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  1. Bird on pole

    My brother-in-law who lives in San Diego sent this photo, wondering what it is. He suggested a kite, but judging from the short wings and long tail, I'd guess that if it is a raptor, it would have to be an accipiter--maybe a Cooper's Hawk? The photo is poor and I doubt that the colors are very reliable.
  2. Duck on fast-moving stream

    Thank you. I didn't know they liked fast-flowing streams.
  3. On June 21, 2017, a friend and I were hiking at Overlooked Falls on the Little Carp River in the Porcupine Mountains in the UP of Michigan. As we approached the falls, I saw a duck-sized flurry of feathers--perhaps black, white, and brown or russet--and a glimpse of a thin bill for perhaps a second before it disappeared around a rock on rapid duck-like wingbeats. My question is: what kind of duck--or duck-like bird--would frequent a rapidly descending stream in deep woods four miles and perhaps a hundred feet or so above Lake Superior? The falls and rapids ran in old-growth hardwood forest over slick rock with no still pools.
  4. Can anyone ID this sparrow-like LBJ, seen at dusk at the end of March on an antenna just outside the wall in Oltrarno Florence? The kestrel-like mustache and light band around the nape don't appear in my Birds of Europe.
  5. I was in the (Portland, OR) Tualatin Hills Rec District Cooper Mountain Nature Park this morning, in the wooded part of the service road that leads out toward SW Stonecreek Dr. I saw a pair of juncos feeding ahead of me in the grass and the wheel ruts. But one of them was a mess! Bad molt or something? But molting from what? It was more brown than most, without the clean, clearcut areas on the head, nape, and back. When I returned, it was perched with its companion junco on a twig in the forest to the side of the path. The sides of its breast showed faint streaks. It looked like a cross between a junco and a sparrow. No camera with me, just binocs.