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  1. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    I thought that initially but now I'm thinking that may be the tip of its left wing...just caught it at an odd angle. Thanks, everyone, for the great debate. I definitely need to study up on ducks in flight to keep up!
  2. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    Here are Canvasbacks I saw about a week ago. Don't you think their markings look a lot more defined/cleaner than the ones from today? Ducks sure are tricky!
  3. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    Yeah, you're right. So I'm either Team Merganser or Team Gadwall. Darn. I don't think they're IDable. Why couldn't they just fly closer?!
  4. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    The bill to me looks too long and thin for Gadwall. I can also make out a bit of a crest. And I don't think their bodies are white enough for Common Merganser, plus they're not usually in my neck of the woods (though Red-breasted is). Here's another shot and a crop of another...
  5. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    Maybe some else will know for sure, but I don't think Canvasbacks have that white wing patch...right?
  6. Red-breasted Mergansers?

    Seen this morning in Middle TN. Thanks!
  7. This morning in Middle TN. Apologies for the terrible pics. Are these Double-breasted Cormorants? Though in the last image they look a little like ducks...are they even IDable? Thanks as always!
  8. Is this even a bird?!

    It was just a black speck to the naked eye, so I assumed it was a black vulture off in the distance (there were many in the vicinity). Didn't realize how weird it was until I zoomed in on the frame on my camera a couple minutes later...and by then it was gone. I've seen a hawk with a snake before, so I'm going with that or a balloon animal that escaped on a joyride! Thanks for playing, everyone!
  9. Is this even a bird?!

    Not sure about the flapping. Maybe one of those balloon animals? But would it fly so smooth/level...
  10. Is this even a bird?!

    It was big enough I could see it from a distance and it was flying very level, not erratic like a leaf would in a gust of wind, but anything is possible. But that tail... A parrot would make me sad. I'll keep a lookout for it!
  11. Is this even a bird?!

    Not expecting any miracle species ID here. Just curious what the heck you think this could be. I thought I was tracking a vulture until I zoomed in and only got two frames off before I lost it. Seen this morning in rainy Middle TN over a pond. A flying squirrel? A UFO? What is it?!
  12. TN duck ID help please

    OK, adjusted saturation and definitely see the reddish head now...but that bill looks SO long. What's ruling out Canvasback?
  13. TN duck ID help please

    Originally thought Lesser Scaup, but that bill looks way too long. Then thought maybe Common Loon, but no white on head. So I have no clue. This morning in Middle TN.
  14. Sharpie? Coop?

    Ha! Well, again if it helps, I reported this Sharpie on Jan. 10th...looks like it could be the same chubby bird. Maybe.
  15. Sharpie? Coop?

    I don't remember a lot of flapping, so maybe that helps? Looks like I'm not alone in my ID wavering! Maybe a chubby female Sharpie?!