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  1. Looks good for Anna's.
  2. Looks like a female Eastern Bluebird. Nice Indigo Bunting shot!
  3. I know, it was a joke That's cool that you have one in your yard though (not cool at the same time though )!
  4. For a moment I thought it was a Canadian Lynx or a Bobcat
  5. #1 is too dull for a Saltmarsh. I'm very unfamiliar with those Atlantic Coast species, so I will leave this bird for someone else to identify.
  6. This looks like a Turkey Vulture to me. In the first photo you can see the tiny head, and in the second photo you can see the contrast between the "arm" and the flight feathers. Here's a photo of a Golden Eagle I saw yesterday to compare with your guys' bird.
  7. Yes, that one looks like a Solitary Sandpiper.
  8. This looks like Semipalmated. White-rumped should have a longer primary extension and have a little bit red on the base of the lower mandible.
  9. Apple internet for me
  10. I don't see anything there.
  11. I'm also going with Arctic. The underwing primaries, bill length, shape, and color all look better for Arctic.
  12. The undersides of a House Wren can appear to be bluish gray, especially in this kind of lighting. Congrats on the lifer!
  13. A Clark's should have brighter and extensive white around the eye and would have paler sides than this bird. I don't think hybrid has been eliminated yet.
  14. This is a Chipping Sparrow.
  15. Your county appears to be part of the Broad-tailed Hummingbird's breeding range, which just barely reaches to the California side. Bird #2 has rufous sides like that of a Rufous/Allen's, but many Broad-tailed Hummers have been known to have sides as rufous as this bird.