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    Everything Nature! I'm a camping fiend, I love all animals, birds and plants. I also love photography. My main focus has always been native/wild flowers and plants, but now I have the birding bug! I also enjoy antiques, history, horseback riding and playing video games.

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  1. Bittern or Heron?

    I agree on both counts!!
  2. Is this a new arrival Yellow-rumped Warbler?

    Yay!! Love these guys...thank you!
  3. Taken Yesterday in SW Washington... Probably a Goldfinch??
  4. Did I find a Lincoln's Sparrow?

    Yay!! Thanks albur!
  5. Taken Yesterday in SW Washington
  6. Yesterday in SW Washington
  7. Yesterday in SW Washington. Two separate birds. Bird #1 Bird #2
  8. Cute little brown bird eating blackberries

    You are so right. I never think of House Finches out in the forest....Thanks!
  9. please don't make me change my ebird list

    Oh Cool! Congrats on the lifer! Luckily, they made changing eBird lists so much easier now!
  10. Taken yesterday in SW Washington...thank you for looking! Maybe a baby Brown-headed Cowbird?
  11. Double take!! This really happened.

    Thank you MerMaeve! Not to bad for not even moving my feet from one location! For all you that can make it to Ridgefield, go to the back 40. Kiwa trail will only be open about another week.
  12. Double take!! This really happened.

    You GUYS! We are not supposed to have Red-shouldered hawks here...WOOOOOOO!!!! Not only a lifer, but a super rare one!! *Happy dance* Boy am I glad I looked back at him! I did notice a hawk scream that sounded odd. Please don't hate me, but I saw an owl there and two other odd hawks that i will probably post. Do you think this huge group of raptors were picking off new migration arrivals? More ID Help Please! @Greenmagpie & @Bird Brain More Raptors in the same field all at the same time: Hawk #3 Hawk #4 Kestrel#5 Even a little falcon trying to join the meat fest. Great Horned Owl #6: The crowning glory, I even heard 2 or 3 more in the distance. All of these raptors where in one field at the same time...was a really special experience.
  13. Taken yesterday in SW Washington. So I was trying to get decent fly-bys of Sandhill Cranes that are arriving. I noticed a beautiful hawk on a scraggy tree nearby, and grabbed a few shots. I went back to the cranes then back to the hawk again...wait a sec...doesn't he look a bit different now? I didn't notice until I got my pics home LOL. Can someone help me with identifying both hawks?? Thank You!! Hawk #1 Hawk #2
  14. Important what should I do?

    Thanks Creeker, I figured. I did leave him there. Just felt sorry for the little dude. Then I realized our raptors struggle to find food during low season too. I probably actually interrupted someone's dinner. That's nature.
  15. HI all# it's Noble Bunny. So I'm out on a nature path right now and I found a mole that alive but maimed...injured. It makes me sick. Should I leave it for the hawks or take him for help? :-(