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  1. Studar

    Baltimore Oriole?

    Thank you again, akiley!!
  2. Studar

    Baltimore Oriole?

    How about now?
  3. How about this one? Is it a male Baltimore Oriole?
  4. Studar

    Scarlet Tanager?

    Thank you!!
  5. Studar

    Scarlet Tanager?

    Hello all, Is this a male Scarlet Tanager?
  6. Hello all. I believe these two birds are a Cowbird and a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. Is that so?
  7. Studar

    Sparrow, Vero, Warbler or other?

    Thank you for the insight!
  8. Hello all, I put out some nyjer seed and am finding new birds coming to feed. The bird below is plain, but new to me. what could it be? Pic took yesterday in northwestern Illinois.
  9. Studar


    Hello Charlie Spencer, I have only recently gotten into identifying, attracting, and learning about birds generally. This is my first winter in which I’ve become seriously focused on observing birds, so I can not say with certainty what sort of fruit will attract a winter bird. I was surprised however, to see so many starlings attracted to a few pieces of apple. I can say with certainty that they were very enthusiastic about my offering, and it did not last long. I will be putting out additional fruit to see if they come back. I do know that some people put out dried fruit or fruit preserves as a way of attracting Blue Jays. I also know that putting out peanut butter is something that a lot of birds really enjoy as well. I mix it with some birdseed, and it tends to be a very popular item with many different types of birds, in the winter especially. Also, in northern Illinois during very early spring, the Oriole comes by for a few short weeks. They love oranges. Depending on where you are in the country, and when or if the oriole is in your region, I know they would appreciate some oranges! Orioles are really attractive birds, and it’s fun to see them in your backyard. Lastly, I’ve had really good success attracting them woodpeckers to my backyard with store-bought suet cakes. Nuthatches love them as well. I hope some of this helps! I’ll try to put out some additional types of fruit to see what happens in the coming weeks.
  10. Studar


    Thanks to all! And sorry about the double-post.
  11. Studar


    Hello all, I put out some rotten apples out by my bird feeder and noticed a new bird. Is this a Starling?
  12. Studar


    Hello all, I put out some rotten apples out by my bird feeder and noticed a new bird. Is this a Starling?
  13. Studar


    Thanks to you both, for the additional detail! Yes, I could not help it. It was just too sweet of a pic not to use it for my avatar :)