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    Everything Nature! I'm a camping fiend, I love all animals, birds and plants. I also love photography. My main focus has always been native/wild flowers and plants, but now I have the birding bug! I also enjoy antiques, history, horseback riding and playing video games.

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  1. I have 4 Greater White-fronted x Cackling that eBird accepted, but that is because 5 "adolescents" are flying behind a GWFG mom/dad. They look nothing like this though. They have white heads, no white on the chest and dark bills. See here: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S42689791
  2. I really appreciate all the feedback y'all!
  3. I know huh? He has yellow legs and pink feet!
  4. I discovered this awesome guy today in SW Washington. Thank you for looking!! Greater White-fronted Goose x Canada Goose?
  5. Early Swallows- help with IDs please!

    Thanks everyone!!
  6. Hello Everyone!! Okay since I'm at it, let me post the other two swallows I saw. I think I saw Violet-green, Barn and Tree Swallows in the same flock over a small pond. All three species are too early to be here! Yesterday in SW Washington: Violet-green Swallow (just confirmed) Tree Swallow? Barn Swallow? Thanks so much!!
  7. Is it a Violet-green Swallow?

    Thanks S.C.!
  8. Is it a Violet-green Swallow?

    Thanks so much! WOW...he is extremely early for my area. We shouldn't see them until March at the soonest, but even that would be uncommon. Actually the Barn Swallows are really early too...what the heck? In the last few days, I have regularly spotted Snowy Egrets too... they shouldn't be here at all! Global Warming?
  9. Greater Scaup - Plz Confirm

    Stunning shots!! Love them.
  10. Congrats on the LIFER Johnny!! Woo!
  11. Hello Everyone!! I saw a bunch of swallows yesterday that appeared to be in mixed species groups. I have shots of Tree Swallows, Barn Swallows and this guy. Is it a Violet-green? Yesterday in SW Washington: Thanks so much!!
  12. Did I find an American Tree Sparrow?

    Bah Humbug!! Thanks everyone!
  13. Trumpeter vs Tundra Swan

    Yep! I vote Trumpeter as well.
  14. Scaup?

    I vote Lesser Scaup too...cool find Alta!
  15. Here in SW Washington we have Canada Geese of so many shapes and sizes. From what I've seen we actually have more Cackling than Canada! Some sources that I've found list 7 or more sub-species of Canada Goose...to me some of these look to be Lesser Canada Goose. Especially the little ones in the water with the extra black heads.