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  1. Central Texas zip 78070 11/9/2017 two birds

    To quote Lee Marvin in 'Paint your Wagon', "I was born under a wandering star".
  2. red bird in central Texas 78070 on 11/13/2017

    Yeah, I remember posting the pic of the female. I wondered at the time why the species was named red crossbill!
  3. red bird in central Texas 78070 on 11/13/2017

    Thanks, all. I am not a birder, but I do not recall taking notice in past years of a bird that was so vividly red. I do know a northern cardinal when I see one.
  4. Follow up: here is a better shot taken with the aid of tripod and radio shutter release on the following day.
  5. Pelican near San Antonio?

    Thank you. The neck position in profile misled me.
  6. 10/24/2017 The zip code is 78070. What would a pelican be doing in the San Antonio area?
  7. Central Texas ID zip 78070 10/23/2017

    Thanks, hbvol.