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  1. Monster Sharpie/Coop/???

    I admit I wanted a few frames before it was gone to help with ID, so that did distract me away from noting elevation, wingbeat, etc. It was smaller than a Red-tailed and I don't think it flapped much, so it probably was a Coop. Just ordered Hawks in Flight...time I learn the proper field marks and terminology. Thanks for the recommendation!
  2. Monster Sharpie/Coop/???

    Really washed out crops from this morning in Middle TN. The body looks huge, but the head small like a Sharpie. Any guesses?
  3. merganser or grebe?

    Thanks. That would make sense. I could not figure out what else they could possibly be. I've had a lot of interesting waterfowl today, so wasn't quite sure!
  4. merganser or grebe?

    This afternoon in Middle TN. Initially I thought they were Double-breasted Cormorants, but that bill looks much too sharp. A merganser or grebe maybe?
  5. shorebird ID help please

    This morning in Middle TN where it's raining yet again. My best guess would be a Stilt Sandpiper or Short-billed Dowitcher but I'm not familiar with shorebirds at all.
  6. Warbler?

    Would a bluebird have that darker coloring go up the inside of the wing in flight (coverts?) like this bird shows in the first pic? I also see a faint stripe going down the middle of the tail in the first pic. Also, the song I heard, which is what initially caught my attention, didn't sound like a bluebird. Darn my hand tremor!
  7. Warbler?

    Sorry again for the bad pics. (I'm really not this bad, I swear!) Curious if anyone has a guess for this warbler-sized bird seen in Middle TN this morning.
  8. Duck ID help if possible (really terrible pics)

    That was another one of my guesses. Thanks.
  9. Duck ID help if possible (really terrible pics)

    I figured as much but thought I'd give it a shot.
  10. Duck ID help if possible (really terrible pics)

    Thanks. I was thinking a Teal too. There's a Cinnamon everyone has been flocking to just north of me. And these guys were flying North. I'll have to watch for it again...
  11. Anyone have a guess for this small duck with the Mallard drake? I see a white wing patch and reddish head/body...that's about all I have.
  12. Here we go again... I can't tell if this is a Merlin (I see brown pointed wings and shorter tail) or a young Sharpie/Coop. It was very fast like a Merlin (two recent sightings), hence the terrible shots. This morning in Middle TN. Thanks as always!
  13. Mallards?

    Are these Mallards? I thought so at first, but the heads look a little off. Taken this morning in Middle TN. Thanks!
  14. Juvenile Bald Eagle or Golden Eagle?

    Great reminders. Thanks!
  15. I had a pair of Canada Geese visiting me on the patio when they both laid flat against the ground, so I looked up for a predator and found this guy flying not far above the treeline. A Golden Eagle was reported a couple counties from me two weeks ago. Just want to make sure...