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  1. Sandhill Cranes?

    I hope so too!
  2. Sandhill Cranes?

    Awesome. Thank you! I haven't seen one in years. Great way to start the day!
  3. Sandhill Cranes?

    This pair flew over me right when I sat down to do my count this morning. Gorgeous. No call/song. Lucky Middle Tennessee.
  4. Gadwall or Wigeon?

    Never too late for a lifer confirmation. Thanks!
  5. Gadwall or Wigeon?

    Awesome. Thank you both for confirming!
  6. Gadwall or Wigeon?

    I saw this duck on a pond with Gadwalls and Mallards on Thursday morning in Middle TN. It doesn't quite look like the others to me, especially the shorter gray bill and rusty flank. Could it be a female American Wigeon? Or is it just a Gadwall?
  7. Are these ducks IDable?

    These two were feeding with a few shovelers and lots of Ringed-necks. Terrible pics taken today in Middle Tennessee.
  8. bird call, no audio

    That's it! Mystery solved. Thank you SO much!
  9. bird call, no audio

    I initially thought this, but I don't think they're in Tennessee this time of year, though someone near Memphis did report one yesterday. And the mew call does sound very similar. I guess I'll just have to get a recording! Thanks for the comment!
  10. bird call, no audio

    This is a longshot not having a recording, but is there a bird that sounds like a baby crying "wah"? It almost had a croaking quality to it. Called about three or four times from a treeline along a creek/river late this morning in Middle TN. I've heard it in the past and can't find anything online (even checked frog calls), so thought I'd finally ask the experts.
  11. Grebe? Merganser?

    Awesome. Lifer. Thank you, both!
  12. Grebe? Merganser?

    Pair of Horned Grebes in nonbreeding plumage maybe? Seen just before several Mallards tonight in Middle Tennessee. Sorry for terrible pics.
  13. Sharp-shinned?

    Thanks, Bird Nuts!
  14. Sharp-shinned?

    I'm determined to find a Sharpie in my archives, and I think I finally found one based on the head/wing posture and size differences of these two. Bird on the left (Sharpie?) shot in Middle TN Nov 2011. Bird on the right (Cooper's?) shot in Middle TN May 2017. Thoughts?
  15. bird song (audio)

    Ha! I thought it sounded a little off. Thanks for the confirmation!