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  1. Swainston's Thrush ????

    Hi Dr., Thanks for the confirmation. First sighting for St.Kitts.! Actually I always upload to IMGUR and then copy and paste the BBCode but often does not download to Whatbird. It may be an internet problem from my end , and will eventually get around to checking it out.
  2. Swainston's Thrush ????

    l always struggle with uploading pictures to this site. Very frustrating!
  3. Swainston's Thrush ????

    This bird was spotted in St.Kitts island in the Caribbean on October 23. It was hopping around on the forest floor among the leaves. The tail had no red so believe it would eliminate the Hermit Thrush, and as it has a yellowish eye-ring it should eliminate grey Cheeked/Bicknell's Thrush. After the two hurricanes (Irma & Maria) a few vagrants have been turning up! Can anyone confirm Swainson's Thrush?
  4. Ruff??

    Many thanks Psweet! It seems to be the first sighting in St.Kitts although they have been seen on the nearby sister island of Nevis once or twice before.
  5. Ruff??

    I saw this bird on the Golf course in St.Kitts in the Caribbean. It looked a little different to the Lesser Yellowlegs, so snapped a couple of pictures. Am I correct that this is a Ruff? Ruffs are quite rare but do visit the island occasion.
  6. Which Tern?

    This Tern was also spotted in St.Kitts, Caribbean on September 9th. Would this be a Roseate Tern? Several birds were flying so only believe all pics are of the same bird!
  7. Which Gull?

    This Gull was sighted in St.Kitts, Caribbean yesterday, on September 10th. Would it be a Herring, or perhaps a Lesser Black-backed (or even a Greater)?
  8. Unidentified dead bird

    Actually, there are many house sparrows in that area, and would be almost logical, but unfortunately this bird was significantly bigger than an adult House Sparrow.
  9. Unidentified dead bird

    Yes, you are right, many thanks. It was always going to be a difficult call!
  10. Unidentified dead bird

    No one can help with this id? Wow!
  11. Unidentified dead bird

    Hi Bigoly, no crackles on the island of St.Kitts, although there are a few on the neighboring island of Nevis. Perhaps a thrasher, but none on them here have yellow beaks that I am aware.
  12. Unidentified dead bird

    I saw this bird on the side walk outside my office in the St.Kitts, Caribbean, a few days ago. It was about 9 inches in size but somehow looks like a juvenile? What could this be?
  13. Warblers I.D.

    Thanks all! The wing bars and eye ring puzzled me a bit with the yellow warbler!!!
  14. Warblers I.D.

    These two warblers were seen in St.Kitts in the Caribbean. Can anyone confirm their id's? Thanks
  15. What Birds?

    Thanks Snapshotbirder!