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  1. Sor A. Rail


    Do you have any other shots of the 4th bird?
  2. Sor A. Rail

    Pewee or Acadian ?

    I agree.
  3. Sor A. Rail

    Please Help with Sarasota, Florida Birds

    1. Palm Warbler 2. Mallard x ??? or Mallard entering eclipse plumage 3. Eastern Phoebe
  4. Sor A. Rail

    Lesser Yellowlegs?

  5. Sor A. Rail


    The middle bird is a Least Sandpiper, the rest all look like Semipalms.
  6. Sor A. Rail

    Solitary Sandpiper?

    Spotted Sandpiper.
  7. Sor A. Rail

    Plover species?

    I agree with both of the IDs.
  8. Sor A. Rail

    Immature Night Heron species?

  9. Sor A. Rail

    Please ID Swallows

    All of these are Barn Swallows.
  10. Definitely an Eastern Kingbird. Congrats on the lifer! They're common on the Eastern side of the state but are rare visitors west of the Cascades.
  11. Sor A. Rail

    Please, help me to identify this bird.

    Welcome to Whatbird! I agree that this looks like a Solitary Sandpiper.
  12. Sor A. Rail

    Is this a Sharp-shinned or a Cooper's Hawk?

    I agree that this looks like a Sharp-shinned. Nice closeup!
  13. Sor A. Rail

    a few more

    All of them are correct.
  14. Sor A. Rail

    juvenile american robins?

  15. Sor A. Rail

    Possible Pectoral Sandpiper in VT

    I agree that this is a Least. A Pectoral wouldn't be so small compared to that Killdeer.