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  1. Location: Lake Elizabeth, Fremont CA Date: December 29, 2017 European Starling? Red-Shafted Northern Flicker? Ruby-crowned Kinglet? Ring-necked duck
  2. Location: Lakeshore Park, Newark, CA Date: September 8, 2017 Can someone tell me if this duck is a muscovy duck? I tried using the Merlin app to identify it but the app itself couldn't recognize the species. Also on the iBird ultimate app, the range map shows that the muscovy duck is not within the California coast or inland California. Is this a domesticated muscovy duck or some other mutant/interbreed mallards? Anyone can help me out here? and a Greater white-fronted goose?
  3. Date: September 2016 (taken last year), Was sorting through some pictures and found this. Location: San Diego @ SeaWorld
  4. Birds at Quarry Lakes

    Actually I'm thinking the first one is a common tern due to the fork-shaped tail length and how short the feet are. Anyone agree or disagree with me?
  5. Birds at Quarry Lakes

    Thanks. Pretty sure these are commonly seen by most birdwatchers.
  6. Location: Quarry Lakes, Fremont, CA Date: August 8, 2017 Can someone confirm my identifications? Thanks! 1. Forster's Tern 2. Lesser Goldfinch 3. Caspian Tern 4. Western Grebe 5. Pied-billed Grebe 6. Northern Mockingbird
  7. Birds at Lake Elizabeth

    Yup! Thanks for confirming!
  8. Birds at Lake Elizabeth

    According to the Merlin app, it states rare but I guess that's only for my area? Anyways, thanks for confirming
  9. Birds at Lake Elizabeth

    2. Great-tailed Grackle? Seems rare.
  10. Location: Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, CA Date: August 7, 2017 Just need some confirmation for my identifications. Thanks! 1. Mallard Mutant? 2. My guess is Northern Mockingbird but might be wrong. 3. Brewer's Blackbird 4. Not sure about this one Thanks!
  11. Some Birds to Identy

    Hope these two images helps. Thanks
  12. Some Birds to Identy

    Here are two more photos if it helps. Thanks once again!
  13. Some Birds to Identy

    So Number 1 and 7 both being eared grebe?