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  1. Suet blocks

    I have Pine Warblers and Orange Crowned Warblers for the first time ever in my yard. I cant tell if they are the same ones coming over and over or different ones. They love my home made suet, and the orange suet. I'm going to try the C&S from Walmart when its time to reload again. I'm curious if they will take to it this time around and they probably will since all these new ones are coming thru. I'm feeding in my back yard this year too, and I wasnt this time last year. It's a lot more peaceful back there.
  2. What do you use for your homemade suet molds?

    You can use a metal 9X9 pan or a 9X13 pan, and once you cool the suet down in the fridge, you can cut it into squares. When they are cold they will cut and lift out of the pan really easy.
  3. Suet blocks

    I havent purchased any suet for awhile. Back in August I got several cases of Royal Wing from Tractor Supply, and the birds were eating it like crazy right before the fall drop off. I'm trying to go thru what I have before getting anymore because its just going to have to sit there for awhile. I keep mine in the fridge anyhow so it does keep. Once its all gone and the birds are back full swing I'm going to try the C&S brand again. I wasnt feeding suet this time last year, so I'm seeing a lot of birds I never saw before. The home made peanut butter suet is always a winner. Everytime I make it the birds love it. I'd like to make a big batch of that again soon because it seems to bring out a lot of woodpeckers when I have it in the feeders.
  4. millet seed

    The black oil sunflower is always best I have to agree with everyone. I usually buy the sunflower hearts, but sometimes I will get the black oil sunflower if I'm low on cash, and the birds love it. When I first start using black oil sunflower, I noticed I had way more of a variety of birds also. The suet blocks from Tractor Supply work good for me, but I've heard others do not have good luck with it. Usually a suet with peanuts and other mixed nuts is a good one to choose I have learned.
  5. So everyone is getting some really cold weather, and we are starting to see below freezing temps that are supposed to last thru Wednesday here in Dallas, Texas. My feeders have been dead/slow for months during the fall, but now they have exploded in activity in a matter of a couple of weeks. The last few days I've had birds from dawn to dusk, feeding in both front and the back yard. I have 2 seed feeders, 2 peanut feeders, and 6 suet feeders spread out in the front and back. I'm seeing birds that I've never seen at my feeders before. The suet is a big favorite right now, and the sunflower hearts. Kind of slow on the peanuts, but they seem to be catching on more everyday. I moved them closer to the seed feeders, and the birds seem to be noticing them more. This is really incredible and I hope everyone is really having a big variety of birds like me. I guess all it took was a few good freezes to bring them all back.
  6. Dish soap good enough?

    I have a huge 18 gallon tub I got at Wally World, and I put dish soap and water in it. I drop my feeders in so they are completely submerged and let them soak for a few hours at least. Then I get a small scrubbing brush and go over them really good, and then rinse. I do this all the time so theres never any build up on them. When I get done they look brand new. I would think it depends on how dirty your feeders are. If they are really really dirty then you might need some bleach added in. If you just want to use soap then I would think you need to do it more often and make sure they come out super clean with no residue left behind.
  7. Goldfinch Or Yellow Warbler?

    I would've never guessed that! Looking at the images on Google search that seems to be what it is I saw. When these birds show up, it all happens so fast! Thank you!
  8. I'm not sure what this is but its the first time I've ever seen one in my yard. It's eating the orange suet. Any ideas? Sorry for blurry pic. I missed some sort of huge hawk yesterday sitting on that stump. It flew off before I could get my phone. I didnt have any birds all day after that.
  9. I have to agree on the Squirrel Busters. I have 2 Mini's, one front, one back, and a Peanut Feeder Plus in the front yard. Best investment I've made so far in bird feeding. They are a bit pricey, but if you hang them correctly they can save a lot of money to allow you to buy better quality seeds. I feed sunflower hearts and peanuts. If you dont know anything about them, go to Youtube and watch some the many videos of them in action. Theres some negative ones too, but usually if you watch the video, 9 times out of 10 they have it hanging wrong. You're supposed to hang it 16 inches away from anything else that the squirrels can grab onto with their back legs. Also, go read the reviews on Amazon, thats a pretty good place to read about certain feeders.
  10. Suet blocks

    Is that the C&S Products suet? I see that brand at Walmart and its a great price, but for some reason my birds wont eat it. I have no idea why, and I've tried several times to get them to eat it, but they wont for some reason. They have great reviews on Amazon as well which is why I cant figure out if its just the birds in my area, or what it is. It looks like its well made, and not a cheap off brand you see some places. If I were a bird I'd eat it I think. I might try it again once I get birds coming back in bigger numbers. They are just now starting to trickle back from a huge fall buffet. We just got our first hard freeze in 333 days here in Dallas, so I'm starting to see a pick up in activity
  11. Peanut Oil for homemade suet?

    This is a cake I made, but it was with lard.
  12. Peanut Oil for homemade suet?

    From what I have read, using peanut oil would be more of a "spreadable" suet like bark butter. I dont think it would harden up like when using real suet or lard. If I were you, I'd try making a small batch just to see how it turns out, it might work out really well. What area do you live in? Are you down south or up north where its really cold? I always make my own spreadable bark butter for tree trunks and limbs. You start out with a cup of everything, flour, cornmeal, oats, peanut butter, lard, or oil in your case, seeds of your choice, some fruit like raisins, cranberries, some chopped nuts (peanuts, pecans, walnuts), maybe some mealworms, things your birds in your area like to eat. I run all my stuff thru a food processor to chop it all up really fine. I like to make more of a dough mix. Then mix everything together in a big bowl and stir good to get everything mixed well. If its too runny add more flour and cornmeal to thicken it up. I leave mine in a big Rubbermaid container in the fridge so it doesnt go bad, and then i can scoop some out as needed. Depending on how yours turns out with the oil, you might can fill a 9X13 pan and freeze or refrigerate until hard, a few hours, then cut blocks out. Let us know how it turns out please!
  13. Fall Migration

    We had a big cold front come thru last night, and temps went down just above freezing. This morning I was drinking coffee looking out the back window and this huge flock of Northern Cardinals came thru. Lasted only a couple of minutes, but they were getting the sunflower hearts off the ground that had fallen. Never landed on the actual feeder though. I've never seen that many at one time, at the most 2 but no more. So many I couldnt even count them today, but I hope they remember my yard. By the time I had even thought of my camera they were gone that quick. I'm hoping those cold fronts keep on coming down here so I can see what you guys are seeing up north.
  14. Fall Migration

    I'm getting so jealous too! Since my yard has been dead, I used yesterday to put up a new feeder pole, and to rearrange some stuff. Really anticipating some activity soon. I noticed I've had more in the morning, but its nothing compared to what it once was. I can hear them in the big trees though.
  15. Fall Migration

    I seriously cannot believe how dead it is at my feeders these days! It's really gotten bad, but we did have a long summer, and just the past 2 weeks maybe, we are starting to get cold fronts coming thru. I was still running my a/c up until 10 days ago. I noticed the leaves are now starting to turn yellow and fall off. This is a real learning curve to get thru, but I'm glad to be learning it so I'll know what to expect next year. All I have visiting are a few House Sparrows, about 3 or 4 Carolina Chickadees, a Cardinal that gets really close to me just for a peanut, and a titmouse who is fascinated with the new peanut feeder. I get really frustrated, but I know you cant force nature.