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  1. Fall Migration

    I'm getting so jealous too! Since my yard has been dead, I used yesterday to put up a new feeder pole, and to rearrange some stuff. Really anticipating some activity soon. I noticed I've had more in the morning, but its nothing compared to what it once was. I can hear them in the big trees though.
  2. Fall Migration

    I seriously cannot believe how dead it is at my feeders these days! It's really gotten bad, but we did have a long summer, and just the past 2 weeks maybe, we are starting to get cold fronts coming thru. I was still running my a/c up until 10 days ago. I noticed the leaves are now starting to turn yellow and fall off. This is a real learning curve to get thru, but I'm glad to be learning it so I'll know what to expect next year. All I have visiting are a few House Sparrows, about 3 or 4 Carolina Chickadees, a Cardinal that gets really close to me just for a peanut, and a titmouse who is fascinated with the new peanut feeder. I get really frustrated, but I know you cant force nature.
  3. A Question

    Here in Dallas it's the same thing. I had tons of feed out, and suet blocks everywhere, and they all have just disappeared. I have a few house sparrows that show up everyday, but I'd say about 90% of my birds have disappeared. We've had a very long summer, and today its expected to be 87 degrees out. I think there is just a huge abundance of natural food everywhere. I can hear them in the trees, and every now and then I see a cardinal or blue jay in the distance, but rarely do any of them stop to eat. I ended up throwing a lot of food away recently because it went uneaten. Will be so happy when they come back
  4. Suet blocks

    Oh wow thats my dream!!! I want to see one of those in my yard someday. What area of the country are you in? You are so lucky!
  5. Suet blocks

    Tractor Supply has a good sale going on right now on their Royal Wing suet blocks. They are 66 cents each here in my area
  6. Suet blocks

    Yeah, youre doing well! Look at those big bites gone out of that block. There will be more and more birds that will show up over time. If woodpeckers is what you want to attract, they love the peanut ones is what I've noticed. I use several of these double suet squirrel proof feeders. Those little downy woodpeckers just hop right thru it, and the larger ones will hang off the bottom and let the suet just fall right in their mouths as they peck it off in chunks. Woodpeckers have long beaks and tongues and they can do it easy. This is not my pic, just giving you an idea. With winter coming now is a good time to put some suet out. I usually keep it out all year long.
  7. Suet blocks

    Oh and I forgot to say, get you a few different flavors, and cut them into 4 pieces each, then put several different kinds in your feeder at the same time, and whichever one they like will get eaten the fastest. Thats what I did, and there are some brands I just couldnt get them to eat no matter what. They will show up though once they find it, dont worry. Just seems to take them awhile, and then once they do, they will all show up. First thing I had was a red bellied woodpecker, and I had no idea there were even any around here, but a lot of stuff came out of hiding once the suet arrived at my house.
  8. Suet blocks

    I'm in Dallas, Tx and I have out Peanut Delight, Orange, Mealworm, and Berry flavored suet. The Peanut Delight is usually the favorite, but lately they are eating more Mealworm suet than anything. I use the no melt line from Royal Wing that is sold at Tractor Supply. I buy them in cases of 12 and store them in the fridge. One thing I learned about suet is it seems to take awhile longer to attract the birds that eat suet, than it does seeds. Not sure why, but I read that several places. If you just leave it out long enough where it wont spoil in direct sunlight, before you know it they will all find it, even the squirrels. Then you will be looking for squirrel proof suet feeders. It took awhile for them to start eating it here at my house. Just be patient and you will start to see some surprises come your way.
  9. Bird food

    Tractor Supply has really good no melt suet! I could never get the birds here at my house to eat suet until I got the Royal Wing brand. I dont know what the difference is either. Maybe they are just partial to it here in my area. I usually buy a case of each flavor when I buy suet. It is a really good price too, and they have a lot of sales on them. I didnt feed the birds last winter, so I'm going to try the other brands this season, and see if they take to it since I'll have a lot of out of towners coming thru.
  10. Hummingbird Migration Habits (refueling)

    I'm in the Dallas, Texas area, so we are still having sunny warm days. Today is going to be high of 81 out. We are having some chilly nights (high 50's, low 60's) though, pretty much normal weather for here. I had read the same thing about waiting 2 weeks after you saw the last one. We dont usually get freezing weather here until late Dec, sometimes January, sometimes not at all. I'm still running the a/c on a daily basis. I wish I had started feeding the hummers earlier in the year, but I didnt. Kind of a new thing for me.
  11. Hummingbird Migration Habits (refueling)

    I had one a few days ago. I was thinking they had all gone, but I think it was just a quick fly by re-fuel. This is my first year feeding, so not sure when or if I should take it down. I've been reading on the internet that some southern areas have a few all winter. I might be too far north in my state for that though, I dont know. I see one now and then, but nothing like it was a few months ago.
  12. Hummingbird feeder

    I'm having a few stragglers come thru now that I think are migrating out. I started to take it down the other day, but as I was walking out on the porch there was a quick fly by sip, and then it was gone. I'm almost scared to take it down yet because I heard they will remember where it is located next year when they come back. This is my first year feeding them, and we are still having a lot of warm sunny weather here, so I dont wanna take mine down just yet. I'm just using sugar water too, so it's not that expensive to keep it up. Does everyone take theirs down for the winter if they live in the southern state? I heard some stick around so they keep they their a feeder up.
  13. Bird bath water dripper ??`s

    I dont personally have a Water Wiggler, I dont need it in my yard (lots of trees, bushes, brush, birds), but a close friend of mine moved into a new house in an area with no trees or bushes yet. They got one and it helped to attract the birds flying overhead that seemed to be passing by their backyard. I do think they work, and if you look at the reviews on Amazon they seem to get good ratings. Thats where we read about them and they decided to pull the trigger and get one. Dont know very much about the drippers though
  14. Cooper's Hawk visit

    I had a gray hawk about 2 weeks ago. I was sitting on my porch and i heard a sound like something hitting metal, and I jumped up and I saw this big gray hawk sitting on the electric wire about 3 feet from one of my suet feeders. There were 3 tiny birds inside the suet cage hiding on the other side of the suet blocks. I hated to interrupt his meal, but I figured he would get another one somewhere else, being a hawk and all. My first thought was to shoo him away. I didnt want him (or her) to think it was a safe place to feed, and to make a habit out of it. So my thoughts were to get him away from my feeders. I walked out under the electric wire and he flew away. Huge bird too, really pretty, and I hated to shoo the hawk away, but I'd rather have my birds around, and for them to feel safe while feeding. I hate stepping in like that where nature is concerned, but luckily I havent seen the hawk since then. Maybe it was just a fluke and it will remember me acting like an idiot in my front yard, and stay away. I'm sure its still out there lurking out of my view in the tree tops
  15. Drying feeders

    The more you clean them, the more your birds will love you too