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  1. Wilson's Snipe
  2. Sweet. A new lifer...thanks all!
  3. Tell me the truth...does this jacket make me look fat?
  4. Yesterday in SW Washington: Sorry photo is baaaad. Thank you!!
  5. LOL!!!
  6. Really nice shots...those Wilson's Warblers are tough!
  7. Nice pics! Barn Swallow.
  8. Tree Swallows Pileated Woodpecker
  9. Many thanks to you all!!!
  10. Today in SW Washington... rainy/cloudy day so my photos are not good today. Any help appreciated! Thank You! #1 Peregrine Falcon? #2 Western Tanager? #3 Fledgling- who is it? #4 Which Warbler? #5 Any way to ID this Flycatcher?
  11. They remind me of the perm my dad had in the early 80's...
  12. Sweet @ejpete! This is currently my favorite bird! I haven't been lucky enough to see a female yet like you have here. When I first figured out the ID of this bird just last month (when they appeared in my favorite nature reserve), the article said they had an "unfortunate" sounding song. I couldn't disagree's my favorite thing about them.
  13. Welcome!!
  14. What a cool bird!! If we had those here in the Pacific NW...that would be my favorite current favorite!