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  1. ID Help Please

    Awesome!! I really appreciate your help everyone.
  2. ID Help Please

    Hi all! I can't put my finger on this guy....any help appreciated! Today in SW Washington.
  3. Do you suppose this is a hybrid swan??

    Oh I see....now I know! Thanks @douginBC
  4. Hi guys! Taken today in SW Washington. This swan was with a large group of Tundra Swans... any idea? Thanks in advance!!
  5. White-crowned Sparrow?

    Thanks Doug!
  6. Duck Behavior

    Thanks very much for that article Mike! Very informative.
  7. Plain looking duck

    Yay! Thanks guys.
  8. Plain looking duck

    Taken recently in SW Washington. Thanks for taking a look!
  9. White-crowned Sparrow?

    Many thanks!
  10. White-crowned Sparrow?

    Taken this month in SW Washington... the stripes on his head are so red that I wanted to be sure! Thanks for looking.
  11. Duck Behavior

    Hello everybody! I have been noticing this November what appears to be ducks with whole eggs in their bills. I've only been seeing it recently and I'm not even sure they are eggs...any thoughts? Thanks for looking!
  12. Thanks so much!!
  13. Hello all! Not a good shot, but it's all I have. Taken a couple days ago in SW Washington. Wilson's Snipe? LOL, I just noticed my profile picture just about matches it, but the stripes seem so much darker than I've seen and it's neck is so skinny?
  14. Hello!! taken recently in SW Washington in a pond that had both Cinnamon's and Blue-wings... Thank you!!!