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  1. The first birds that came to our feeders were a small flock of Lesser Goldfinches. There were probably a half dozen to start, and the group quickly grew to between 25-30. The number peaked one morning after an all-night rain storm. I awoke to the sound of 40-50 chattering finches in the tree outside our bedroom. They were so loud I thought the neighbors might complain, but within the next week or so, the entire flock pretty much cleared out, leaving fewer than a half dozen visiting on a regular basis. I spoke to one of our local experts about why they might have left, and she said it could be anything from a predator such as a neighborhood cat or a Sharp-shinned Hawk, to the presence of a bird such as a Northern Flicker, to a change in feeding patterns due to an increase in natural food availability. We did have a hawk chase after a house finch one day, and a Flicker dropped by briefly another day, but I haven't seen any predators lurking around on a regular basis. Any guesses as to why our large flock disappeared? Is the abundance of natural food sources this time of year the most likely culprit? I'm in Northern California.
  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm enjoying the forum a great deal. So much to learn... :-)
  3. Our favorite Scrub Jay looking for a treat. This guy is a genius.
  4. Congratulations! So beautiful...
  5. So many great photos here! Here's my contribution, a humble (but beautiful) lesser goldfinch.
  6. My wonderful wife gave me a bird feeder as a Valentine’s Day gift which has since turned into a bit of an obsession around backyard birding. Of course, every good obsession in the 21st century needs its own website and/or blog, so I created one: There are so many amazing bird photographers on this forum that I was hesitant to post here, but I thought my little site might be of interest to those beginners like myself who are just recently bitten by the birding bug. Thanks in advance for looking! Regards, Alan