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  1. bird ... in swallow nest? is it a swallow?

    Your pic is no longer available ???
  2. Bewick's wren

    From my viewing area, the birds are ten-eleven feet away.. He/she is a Carolina, not a Bewick's, the white ''eyebrows'' are so similar, but the tail is fairly short.. I need a good pair of binoculars to really study the birds ..the leg color, I did not see ..Just a regular tail .. I wonder if these wrens are attracted to my brush pipe in back of the ''garden shed" ? Its about 5 by 10 by 10 ... I am continuously working to improve the birds environment ... on my little 0.4 acre .. houses, brush piles, bushes, trees, feeders Thanks for the welcome, MerMaeve ..This looks to be a good site .. Pics ? Too difficult for me, I am from the era of point and shoot and then have the drug store or K Mart do the developing . Coverts , Primaries .. google time Correct ye be , ejay and Sean C
  3. Bewick's wren

    A brown bird with the unmistaken white eyebrows.. Short to medium length tail ..Definitely seems to be a Bewick's wren...BUT , this wren is supposed to reside west of the Mississippi ..The sighting, in my back yard at the suet feeder, was 100 yards west of the Susquehanna .. in Goldsboro ..
  4. Second-guessing myself

    I am privileged to have 5 to 8 bluebirds visit my backyard , but now its down to 2 or 3 ..I know I have at least one of each sex ..These birds are so beautiful , and I am partial to blue .. They only work on the suet (topside) .. I have one of each .. topside for the bluebirds and perchers; the bottom side for clingers .. Goldsboro, York County, PA