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  1. How do you get the birds to pose for you so well?
  2. Chestnut sided warbler...uncommon in AZ....Lifer
  3. Thanq @Nighthawk01, @douginBC and @Bird Brain for your help with ID.
  4. It is one of the recharge ponds where water is almost dried out. Harrier was sitting on exposed, dry soil with dried up grass. But actually your question raised a thought in my head. This is as close to snow as we get here in Scottsdale. . With our intense sun, it is very hard to look at water fowl with binoculars. I need to start looking at buying a spotting scope.
  5. This was taken today. I thought it is peregrine but it has white rump. Is it northern harrier?
  6. Any Lifers?

    Awesome. Congratulations.
  7. American golden plover( rare in AZ) came to eat our AZ earthworms...Lifer
  8. Please ID these grebes

    Thanq both for your help.