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  1. Jonners

    Unknown small bird

    Thank you Sean, Mila and Syl. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  2. Jonners

    Unknown small bird

    I saw this bird that looks quite sparrow-like at Bombay Hook, Delaware, in April this year. I'm sure it'll be an easy ID, but I'm from the other side of the pond
  3. Jonners

    Hawk in Washington DC

    Thanks BigOly
  4. Wetland Centre warbler looks like a Chiffchaff... ID reasons as shapviking. Cetti's tends to to skulk around and is much less likely to sit out in the open. It's bulkier than Chiffchaff and is slightly more russet coloured. It has a very loud song, delivered in short bursts, usually from within bushes or reeds... definitely a bird more often heard than seen.
  5. Jonners

    Hawk in Washington DC

    Thanks very much JimBob, that's very helpful for future reference (and very speedy response too)
  6. Any help in identifying this hawk in Washington DC May 4th would be much appreciated. I'm over here from the UK and am thinking either Red-tailed or Broad-winged. Thank you