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  1. First sighting of this particular species - the raised crest in alarm, upon my approach, makes me think its a Lincoln's sparrow. Thanks for the help! Sunil.
  2. Please help ID this Hawk

    That was quick! : ) Thank you both!
  3. ...I think it may be a juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk - but not sure..... Thanks! Sunil.
  4. I left a message for the San Diego Zoo to see if they are interested in capturing the bird (assuming its one of their escapees). The contraption in the birdbath is a solar powered water stirrer (Brand name: SOLAR WATER WIGGLER by Allied Precision Industries Inc.) - keeps mosquitos from breeding in the water
  5. Thank you Astrobirder!!!! Much appreciated.
  6. Thank you NJ Birder - No wonder I couldn't ID this bird using local guides!!! : ) In one of my other pictures I notice it is a 'ringed' bird - must be an escapee from the local San Diego zoo.
  7. This Oriole showed up at my bird bath this afternoon (March 18, 2017) and I can't seem to identify it. Could it be a hybrid? Sunil Bhavsar San Diego, California