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  1. Sparrow id

    Odd. I pasted the e-mails into the RTF and they seemed to work fine. Perhaps google photos isn't showing them to anyone else because I didn't create a public link. Here's the link to the album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/8zqyjlt4XZ5EANck1
  2. Sparrow id

    I would have guessed these were chipping sparrows but the colors on their back look pretty different. Juvenile or just something else? Also, they were perched for a long time with what I thought was a goldfinch, but also looks a little odd (again, perhaps juvenile) Thanks I'd love any insight.
  3. Small bird ID (prey bird I think)

    Spotted 23 Dec 2017 in my back yard in Ottawa, ON. There's a video here but it's pretty bouncy. https://photos.app.goo.gl/BNyPAA4lUa0EhWm62
  4. Hawk Id Please

    Awesome. Thanks all!
  5. Hawk Id Please

    Spotted 2018-02-03 in Ottawa, ON.
  6. Solitary Sandpiper?

    Carp River, Kanata, ON 10 Sep 2017 Short vid here too: https://photos.app.goo.gl/5nF3OydgYFv0p0kw2
  7. House Sparrow?

    Great pic!
  8. ID Please

    Interesting... thank you. I suspected it was a Robin, but I'd never seen one with such dramatic streaking around the face or the speckling on the back.
  9. ID Please

    Spotted 20 Jul 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on a path in a residential area
  10. Gull with black back and crown - Ottawa

  11. Taken 1 Aug 2017 on Carp River
  12. I'm sure these are easy for you guys, but I couldn't find a good match yet. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Hm1nPzXPMfHxWnB43
  13. First bird id request

    Well isn't that awesome? Thanks all!
  14. First bird id request

    Hello all. New birder here and my first post. I'm looking forward to chatting and learning from you guys. This picture was taken on 20 Jul 2017 in Ottawa, ON, CA by the side of a river. I only got the one shot because the yellow/black birds seemed to be actively chasing the other bird around. All birds were medium sized... bigger than a sparrow, smaller than a robin.