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  1. Starling?

    Hello Charlie Spencer, I have only recently gotten into identifying, attracting, and learning about birds generally. This is my first winter in which I’ve become seriously focused on observing birds, so I can not say with certainty what sort of fruit will attract a winter bird. I was surprised however, to see so many starlings attracted to a few pieces of apple. I can say with certainty that they were very enthusiastic about my offering, and it did not last long. I will be putting out additional fruit to see if they come back. I do know that some people put out dried fruit or fruit preserves as a way of attracting Blue Jays. I also know that putting out peanut butter is something that a lot of birds really enjoy as well. I mix it with some birdseed, and it tends to be a very popular item with many different types of birds, in the winter especially. Also, in northern Illinois during very early spring, the Oriole comes by for a few short weeks. They love oranges. Depending on where you are in the country, and when or if the oriole is in your region, I know they would appreciate some oranges! Orioles are really attractive birds, and it’s fun to see them in your backyard. Lastly, I’ve had really good success attracting them woodpeckers to my backyard with store-bought suet cakes. Nuthatches love them as well. I hope some of this helps! I’ll try to put out some additional types of fruit to see what happens in the coming weeks.
  2. Starling?

    Thanks to all! And sorry about the double-post.
  3. Starling?

    Hello all, I put out some rotten apples out by my bird feeder and noticed a new bird. Is this a Starling?
  4. Starling?

    Hello all, I put out some rotten apples out by my bird feeder and noticed a new bird. Is this a Starling?
  5. Junco?

    Thanks to you both, for the additional detail! Yes, I could not help it. It was just too sweet of a pic not to use it for my avatar :)
  6. Junco?

    Thank you!
  7. Junco?

    Hello everyone, Is this a Junco? They appeared in the Chicagoland suburbs in late fall.
  8. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Totally! I cant wait to start enjoying it fully
  9. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Hello all, Just a brief post to show everyone a nice winter scene at my new place. As I work to get the renovation completed, here were some of my visitors that kept me company on a cold and snowy Midwestern day...
  10. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Hello everyone, I apologize for my absence. Since I last posted, I’ve been preparing to move to a new location. Unfortunately, that was the last I saw of the bird. I really do hope it found its way back home. It’s terribly cold in the Chicagoland area right now, and I am sure a diamond dove would not be able to survive subzero weather. On a happier note, I am currently in the process of moving to a 40 acre wooded property. I look forward to spending a lot more time getting to know the wildlife, especially the bird life on the property. Already I’ve seen a multitude of bird species. Nuthatches, woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Veros, Juncos, wild turkeys, American gold finches as well as various birds of prey, are all in abundance on the property. Rennovations should be complete by March, at which point I will be able to start taking good-quality pictures on my new DSLR-style camera of all the wildlife. Though I may not be very active at the moment, I hope to be asking for help with identifying the species on my new property in the future. Thank you for checking in on me!
  11. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Hmmm....not a good prognosis. I bought a cage and placed it into the area that the dove was frequenting. We will see if the dove returns and how it reacts to the cage. I'll do what I can and let everyone know if I manage to catch it or if any other developments occur!
  12. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Hmmm....not a good prognosis. I'll do what I can and let everyone know if I manage to catch it or if any other developments occur.
  13. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Thank you, NobleBunny! That is a great story. I had Zebra Finches when I was a child. They are, in fact, prodigious breeders I spent many hours observing them and I really enjoyed my time with them. I did not see the Diamond dove escapee during the weekend and I never received a call from the potential owners, so I do not know what is going on there. I thought for sure the dove just flew back home, or perhaps perished overnight from a predator. But then this morning, it was back. I took a slightly better picture of it that is posted below. I tried to get near to it, thinking that a domesticated dove might allow me to get close. Not so. It was very weary of me. Instead, I scared it off. So, now that I know it is still around, perhaps I'll go to the pet store today or tomorrow and try the cage trick. I guess I have the rest of the summer to try to capture this non-native bird. Which brings me to a practical question. Can a bird so far away from its native habitat (I cannot think of a place further away from Chicago than Australia) migrate to a warmer climate if needed? Will a bird like this stand any chance of surviving in North America? Especially during the harsh Chicago winter? Will it know enough to migrate?
  14. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Thank you, Sean C!
  15. Light Blue Dove-Like Bird

    Thank you, Aveschapines, for the welcome and the suggestion! Unfortunately, I do not have a birdcage, but with everyone's help, I decided that it had to be a pet. So I called my local non-emergency police number, and indeed someone reported a lost bird, with a light-blue body and white tail. I have a suspicion this is the missing bird. The police said they would contact the owner and that the owner may contact me. I hope to see it again. And I am really appreciative for the help. Maybe we can get it back into a safe home