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  1. Oh, I can't really help.
  2. Haha! Great. Actually that would be a cool addition to the collection. Thanks everyone.
  3. Yesterday SW Washington... I thought I learned somewhere that when male Hairy Woodpeckers are still immature, the red is on top of the head instead of the back. Is that who this guy is? Thank you!
  4. Thanks!!
  5. Yesterday SW Washington Hi again! I think I did! These are not only a lifer, but are not supposed to be in my area. Rare Alert. What sucks super bad is that I pulled my car over to get some good shots. There were dozens and dozens of mixed swallows all over the road. Before I could get ready, a car came tearing up behind me driving fast (this is a nature reserve). I managed 1 or two quick shots before he drove right through the middle of them...sending them flying for their lives. *sigh* I should have blocked the road. I do that sometimes, but I didn't see anyone behind me. Bummer!!
  6. WOW! Thanks so much. I heard another one calling in the distance and he flew off to join his buddy. I love it.
  7. Hi all! It's been awhile since I could take photos because my camera was in the shop...*cry* Finally it's back! This hawk is actually a yard bird. He was calling from an evergreen across the street. I was thinking Red-tailed but when I look at juvenile Cooper's they look more like this guy. If it is a Cooper's then it's a new lifer! (funny it's a yard bird). Thanks!
  8. lol @HamRHead I don't need to confirm it, but just want to say great photos of a cool bird!
  9. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Welcome to the forum! If you post questions about identifications I suggest you put them under the main topic labeled "Please help me identify a bird"...people may not see it over here!
  11. Taken July 2nd in SW Washington Thanks!
  12. Bird Nuts that is so cute and funny!
  13. I thought this was a picture of The Beatles.
  14. Awesome! Thanks