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  1. Gull

    Wilmington. IL at the 150 operator engineers training center.Near Midewin.Where The Slaty back gull was a couple yrs ago.
  2. Gull

    Thanks I processed it in Lightroom in a hurry and was a bit heavy on the blacks.Sorry for the confusion and thanks..By the way there were 4 more with dark wings but couldn't get good looks because they were only partially viewable buried in a bunch of gulls.
  3. Gull

    Should have added the darkest winged gull.
  4. Gull

    Northern IL today.I think lesser black backed but never sure with most gulls. https://imgur.com/bBo9Zl8 Thanks!
  5. Hi, going thru fall pics I found this photo I had forgot about.I thought it was an indigo but may see traces of chestnut wing bars.It sure isn't pretty molting and maybe also wet.What do you think?Thanks. Fall 2017 N.IL. <a href="https://imgur.com/mqHqYnC"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/mqHqYnC.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> New link
  6. Warbler ID

    psweet it was taken in Will County at Rock Run rookery.It was with a good size group of warblers mostly Tennessee and a few orange crowned.They were only around for half a day.Orange crowned was my thought but something seemed different.Thanks for the comments.
  7. Warbler ID

    Today Northern IL. https://imgur.com/1yd6d8o Thanks!
  8. Warbler

    Hi.Keep changing my mind on this one.Ready for other opinions.Thanks Today Northern IL. https://imgur.com/Fgd0LKL
  9. Stumped

  10. Stumped

    Can't figure this one out.No eye ring or line.Think its a vireo maybe immature?Today ,Northern IL. Thanks
  11. Hawk ID

    Thanks! A county lifer.
  12. Hawk ID

    Hello,I'm thinking Broad winged hawk.Can someone confirm or correct.Thanks Today Northern IL.
  13. Flycatcher help

    Thanks I did hear it call and it matches the Alder rrreea repeated 3 times.
  14. Flycatcher help

    Today in Northern IL.Sorry accidentally posted pic prematurely.Thanks