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  1. Chimney Swift?

    LOL! Congrats Jeff!
  2. What type of hawk?

    Congrats on the lifer! Woo!
  3. confirm Black Phoebe

    Congrats John!
  4. Taken last week in SW Washington: Thank You!
  5. Northern or Louisiana Waterthrush?

    Awesome birds Johnny!!
  6. Please help with Tern and Hawk ID

    Much Appreciated!! That's a lifer for me...woo!!
  7. Hello all! Both photos taken in the last week in SW Washington: Which Tern? Which Hawk? Thank you for taking a look!
  8. Please confirm Common Goldeneye Lifer!

    Many thanks everyone!! I always appreciate the help that I receive here.
  9. Hello all! Taken a few days ago in SW Washington, I believe he's a Common because of the white sides and round spots on his face...but the purple color of his head makes me unsure. Either way, Common or Barrow's...it's a Lifer! Common Goldeneye?
  10. California birds including lifers

    Congratulations on the lifers...Wooo!
  11. Hello again all, Recently, I posted a goose that I called a Greater-white Fronted x Canada Goose. You guys here helped me ID it correctly as a Domestic Greylag x Canada Goose. I have found another similar goose, but I do see some differences in appearance and behavior. This goose is lighter in color over-all, has no white patches, has an orange bill instead of pink and a different tooth at the tip of the bill. Also, this goose was pair bonded with a Canada Goose that seems to be the nesting female. This goose was quite aggressive and chased away many other geese that got too near the (female?) he is bonded with. Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you! Taken yesterday in SW Washington Mystery Goose: Mystery Goose Hybrid for ID by Georgia G, on Flickr My previous goose that was IDed as Domestic Greylag x Canada: Greater White-fronted Goose x Canada Goose? by Georgia G, on Flickr
  12. Fox Sparrow Please Confirm

    Sweet. Thanks!
  13. Hello all! I was going through and deleting old shots when I came across this shot. I think I saw my first Fox Sparrow long before I thought I did...lol Shot taken in SW Washington on January 8th. Fox Sparrow? Thanks!
  14. A yellow Purple Finch?

    Quite interesting...many thanks everyone!