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  1. These were taken today. Please confirm. 1. Plumbeous vireo 2. Orange crowned warbler 3. Another one...orange crowned warbler
  2. I am very sorry for your loss @BigOly. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Debbie will see all of the bird species in the world and more. Hugs and Prayers usha
  3. Please ID these 3 birds

    Thanq both very much for your help
  4. These 3 were taken yesterday on Mt. Ord in maricopa county, AZ. Sorry for the poor photos. 1. Has complete eyering....possibly Nashville warbler....not sure 2. Not sure 3. Not sure
  5. Look who came to visit my garden today
  6. Please help with these 3 hummingbirds taken on Mt. Ord in maricopa county, Arizona yesterday. 1. Think this is Rufous. 2. Looks like Anna's but puzzled by rufous flanks 3. Very small but unsure if this is calliope or rufous
  7. This warbler was taken today on Mt. Ord in maricopa county, Arizona. Please ID.
  8. Looks like a northern mockingbird to me which are common there.
  9. Is this Wilson's? Taken recently in maricopa county. Thanq much.