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  1. Hawk verification

    Thanks! Only my second in my County.At first I thought maybe Red-shouldered until I got home and compared the two online.I still wasn't 100% sure though. Thanks again.
  2. Hawk verification

    Broad-winged? Today,Northern IL. Thank You
  3. Duck help

    Channahon,widewaters. I hadn't thought of that combo.Thanks!
  4. Duck help

    Mallard hybrid, possibly Widgeon x Mallard or Black Duck x Mallard? What do you think? Yesterday Northern IL. Thanks! https://imgur.com/DXvMnJ7
  5. Scaup

    Thank you! That was the way I was leaning but without confidence.Also the one on the right has a good sized black nail on the bill tip.
  6. Scaup

    Keep changing my mind.Lesser?Greater?One of each? Also could you add why.Thanks
  7. Gull

    Wilmington. IL at the 150 operator engineers training center.Near Midewin.Where The Slaty back gull was a couple yrs ago.
  8. Gull

    Thanks I processed it in Lightroom in a hurry and was a bit heavy on the blacks.Sorry for the confusion and thanks..By the way there were 4 more with dark wings but couldn't get good looks because they were only partially viewable buried in a bunch of gulls.
  9. Gull

    Should have added the darkest winged gull.
  10. Gull

    Northern IL today.I think lesser black backed but never sure with most gulls. https://imgur.com/bBo9Zl8 Thanks!
  11. Hi, going thru fall pics I found this photo I had forgot about.I thought it was an indigo but may see traces of chestnut wing bars.It sure isn't pretty molting and maybe also wet.What do you think?Thanks. Fall 2017 N.IL. <a href="https://imgur.com/mqHqYnC"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/mqHqYnC.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> New link
  12. Warbler ID

    psweet it was taken in Will County at Rock Run rookery.It was with a good size group of warblers mostly Tennessee and a few orange crowned.They were only around for half a day.Orange crowned was my thought but something seemed different.Thanks for the comments.
  13. Warbler ID

    Today Northern IL. https://imgur.com/1yd6d8o Thanks!
  14. Warbler

    Hi.Keep changing my mind on this one.Ready for other opinions.Thanks Today Northern IL. https://imgur.com/Fgd0LKL
  15. Stumped