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  1. Thanks https://imgur.com/a/gsYfa
  2. Seen today in Southern California. Thanks! https://imgur.com/ZA7kpLB
  3. Terrible photos link below. Unsure if photos are quality enough, and I don't have much context to provide for this one. It flew into view very quickly, and then was gone. But I do appreciate any thoughts. Thanks https://photos.app.goo.gl/oh7mrdJCItJNwyA33
  4. Santa Barbara, CA - Oct 8

    Thanks for the input. The argument here also came down to Red-eyed vs Yellow-green, with most settling on Yellow-green. Unfortunately, the bird was silent and mostly motionless for 10 or so minutes that it was around.
  5. Would be very interested and grateful to hear thoughts on this bird: https://goo.gl/x8qWZd
  6. Warbler ID

    Not an expert, so will defer to more experienced opinions, but this looks like a Mourning Warbler to me. The gray hood and eye ring are too well-defined for Orange-crowned. The split in the eye ring and the eye line seem to point away from Nashville.
  7. Santa Barbara, CA. Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/mZYyB
  8. Sandpiper - Santa Barbara, CA

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  9. This "peep" seemed larger and longer than the nearby Western Sandpipers. As you can see, it was far away, so it could be just a large-looking Western. Any advice or ID tips are much appreciated. Here's a link of a terrible video I took of it. It wont offer any detail of the bird, but perhaps gives something away about it's foraging behavior. And one additional photo, that I thought was interesting. Thanks.
  10. Sparrow Help

    Thanks for all the input on this one. Here are a few more pictures, though I'm not sure if they will be useful. http://imgur.com/a/pjJ0v
  11. Sparrow Help

    Thanks BigOly. Lincoln's Sparrow is one of the IDs I was considering, along with Grasshopper Sparrow.
  12. Flycatcher ID please!

    Could this not be a Western Kingbird? It seems awfully yellow below.