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  1. you guys try this yet?

    It worked for me when I used the really good photos from Whatbird.com. (See attached). But it got none of the photos I took in the field with my camera because they were not the ideal this program needs: large compared to background, high contrast between species and background, side view, field marks showing well. There is potential here for really well defined photos of species which are in its database. I could see how this would do a good job sorting though a lot of photos and eliminating human labor. Will it ever be able to be used in the field as an iPhone app or a specialized camera? I think eventually (2 to 5 years) when the programming becomes powerful enough to pull the image out of the noise, automatically find the points that they ask you to enter manually such as bill tip, eye and tail tip, and can be optimized for the small MIPS of a smartphone. Until then it will remain a fun tool in the lab. Thoughts?
  2. You can change the view mode (compact, icon, thumbnail or gallery) or the sort mode from first,last or last,first or taxonomic. Landscape mode would not help the app as the drawings are all portrait mode. On the iPad version of iBird we support landscape since there is enough real estate for it to help. The upcoming Android version of iBird will be exactly like the iPhone universal version and support landscape in tablets.
  3. Do you want to Exit?

    What is the point of an exit Popup? Android apps don't offer such an option because they are designed to run in the background when not active. I've never seen such an option on any app now that I thing about it. If you want to shut down you can do that in Settings.
  4. Jetta Thank you for your comments and thoughts about iBird and its Notes and Favs feature. Your apology is very kind, and it's appreciated. Bigfoot said it all, we really do care about the features in the app and want to make them work for you. One thing with Favs and Notes is that it was added as an afterthought, and not considered a core function. We thought a few serious birders might like it and did not spend a lot of time thinking about how it would be used. We really intended it to be a poor man's journal, and so we focused on making iBird Journal have the features that observers and list takers need. We worked with a number of birders on Journal and it took a great deal of effort to make it both useful and easy to use (two ideas usually in opposition). We tried all the existing observation apps and found them all terribly lacking. I think you may not be fully appreciating the way Journal works because you should not have to do anything more than what you do when you use Favs and Notes to store a bird observation. It's designed to allow you to just tap the Journal button in iBird when on the bird you are observing, open up, and have all the relevant fields filled out. All you should have to do is press Save and Return to go back to iBird, or Save and New to create another observation of the same species. If you are interested in being on our best team please email Bigfoot at support at ibird dot com. When we are at the stage for testing Journal we will alert you. In about a month we will be updating it for iOS 7 and compatibility with iBird Ultimate. As far as Notes and Favs the migration feature for Pro is working. There are a few people having some issues with Notes and we are working with them individually, and hope to have a fix for that soon.
  5. iBird Ultimate Link

    You know Randy you are like a beautiful mermaid singing songs to me. You response to Ultimate is exactly what I hoped birders would experience. Considering the amount of time we put into BAM and SAVE we really need to sell a pretty good number of them just to get to break even. While we are not ruling out doing an inapp purchase someday to add BAM and SAVE to Pro, we are not really excited about this path. The whole upgrade system on the iPhone is very unclear to many newbies and we end up fielding lots and lots of support calls when we have used it in the past. And another thing we notice is that there is a lot of noise made about our bringing out a new app and not having an upgrade path, the noise comes from a minority of customers who are just really hard to satisfy in general. Demanding comes to mind when I think about them. In many ways these people think we owe them free improvements in the app they spent $20 on for the rest of their life. You can't run a business with that model, at least not a successful one. Anyway some of these people have accused us of some pretty horrible motives in their reviews on iTunes. I just wish i could sit down and show them that the app business model is not anywhere as lucrative as they think. One fellow claimed the only reason we added Dropbox was so we could make more money, as if Dropbox was paying us for using their system. Talk about crazy. Anyway I digress and probably will have to delete this post cause I am going off the deep end.
  6. Upgraded from v6 to v7

    Thanks Randy that is really helpful to know. I worked hard to make that and I so seldom get any feedback.
  7. Beemer I am not hearing the differences. I am comparing the easter towhee on Plus with the Eastern, towhee on Ultimate (Pro would be the same). It also depends on which of the vocalizations you are comparing. In the case of Plus 6.0 there are only two but in Ultimate and Pro 7 there are 8 different vocalizations for this bird. If you are comparing a call like the Lisp (#7) it is certainly softer sounding but when comparing the #1 "Drink your teeee" (with the teeee trilled) they sound very similar to me in volume. One thing you will find is that the audio calls and songs in 7.01 are way more consistent because we hired audio engineers to equalize them all, and they were already well equalized by the source recordist. So perhaps you can give me a better example of where you think the 7.01 sounds are too low. Also be aware that the recordings in 6 are all over the map in volume levels so you may find some are really loud while others are not. Are you wishing the songs to be louder so you can better attract similar birds?
  8. We have iBird for the United Kingdom and are working on other countries.
  9. Upgraded from v6 to v7

    Randy really glad to hear that updating your iOS to v7.0.1 made everything work. I will add that to my instructions. BTW did you read the tutorial at http://ibird.com/hub/migration/migration.html Mitch
  10. Upgraded from v6 to v7

    PLEASE UPDATE IBIRD PRO TO VERSION 7.01. IT CONTAINS THE MIGRATION FEATURE for restoring your Favorites and Notes. There is a tutorial and information about the next update. Click on this link: http://ibird.com/hub/migration/migration.html
  11. PLEASE UPDATE IBIRD PRO TO VERSION 7.01. IT CONTAINS THE MIGRATION FEATURE for restoring your Favorites and Notes. There is a tutorial and information about the next update. Click on this link: http://ibird.com/hub/migration/
  12. PLEASE UPDATE IBIRD PRO TO VERSION 7.01. IT CONTAINS THE MIGRATION FEATURE for restoring your Favorites and Notes. There is a tutorial and information about the next update. Click on this link: http://ibird.com/hub/migration/
  13. Favorite lists

    We are working on adding Sort and View modes to the Favorite lists.