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  1. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    Thanks for the information. If this information is correct including the option to attach an image file is nonsense. The attach option should be deleted and the forum rules and FAQ modified to state only links are allowed.
  2. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    How much space and how can it be managed?
  3. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    Attaching photos to posts seems to have been a problem for years. It is still a problem. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Now I am trying to attach a 39kb image to a post and it does not work. Is this ever going to be fixed? Hey, it's 2018!
  4. What is this duck?

    Wow! Took 2 minutes. Thanks douginBC an MerMaeve.
  5. Duck photographed 12/20/2017 near Ramona, Ca (SoCal).
  6. American widgeon???

    Thanks for the help!
  7. Saw this duck at Lake Hodges in southern California. Thought it was an American Widgeon, but the dark blue bill with orange lining throws me off. What is it?
  8. Need help with this one

    Thanks for the ID. I checked iBird again and Cliff Swallow is there. Not sure how I missed it. I was parked at the side of the road looking at a Bald Eagle nest that was very distant. The Cliff Swallow landed on my car and then moved to a wire fence along the side of the road. I took the photo with a 400mm lens but the photo is still heavily cropped. I had the impression the bird may be injured so I did not come closer. Eventually it flew so it must have been ok.
  9. Took these photos today and cannot find an ID in iBird. Taken 5/7/2017, Southern California between Poway and Ramona, grassland area. Bird may have an injured wing.
  10. Hawk ID's (2)

    I must have exceeded some daily limit, so I will not show 3 more but just 1. Taken in Feb during the rain.
  11. Hawk ID's

    Attached are some photos of hawks that I have seen in our yard in a northern suburb of San Diego. I believe I have correct ID's for all but I am not sure. I would like some ID's from more experienced birders. I will include 3 in this post and follow with 3 more. The dates for these photos are: 1. May 2 April 3 May
  12. Hawk ID

    May be Swainson's but I would say the picture is not good enough for an ID. This is near the peak of the Swainson's migration north. They have been seen by the thousands in Borrego Valley heading north.