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  1. Nothing like a proud squirrel...
  2. 2 shots actually... of a mated pair
  3. Even in the rain...
  4. I love the natural beauty and diversity of nest designs among birds... I watched a whole documentary about it once. Fascinating!
  5. now that's a super cool find!!!
  6. Awesome! Thanks so much! I really appreciate the additional info, too...
  7. ... but it was fun watching this birdie in the seed pile left by the finches...
  8. How neat! And, it's apparently the state bird of Georgia... so I'm gonna take it as a good sign of our upcoming move.
  9. Really?! Oh now that's cool. I really dig mockingbirds... and I'm so sorry I'm fresh out of "likes"...
  10. And, it gets such a serious look about it too...
  11. Yes, indeed. Great pic!
  12. Awesome! Thank you!
  13. Excellent! I'm enjoying watching this bird dig around in some leaf litter.
  14. A brand new mystery visitor to the homestead...