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  1. On 2010.07.09 I photographed this parrot. Failed to find its name and picture on websites.
  2. Photographed from Melbourne, Australia on 2010/07/07
  3. Photographed from Baldwin, Michigan on 2016/07/02. I shot only one picture for this bird.
  4. Photographed from Baldwin, Michigan on 2016/07/02. Hard to differentiate them from the Downy Woodpecker.
  5. Bird from Baldwin Michigan

    I forgot to attach the photo of this bird. Here it is.
  6. Building a nest at the tool house. At the first sight, looks like a swallow.
  7. A bird from Pennsylvania, ID please

    Thank you both. I did see the adult in the same location. Adam Hsu
  8. Photographed on 20160712 at Michael Way, Lansdale, Pennsylvania