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  1. Fall Migration

    I've been having the exact same issue as you, I'm in Dallas, Tx. I used to fill up my feeder with sunflower hearts every morning and by night it would nearly be empty, maybe a half inch left on the bottom. Now it's gone down to about once every 5 or 6 days, nearly a week in between fill ups. The feeder holds one pound. Also, I was going thru several suet cakes a day, and I had 6 double suet cake feeders out, and now I've gone down to just 2 suet feeders out, and sometimes I just put one cake in, and cut it in half and put a piece on both sides. I am seeing birds all over the place though but they dont eat, so I'm thinking it might just be the fall harvest coming out, and there is natural food everywhere for them.(See my pic above). My bird bath is busy all day long and I fill it up several times in the day to keep it full. This is my first fall season so I knew this was coming, but I didnt expect such a drop off. I wrote down when I first noticed this and it was 2 days after that eclipse on August 23rd. I've been wondering what it could be, it was very strange just like you said. I also thought maybe a hawk or an owl was around.
  2. Fall Migration

    This is going to be my first fall feeding the birds so I'm curious to see what shows up and how the feeding goes. I've noticed the past few weeks bird feeding has dropped significantly in my yard but there are lots of hummingbirds are feeding right now. This is my first hummingbird feeder so it's an exciting time. I had the feeder on one of those garden hooks by some flowers, but saw some hummingbirds checking out the regular feeder hanging in the trees, so I hung the hummingbird feeder by the sunflower chips, and wow they are all showing up for a sip of the red juice. I've been trying to snap some pics but those little things are so fast! I found these on my back fence and there are lots of them, so it probably explains why the feeding has dropped off like it has.
  3. I'm learning too all the time! If you've just got one feeder, then yeah it will probably get to a point where you fill it up daily if thats all you're feeding is seeds. The suet is a good addition, and also they have seed/nut/fruit/bug cakes which are getting popular too. With fall coming on birds are looking for that extra fat content.
  4. And I was going to say, I didnt think birds here in Texas would eat suet because its so hot here during the summer months, but it's a waiting game with the suet. I was surprised to see a lot of birds come out of hiding that I never saw here before, but they were just hiding in the trees where I couldnt see them. Lots of woodpeckers here in Texas. I use the no melt suet which is good for hot climates, and I had to try several different brands to figure out which one they liked. I even make my own suet sometimes as a treat for them. Right now their favorite is orange suet and berry suet comes in 2nd. After that anything with a lot of peanuts and mealworms and/or bugs. I would've never guessed that. The cheapo ones they wont touch, and if you see a lot of corn on the bottom, they wont eat those either. At first they loved the peanut and mealworm, and turned their noses up at the orange and berry, but now all of a sudden they decided different. They keep a long time in the fridge too. And bark butter is also a big hit I've found out recently. I make DIY and use.
  5. Yep just keep filling it if they are eating. You might wanna add some suet to your buffet. I've noticed here in the Dallas are they are really eating a lot of suet lately, and I think a lot of it has to do with migrating birds from the north, coming thru the south. If you see adults feeding the young, suet (cakes/pellets/balls) would be a great addition. If you have squirrels or larger birds you dont want to feed, there are squirrel proof suet feeders out there.
  6. I bought one of these not too long ago, and my birds wouldnt eat it. What type of birds are eating it at your feeders? I saw the good reviews on it and thought I would try, but I guess the birds here didnt like it. How often do you go thru one?
  7. Switched Things Around

    I dont have a very good zoom
  8. Switched Things Around

    Here's another one of one of his visits.
  9. Switched Things Around

    This one I am seeing on a regular basis now. I dont know if it's the same one, but it seems to know right where the feeder is every morning and every evening about the same times. Loves the peanut butter suet and takes huge chunks. I had no idea there were birds around here like this. I've since added a 2nd feeder just like this one hoping to get the mockingbirds that are eating the berries right now around my yard. I got a raisin and berry suet for them about 2 feet from the ground in the feeder just like this. Not sure how it's going to work out though. It might be more trouble than its worth.
  10. Switched Things Around

    Just yesterday, I actually bought one of those no melt summer suets for woodpeckers and put in there. Just to see if there were any takers, or if I could spot a bird trying to get in. This morning I was sitting on the front porch, and a red bellied woodpecker came out of no where and grabbed the side. I thought oh no he's not going to be able to grab any. I guess he had done this before on another one like it, and turned upside down on the bottom and reached his beak thru to have a go at the block. Sure enough he hacked off a huge piece and flew away with it! I grabbed my step ladder and went to make a closer inspection, and I guess they made it to where they can grab some if the beak is long enough. About 20 minutes ago, another two just like the one this morning showed up. I dont know if it was the same one that brought back a friend or two new ones, but they both were doing the same thing. Then one went up on the side and was able to get his head thru the hole and his beak reached the side of the block. I guess maybe the suet is close enough to the actual outside squirrel cage that the bigger ones can reach in. If I see one that wants some that cant get thru I'll have to try the cheapo ones and see if they can get some that way. You have to learn a lot of patience doing this for sure!!
  11. I've used that same one before as well. I agree its the best price I've seen on them here in the Dallas area.
  12. I dont buy mine online. I go to the local Tractor Supply. If youre in Tennessee they might have one close to you. I get the 20 pound bag of sunflower hearts for $24.99 made by Royal Wing. The birds here in my area go crazy over it!! Check the Tractor Supply website and see if they have a store close to you
  13. Switched Things Around

    Thank you so much for your input!! I have since found the wonderful world of baffles, domes, and hoods! I got 2 of the clear domes by Aspects. They are just $20 online, and work so well! They actually fit really nice over the feeders I already have, so I didnt have to get any new ones. It's such a funny time watching the squirrels and big birds, try to get to the food. They usually give up after awhile. I also bought a bag of that cheap wild bird feed that you see in the stores, and decided to throw some behind my fence on a little hill that goes down into a big ditch, and that seems to keep the pigeons, doves, and squirrels at bay. Just gotta turn their attention to something they can actually get to. Thanks again for your response!
  14. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak Migration

    I will keep an eye out. The one spotted on the map here in Dallas was actually just a mile or so away from my house. I've got some sunflower hearts I'm going to put out tomorrow and see what comes around.
  15. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak Migration

    Do they come into the Dallas, Texas area? I have both safflower, and black oil sunflower out all the time. I saw my first titmouse the other day. I thought it was a chickadee coming, but it was much bigger and faster.