving.... Lol and my hubby says I'm not allowed to bird while driving... So I've never got a pic or been able to watch closely before.
  9. Wow, thanks! that's a LIfer for me! I hope I see it again and can get closer shots!
  10. Saw this soaring above today in Tampa Fl, not near the beach, but right above a fresh water lake. I'm thinking a Sooty Tern, but not sure if it's ID'able based on this photo...
  11. I think this is probably a Red Shouldered Hawk, but since I didn't get his back side, I'm not positive. His stomach coloring is making me think it's not a Red Shouldered, and his tail is also throwing me. Seen in Tampa FL yesterday.
  12. I think so, a Tropical Kingbird
  13. WOW Joemdo, those are a lot better shots than I got of these guys about a week ago!!! Do you mind/know what settings you were using on your camera? I'm still learning and would love any input you have on taking pics of crazy lightening fast birds!
  14. I'm pretty sure they were all the same bird when seeing them in person, there were actually three more before I took the photo. Thanks everyone for the help, after your suggestions and some google searching, I'm thinking Immature White Crowned as well. Does anyone have a good recommendation for resources/book/app of immature/juvenile birds?
  15. Agree, female Scarlet Tanager