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  1. Sorry @psweet. This is the only shot I have.
  2. Usha

    Brown Bird ID

    Brown creeper
  3. Taken today. The bird sleeping in the background I think is semipalmated. Foreground bird is least sandpiper for comparison. Thanq for your help.
  4. Black crowned night heron being busy building nest...it was breaking off branches and droped them to ground if they are thin. Interesting to watch.
  5. Lucy’s warbler.....migration started for us
  6. Painted redstart ...unusual for the location near me.
  7. Super cute face. I wish I can see one someday.
  8. Western screech owl perfectly blended with it’s Saguaro hole
  9. 1 and 2—black phoebe 3- ruby crowned kinglet 4 and 5 agree with you.
  10. Bottom two are the books I bought. The books on top are kindle books(bought whole series for the islands). I found all of them to be very useful on my trip to Hawaii.
  11. Eurasian wigeon...Lifer