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  1. What is your favorite bird?

    I love ALL birds. Some say even vultures are horrendous, however they are just different. Different isn't bad. I don't know. I am really fascinated by hummingbirds. There's a South American species of hummingbird called a white-necked Jacobin (I've only seen them in pictures.) Their colors are so flashy. Also, the way hummingbirds can move is absolutely amazing! Hummingbirds have been known to fight off hawks. I also really like Anhingas, a heron-like bird that can be found all around the gulf of Mexico. You can see them splaying their wings out to dry in the sun. Also, when they fish, they dive underwater and will actually swim with their heads just on the surface of the water. Ivory-billed woodpeckers are cool, even though they are thought to be extinct. I love snowy owls and Eastern Towhees and every bird. But yeah, those are just some of them.
  2. I have been to quite a few great birding places like Sanibel Island, Florida; Indiana Dunes National Park; Wyoming (A LONGGGGG time ago); and Pennsylvania, but I would like to know some great places to go birding, maybe somewhere around Indiana but it doesn't have to be. Maybe a possible island like Oahu (on Hawaii.) I'm just wondering so I could plan a trip. That would be great! Thanks!!!
  3. What type of bird is this

    Those look like mute swans. You can tell because, first of all they have those orange bills and then that black nob. Also, they may sometimes have a yellowish tint to their head and neck feathers.
  4. Strange Unidenifiable Bird

    We're thinking that it was just a male brown-headed cowbird, but I didn't see any brown on it's head. That's the strange thing.
  5. Strange Unidenifiable Bird

    Of what I saw, the closest was the juvenile Eastern Towhee, and I'd seen in before I saw this mystery bird, but it was more gray than brown.
  6. I don't have any pictures, unfortunately, but I was out with a fellow birdwatcher and I spotted a bird that is about Gray catbird-sized, but it was much darker. Here's the bird's description and where I saw it: I saw it in Northern Indiana, U.S. It was fluffed out, so it was hard to tell it's size but it was about the size of a catbird or thrush. It was dark smoky gray overall with a long tail. It's wings were black and it had a blackish mask. It had dark eyes (Either dark red, brown, or black) and a lighter collar. It's beak was black along with its legs and feet. If you can identify the bird I saw, that would be great!